What a long strange year it’s been!

One year ago this month I took to my computer and typed out a snarky opinion of the drama I had just completed- Rooftop Prince. The pictures I added were unevenly sized, my thoughts were rambling, and I ended up feeling happy as could be as soon as I clicked “post”. At that point I had been watching and reading about dramas for some time-it felt good to finally write out how these shows made me feel and think.

rooftop prince

I was not sure where this adventure would take me, or if anyone would even care. And I think that is why it felt so good; the unknown of blogging was before me and exciting at every turn. I was confident in my love for what I was writing about and my goal was to simply express my fandom through a release of snarky observations and rambling reviews. And I did. And the disjointed thoughts I had previously kept to myself (or shared with the few friends I could count on to put up with my rants) were now on a page. So why am I getting all nostalgic? Well…it is officially Lore in Stone Cities 1st birthday!

Happy bday

It may be a little pathetic to celebrate one’s birthday alone, but hey- it has been a long time since I gave a fig for convention (and…um…it is kind of hard to have a birthday party on a blog post…). With the realization it has been one year since the first post on this blog I feel like I need to say a couple of things. Like:

Thank you.

It means a lot that one person has visited this space. I have found that the entire Korean Drama blogging community- from readers to bloggers, is a family that I am extremely fortunate to be able to interact with.

thank you

From reading  other blogs I have learned the importance of a review- and the various methods in which one should look at the media they consume. I have been lucky enough to comment with other drama watchers on this blog and others- which helped me learn the value of spazzing over a show with fellow fans. In other word I will begin the birthday ramble with some shout outs to those who continue to inspire this site and help me to become a better blogger, in no particular order (visit these sites, really!):

Outside Seoul

The Talking Cupboard

Sarcasm? Puh-leeze!

Koalas Playground

Creating Volumes

Shine a Light Rose

Carrotblossom Patch

The Fangirl Verdict

Cherry Cordial

And the site that started it all for me: Dramabeans

Drama Watching Lessons

A year ago I was getting my feet wet- live watching was not even a series of words I had considered. In the last year I have watched more dramas than ever before (many live), and I feel like I figured out my likes and dislikes:


I should never ever start a drama because of the leads alone (Hello, Level 7 Civil Servant and Faith). I have learned that I really do like a mix of drama types- I need at least a good melo and rom-com at the same time to balance it all out. I have a hard time with shows that switch up the pace of the plot too much and I have a complete distaste for extensions ninety nine percent of the time. I also watched my first Taiwanese drama a few months ago and feel eager to branch out to other country’s dramas. I really like supernatural dramas and geek out over sagueks. But my heart, deep down, will always love a well done romance in any genre. Live watching is a difficult, live watching and recapping a show is even harder. After recapping half of Jang Ok Jung, Live to Love I realized that I have to really love a show to put so much effort in (I gained major respect for consistent re-cappers during this experience). I am still waiting to find a show that I love as much as JOJ (and feel the need to geek out over every episode to) to facilitate a recap.

Stone Cities Newest Resident

In the last year I was fortunate to have a couple of opportunities to post on other blogs. My fellow Running Man fan, Joel (who was the first person to refer to this blog as Stone Cities, a term I have stolen 🙂 was awesome enough to exchange posts over our favorite show. Running Man fighting!

Drama Fever also gave me a great opportunity through their Drama Club concept- I was given the chance to review the drama Monstar with two awesome bloggers, Cypsis and E-Kun. One of those bloggers, E-Kun, has been posting Heartless City reviews on Stone Cities. I appreciate her humor and opinion. We will, as of next week, begin posting a collaborative discussion around Master’s Sun. Cypsis, our drama club maknae, will also post a review in the near future. I am beyond excited- this city is definitely big enough for the three of us!


I Realized I love K-Pop

I started off watching Korean Dramas. I started off having no inkling of K-pop or idols in general. Through watching dramas and variety shows I have learned of the concept of kpop- and…um…kind of like the music. I am a child of musical parents who value an acoustic guitar and rock, I am the wife of a man who plays electric guitar, bass, and drums in the rock n’ roll thread. Yet, I love me some Super Junior. Which is really surprising given my previous distaste over most pop music. I guess I have a hard time resisting my kryptonite:

ilove suju

Running Man Therapy

If I had to note one thing that, in relation to the world of Korean entertainment, has made me the happiest over the last year it would be my discovery of Running Man. I love this show. A lot. So much so that I cannot imagine my life without it. I have never laughed so much or felt such joy while watching a television show.

i love running man

The chemistry of the cast is unparalleled, and the general feeling while watching the show is….well, therapy. I consider my job, with all of the awful thinking and such, a brain drain. So when I can come home and watch Lee Kwang Soo try to oust Kim Jong Kook I smile and giggle and feel great. I laugh without realizing it. Not that this show is thoughtless, it is just freaking hilarious to the point you cannot help but have fun watching no matter how tired you are. I love you Running Man, and I really think you are my weekly therapy session.

running man gif

Happy Birthday to me!

Because everyone deserves some kind of birthday present…and this is my ultimate bias. Cheers!


24 thoughts on “What a long strange year it’s been!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! And congratulations on your first year!! That is totally awesome! 😀

    I love your viewing observations. The one about not watching a drama solely for the leads? Wow, is that ever a life lesson.

    I’ve also begun slipping into k-pop listening. Never ever thought that would happen, but durn it — some of those songs are pure catchy!

