Running Man Headlines: Basketball and a Coffee Shop

Running Man prepares to jet off to Australia while Kwang Soo goes all commercial on everyone. Haha and Ji Hyo put on their game face (and outfits) while Gary tweets goodnight. Time for some Running Man headlines. Cheers!

RM Ep 185

Ratings Episode 185

1. MBC Real Man 16.2
2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.7
3. SBS Running Man 12.6

Argh…I blame Henry on Real Man. Because I can.

Next week on Running Man…

Episode 186 brings us guests CNBlue and actress Shim Eun Kyung. I have yet to figure out the premise of the episode (eng sub, someone? Anyone? I’ll give you a cookie…) but the preview looks pretty entertaining.

Now on to the headlines!

Advertising Genius Lee Kwang Soo

Running Man’s maknae has been busy as of late with two new commercials and a coffee shop opening. Yep, I am not lying. The giraffe will be officiating a coffee shop opening. That is one lucky coffee shop.

Caffe Bene Lee Kwang Soo

Kwang Soo’s coffee shop gig is set for March 8th. The café in question is Café Bene, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. If you are able to attend I am instantly jealous. And I want to see pictures. As for the two commercials, they are for SK Energy. You can check out the CFs below.

Haha and Ji Hyo get sporty

Running Man’s Ace and Running Man’s Penguin have shown a sportier side of late, each signing on for modeling gigs with an athletic bent. Haha can be seen modeling for Adidas while Ji Hyo has signed on with NBA style. Pics below.

Ji Hyo NBA 3 Ji Hyo NBA 2 Ji Hyo NBA Haha Adidas 6 Haha Adidas 5 Haha Adidas 4 Haha Adidas 3 HaHa Adidis 2

Haha meets Usain Bolt?

Haha was once again tweeting about Jamaica (with another batch of hilarious pics). Haha and the other members of Infinity Challenge (Yoo Jae Suk included) as well as Haha’s musical partner Skull flew to Jamaica on February 12th to take part in a Reggae Festival. As you may already be aware Haha has a thing for Jamaica.

On February 14th Haha tweeted:

wa gwan mi boss! we r in jamaica now! Could u rememba us? @usain bolt

It looks like he got to meet Usain Bolt… cardboard form.

Haha Jamaica 3 Haha Jamaica 2 Haha Jamaica 1

Random SNS Posts

Some more randoms from the cast’s individual SNS accounts. Enjoy.

Ji Suk Jin received some love AND a trophy from Hong Kong fans. Impala tweeted the following message and picture:

Thank you to Hong Kong fans~
This trophy~!!
Ji Suk Jin Trophy

On February 20th Gary tweeted the following picture with the word “Goodnight”. Late night snack perhaps?

Gary Twitter

In a Land Down Under

Tomorrow (or today depending on your location) the cast of Running Man leaves for Australia! The cast, plus high profile guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin will be filming a special over the next few days. So what is the schedule? Look no further:

Running Man Australia

22 February 2014, Saturday
– Depart from Incheon International Airport to Brisbane Airport

23 February 2014, Sunday
– Arrive Brisbane Airport at 6.30AM (Local Time)
– Arrive Tangalooma Island Resort (Located at Moreton Island) at 8.30AM
– Filming at Gold Coast at 2PM

24 February 2014, Monday
– Filming at Melbourne

26 February 2014, Wednesday
– Depart by taking international flight of domestic routes (Passed through Sydney Airport and back to Korea)



Unfortunately Lee Jong Suk, who was scheduled to guest star, had to back out at the last minute due to a case of the swine flu. Here is hoping Jong Suk feels better soon!

Meanwhile I have a clock programmed to tick off the seconds until this special airs. Because international Running Man episode + Rain + Kim Won Bin = The best day of the year after my birthday (and Christmas – or any other holiday I receive presents).

Parting Thoughts – Because the grasshopper wants it too

Seriously, this needs to happen. We know it, the nation’s MC knows it. I need Eun Hye to know it too.

EunHye 1

EunHye 2

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