Running Man Headlines: Too much information and random clips

Running Man Headlines were rather scarce this week, but never fear. I have a backup plan. A super awesome back up plan! Unfortunately that plan does not involve ninjas. I am working on it.

RM Ep 156

Ratings Episode 156

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 16.9

2. MBC Real Man 15.9

3. SBS Running Man 13.0

Next Episode on Running Man…

The cast and guests (Ahn Gil Kang, Jung Woong In, and Kim Hee Won) parody I Hear your Voice, the lawyer/ prosecutor courtroom drama that recently swept the nation. Having just finished this drama I cannot wait to see Running Man’s take on it! Check out the preview below:

The Barely There News

1 versus 100

Basically, in a nutshell, HaHa revealed too much when he said he did not mind that his son flung poop at his face. Not the worst thing I have ever heard, but there was more to come. When HaHa said he did not mind such situations to the point he would eat his sons poop because he loves him so much is when I threw up in my mouth and shouted TMI! Seriously, I love HaHa and Byul, but sometimes their lovey dovey family goes way too far in interviews. Like poop eating too far. Can I get a ewwwwwwwwwww!

lks moon

On a less disgusting note her are some adorable pics from Lee Kwang Soo on set of his currently airing drama Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi. Kwang Soo is seen in the pictures with the drama’s leading lady, Moon Geun Young. The costars are seen striking adorable poses. These two are super cute together…but I wonder what Kim Jong Kook thinks?! After all, that potential love line and all…

And that is about it for RM news this week…time to take a peek into:

Random Running Man Clips!

There is no rhyme or reason to the following, just fandom. Cheers!



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