    So… This “Running Man” you speak of… I have to admit you’ve intrigued me. Can a newbie just jump in and start watching or is it best to start at the beginning or what? (Because a hilarious, fun watch sounds like a good thing.)

    And thanks for the shout out! I’m utterly flabbergasted and complimented — that’s some awesome company you’ve put me in. 🙂

    May your next year be even sweeter! 😀

    • Thanks 🙂
      You can pick up Running Man at any episode. I fell in love with the show watching episodes featuring the actors and actresses of the dramas I like, viewing in no particular order. Starting at episode 1 will give you a better knowledge of the little inside jokes (but no matter where you start in the series after a few episodes you will get the cast’s variety characters and concepts). Watch it, you will not be disappointed 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Lore! It’s amazing how far you’ve come in a year, isn’t it? And the important thing is that you’ve had lots of fun doing it.

    Like you, I’ve fallen to the lures of k-pop and consider Running Man necessary therapy for my mental health. There’s nothing like watching Kwang Soo go to extreme lengths just to push Jong Kook’s buttons, is there?

    Here’s to you always having a good drama to enjoy and a Running Man episode to relax with!

  3. Congrats on your one-year blogoversary, Lore!! 😀 What a milestone!! *throws confetti*

    It’s amazing how much one learns in the process of blogging, isn’t it?? I completely second the lesson on not watching a show purely for the leads. I’ve watched some terrible stuff in the name of loyalty – well, and of obsessiveness too, I admit it! – and have lived to regret pouring those hours away on rubbish when I could’ve used those drama hours on more worthy shows! >.<

    I don't follow RM religiously, but I do watch it sometimes, and I have to also second how hilarious it is! A great way to unwind when you need to switch your brain into a (much) lower gear ^^

    Thanks too, for the lovely shout-out – I am indeed honored ❤ ❤

    • Thank you for the confetti 🙂

      Learning what to watch and what to drop seems to be a difficult lesson. But after Level 7 Civil Servant I made a resolution to never, ever watch a drama purely based on the leads. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Stone Cities!

    Man I love the blog world. 🙂 It makes me so happy that I’m not alone out here, wandering mindlessly through drama after drama with no where to go and spazz with. xD

    Can’t wait to see what this next year will bring for you!

    • Thanks! Love your blog, and I feel the same way in regards to blogging and its relation to finding friends to spazz over dramas with. 🙂

  5. Everyone is hitting their first birthday left and right!

    Congratulations on your first birthday!

    Ahahahas, all those discoveries that one makes while blogging! (:

    Deep down my heart also loves a good romance drama too!

    • It must be a popular first birthday time 🙂
      I have learned a lot through blogging. Thanks for always being a site I admire and learn from 🙂

  6. Happy 1st year anniversary from me too!
    I remember when I had been blogger for 1 year and I noticed all the changes I had had with this time. Blogging really makes you see things that you did not notice before 😀

  7. Happy Birthday! Love reading your thoughts and your sense of snark ;). Makes me laugh out loud a lot. Keep it coming!

      • Gah, that show has left its mark on my heart. I wander from drama to drama in the current dramalandscape searching for that one of a kind feeling, but nothing comes close to what JOJ gave me. * sniffs*. So I tend to stay away from romance based shows. Anyway, Cruel City is a fantastic watch and so is The Queen’s Classroom!

        Oh, and if you are interested, there will be a JOJ Director’s Cut DVD soon. It’s open for pre-order until 19/8/2013. Look at the price and get ready to weep. TT http://www.yesasia.com/global/jang-ok-jung-living-in-love-dvd-12-disc-end-directors-cut-first-press/1033784567-0-0-0-en/info.html

        Check out the fan made videos supporting the DVD.

      • The price of that box set…aish! JOJ definitely ripped my heart out, but the more I think of this drama the more I love it. Not perfect by any means, but extremely addicting! I love the fan made videos for the box set, so creative!

  8. Congratulations!!!

    I have to admit that the more you get to know fellow drama fans and bloggers, the harder it seems to stop watching/blogging. Glad to see the growing list of kdrama bloggers because back then, it was hard to find good and reliable reviews about certain shows. The drama watching lessons – I agree wholeheartedly. Especially Level 7. I think I’m going to erase the drama from my memory.

    I’m not watching Running Man regularly right now but I like to update myself with the news the guests and the cast, hence your blog is one of the places to visit when I need my RM fix 😀 My little brother, who used to tease me for being addicted to K-entertainment, is now addicted to RM. He’s also listening to Leessang right now and won’t stop bugging me to talk about RM, so I have to keep myself updated 😛

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m honoured to be listed among the awesome bloggers, although I can’t really post regularly these days 🙂 Looking forward to another great year for you and the blog! 😉

    • I agree, the more you blog the harder it is to quit! Haha about your little brother, I may have started to listen to LeeSsang too because of Running Man! Thank you for always posting quality reviews on your blog!

  9. Happy Birthday, Lore in Stone Cities, and many more!
    Keep it going, Lore. I admire your dedication and passion for spreading the love of Korean entertainment! I’m a newbie to your blog, but I hope to read more of your writing in the future! 🙂

  10. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy Happy 1st Blogoversary! *throws confetti* I’ve enjoyed your posts on Running Man, and I think you give me just as much joy as watching the show itself! Keep writing, and have fun!

  11. wow, I’m seriously late with this congratulations! Happy very belated birthday Stone Cities (a name I still find to be totally fitting and awesome for this site).

    Let’s collaborate and gush about our mutual love for Running Man again soon! =D

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