Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 1

I am excited to introduce a new blogger to Stone Cities: Extrakun aka E-Kun aka Eboni (yes, she is so good she has three names. Jealous? You should be 🙂 ) is well schooled in dramaland. When she is not watching Korean Drama you can find her writing as part of Drama Club: Monstar on Drama Fever’s Blog (You can check out her awesome and insightful reviews here). So please give a big Stone Cities welcome to Extrakun! Cheers! ~Lore


Hello there all you drama watchers, cravers, decision makers! I am Extrakun aka E-Kun aka Eboni and I will be making a guest post for my new drama buddy Lore. If you have other questions please feel free to ask in the comments post below—if they are not too personal, I will get back to you.

Hot guys, gangsters, deception, and did I mention HAWT guys! Heartless City is the “crack” of the summer and will more than likely end up being Extrakun’s #1 drama of 2013! Heartless City is a drama about how corruption runs rampant in the streets of Seoul. The writer of this drama gets kudos from me for delivering not only a hot cast; but an excellent storyline, well developed characters, and the complexities of the human demeanor of living. Shall we start at Square 1?


Less than 5 minutes in and an undercover detective is dead… this is the type of scenario I love especially when it is followed by…


Jung Kyung Ho (Ja Myung Go, Smile You)! Jung has made his triumphant return to the small screen after his military service (aka Extrakun’s poison and antidote). Oh how I’ve waited to see him, welcome back Oppa! His character goes by 3 names: Doctor’s son, Doctor for short, and Jung Shi Hyun. He is the mastermind behind how drugs are distributed throughout the city and it is quite a maze (literally a maze) to see how it all goes down. I know it is only the first few minutes, but I am already trying to be his ride or die chick!


Don’t forget this face… He will be important in this show….


While at the officer’s funeral we meet our “Thinker Cop” played by Lee Jae Yoon; this is my first time seeing him in a drama. His name in the show is Ji Hyung Min, a soon to be prosecutor who decides to give up law and continue to be a cop. He is the recruited to become the leader of a special unit to capture the leader of the drug ring named Scale. Personally, his logic and deductive reasoning is what makes him great at being a cop—But I do understand why it would be beneficial  to have a mind like his on the other side of the law, more criminals can be put behind bars with his strict moral code and his “F a criminal’s rights!” attitude.


Ultimately, the first two episodes are a setup of the underworld drug ring and the cops trying to take them down. Doctor and his group are trying to stage a coup from the currently active leader of the pact Scale.


Scale is no fool (well…) and is ready to get rid of Doctor’s Son not knowing that he has a few tricks up his sleeve (This is Doctor’s Son we are talking about here… the one who came up with the plan to distribute your drugs Scale!).


A lot of unexpected things happen to our group as thinker cop constantly spoils their plans!


However, Doctor is the type to always play out all possibilities so he is prepared at every turn. Not for a moment has fear pumped into Doctor’s heart! Nothing will discourage him from moving onward with his plans. Look at how Doctor handles a corridor of men:

HC-10 HC-9 HC-8

My favorite thing about Doctor is that he is never trying to kill people… He is honestly just out to get what he needs. In this case, he needs to get Meth Kim in order to find where Scale is hiding. At the same time, our thinker cop and the special unit is one step behind.


As episode 1 ends my favorite part of the show appears:


My Boo Soo kicks a guard in the stomach and gives a warm greeting, “Oraeganmanimnida!” This translates to “It’s been a long time.” Hyun Soo aka Soo is the love of my kdrama life, he is the Doctor’s ride or die right hand man. I know I made that comment of being Doctor’s Son ride or die… but Soo is my real ride or die. Our coup group has located Scale!

Until Next Episode I will leave you with my favorite line of the drama: Delivered by none other than Doctor’s Son: “Sooyah? Those streets… Let’s swallow them.”


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