Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 2

Extrakun aka E-kun aka Eboni is back with a vengeance! I hope you all enjoyed the post yesterday…  Leave all comments and questions below! Love to hear what others are saying about the shows I am watching!


Even though Doctor and his posse are going through some real Sugar Honey Ice Tea (put all the capital letters together…), the special unit is making segue in the investigation… so they are led to believe. Hot  tea and crumpets I love this show! Let’s see how this episode unfolds:


Our boys start the episode with pumping Meth Kim for information about the whereabouts of Scale… It is just something so hot watching Soo and Doctor together committing a crime (Do I have a problem?)—they could have really hurt someone (Meth Kim—who cares)!


After the boys successfully capture Scale we dive deeper into the under world by meeting Pusan (the head honcho) and Safari Moon his bulldog (I want to be friends with Safari Moon just so I can call his name… not just Safari but “Safari Moon”!). Pusan is not interested in getting into bed (ahem… business) with Doctor, so he sends Safari to sever ties “Neat and Clean” (for you slow people out there, he wants him dead)!


While Safari is making his trip to Seoul to “sever ties”… we meet Lee Jin Sook aka Emo (another way of saying aunt or older woman that one is familiar with).  Shall we discuss all the men falling out of her vagina, the amount of plastic on her face, or how much I abhor her first?


The problem with Emo is simple… She stupid. She refuses to acknowledge the fact that she is not as smart as she thinks; and she is in love with Doctor’s Son who is practically like her son! She nasty–Look!…


See! Despite her elicit suggestions for Doctor to be one of the frequenter of her vag (ina)–Doctor has a plan to get the things needed to keep him and the “kids” fed.


Doctor leaves Soo and the kids to take care of Scale while he attends to other matters. As soon as he sees the phone in the car (that shouldn’t be there) he knows things are not all good in the hood! Safari Moon not only greets him with a call, he has a Mack truck attempt to take him out (I mean “sever ties”)!


Back at the hotel with Soo, his main squeeze gives him a ring for a “midnight romp” of the adult variety (a ride or die chick would just show up… just sayin’).


When he arrives in the room…


Dammit!  They have stabbed my Boo! His main squeeze was the snitch who wants to get stitches (and that heifer needs to burn a thousand different ways)! Meth Kim makes a point to mention, “It’d be more natural for the bitch and bastard to die together.” In short, he stabs her too. Thank goodness  Meth Kim stabbed her and Hallelujah Doctor returns to get Soo to the hospital (I keep telling my Unnichan if Soo has to die… They better wait until at least Ep 14!).


The coup was a bust and Doctor is slowly putting the pieces back together (and promises to get the people who hurt Soo!). We also find that Safari Moon is one of the men falling out of Emo’s vajay- J… Not surprised. He has mastered a plan to have Scale put behind bars and attempt to have the police capture Doctor.


Thinker cop and his team are convinced that Doctor’s Son is the man behind Scale and are working in every possible way to capture him (no offense to law enforcement, but if information just falls in your lap like this… It’s too good to be true and you are being used).


Impulsive reckless boo of thinker cop is detective Lee Gyung Mi. I could really like her if she thought about her actions before making moves. I honestly believe this is one of the reasons thinker cop wants her to sit her tail down (besides the fact that he is a tad chauvinistic) from field work. She takes everything at face value without asking the appropriate questions! How the heck did you become a detective without taking a logical reasoning class?! In any event, she has created a snowball of a mess that I am certain she will not be able to get herself out of.


On a side note with thinker cop, we discover his father is the commissioner of the prosecutor’s office… and he doesn’t respect or like his father very much. He believes his dad is corrupt and is ultimately responsible for his brother overdosing on drugs.  Why doesn’t he blame his brother for his drug addiction and overdose?! He blames daddy and the drug dealers… But no one put a gun to hyung’s head and made him start the drugs—he did that! Place blame where it is due thinker cop… this is where you and I will have our fall out.


But I have to hand it to thinker cop… He is not one to be easily manipulated by a foolish ploy of Pusan, Safari Moon, or anyone else. He finds out that Scale and Safari are up to something… Someone’s gonna get it……


Until next Episode…I actually have two Favorite Quotes of the episode delivered by Doctor’s Son once again, (1) “Don’t cry. There will be no presents for kids who cry. Because Santa Knows everything… tears are lies and good kids won’t have anything to cry about.” (2) “Why kill an innocent when I have a sinner right here in front of me?” Oh Doctor… You crack me up (though I don’t think I should be laughing… ) and I have been a good girl all year– I’d much rather see you than Santa this year. Just sayin’….


5 thoughts on “Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 2

  1. should have read the review/post for the first episode,lol i was so confused cause the writing style was different. Can’t wait to read your next post 🙂

    • LOL! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I will keep introducing myself so people will not be confused as much.

  2. So since I was mentioned, I figured I should comment…. This post had me cracking up girl! You are insane…
    My favorite line? “The problem with Emo is simple… She stupid.” THE BEST EVA!!! Priceless.

    • LOL! Well, in cases like this it is best to tell the truth and keep it simple when it comes to simple folk. It make life easier for all.

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