Two Years- Time to party!!!!!

Two years old. Twenty four months. Toddling about. A broken vocabulary. You can’t drive, you can’t vote, and you can’t drink. That’s depressing. But wait! Because two people who can do all of those things and more run this party so we can do whatever we want to! Yay! So what the what what am I rambling about? Stone Cities turned 2 years old today (hold on, I am verklempted, talk amongst yourselves).

Okay, I am back. Time to party!

drunk horse ride

And yes- this post has no rhyme or reason, other than the fact that it is our Birthday so we can do whatever we want to! Isn’t that universal birthday law or something….cheers!

Let the random Stone Cities Birthday Party Post begin!

Party Time

Lore: First, I want to be serious for a moment. Thank you so much to everyone that reads this blog. When this was started two years ago I never thought this site would evolve into what it has. I never realized I would get to “meet” such interesting people and make friends through this site, or have such awesome conversations. I am serious when I say that this is my favorite hobby (aside from watching too much t.v. that is). Thank you again for visiting Stone Cities!!!!!!!

Ekun: I agree with my partner in crime! I never thought I would be able to write my thoughts out and people respond with agreements, or make me think about something from another perspective. It has been such an amazing time getting to know and chat with Lore Unni and all those who make comments! I very graciously extend my thanks and appreciation for you all!!! *kisses and hugs*

Okay, now time to party!


First off- Kim Ji Hoon is waaaaayyyy too good looking. Seriously. Happy birthday to us.

Because what is a party without Running Man?

What is a party without cake? Delicious cake….mmmmm….


Because this will forever make me smile….

Because in 2 years my noona-wants-to-cuddle-you feelings have only intensified- and probably to a creepy level. Now get in that basket, I want to tie bows on you!

Because in another 2 years these GIFs will still be relevant….

tumblr_mw0m6cJxae1qzj8ppo4_250tumblr_mtwjr29JtD1qdcel5o5_250_zps0c8a3b06 tumblr_mn2ij3HeRz1s7vpl4o2_500_zps5c2b760a tumblr_mav2t4vSEm1qa8g36o1_500tumblr_lxivbmx6sl1r3i878 siwon_51_zpsf3afe81d panda MZBLg15 53196_600 2eoy8tff270865c3d675bc3aaa01eaecb9dfa3a

Because if we are having a party we need some Master (AKA our original business plan)…..

[Ekun says: You can never have too much Master… Seriously, never. There is no one in the world like him!]

Because I met my bestest blogging buddy ever (E-Kun hugs) through Monstar….DON’T MENTION THE COUPLE THAT NEVER WAS I BEG OF YOU (note GIF is for the couple not the bestest bud ever) [Ekun says: EVER in life! It is up there with INR2012!!!!]

Because in two years I have come to the realization I like to write, even when I am less than articulate…even when I probably should not….



Because I just discovered this video thanks to Ddee, and we all need more Lee Min Ki and Song Jae Rim in our lives:

Because I have finally heard one the EXO babies sing… It upsets me when girls address them as ‘Oppa” it just seems unnatural… but I love this song! [Lore says: I am still surprised there are people born in 1994, much less peeps that call these fetusus Oppa!]

Because my best blogger buddy will appreciate this with me despite the honorifics memories of the show [Lore says: Papa Gumiho for the win!]:


Wol Ryung

Because the magic started with Monstar!

Because a character like Choi Young Do ever existed…


Because who doesn’t enjoy eye candy!

16Its Okay Thats Love 476HC-12HC-16Kang Ha Neul 2Lee Jun Ki 2Haruma Miura jung il woo Kim Jae Wook Kim Soo Hhyun Kim Won Bin 4 So Ji Sub 3Kim Ji Hoon 2


Because after two years we have come to the conclusion the Korean drama/ variety show blogging community is full of awesome people who share their opinions honestly, are engaging to chat with, and are all around amazing peeps that we appreciate!

Here is looking at you (in no particular order – other than the first one) AKA Lore’s Shout Out’s:

E-Kun -of course! Girl, thank you so much for being a part of Stone Cities. It would not be the same without you! I am so happy we met through Monstar DC and I hope we can blog together for years to come. I appreciate that we can always agree to disagree and respect each others opinions. Hugs and happy birthday to us!

Miss Cupcakees from A Fairtyale World– We don’t really chat often (mostly through comments), but I love reading your opinions!

BetsyHp from Creating Volumes – Hugs. I hope everything is well with you and I am sorry for your loss.

Cypsis from Cypsis’s Asian Drama Blog– What are you up to nowadays? Your unnies miss you! [Ekun says: We really do! I was watching anime this morning and you crossed my mind!]

Ddee from Obsessive Compulsive (k)drama watching disorder– I feel like I reblog your tumblr posts all the time! Love that you are an Exo noona fan, and thank you for your support for the maybe future exo noona blog (whenever we get it off the ground, real life has kind of stalled it)!

Amanda from Outside Seoul – If I could write half as well as you I would pat myself on the head . No, seriously, I admire your writing style and your honest opinions. You inspire me!

Rosie from Shine a light rose– Not to sound weird, but I feel like you are a kindred spirit. We like a lot of the same things (from video games *cough Alastair in Dragon Age cough* to Exo to dramas). I am thankful we are working together on Rommate DC and hope to collaborate more in the future!

Kfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict– Thanks for being the voice of fangirls! I seriously enjoy your blog!

Dewaani from Samsoon down the rabbit hole – I look up to you! Thank you for showing interest in the noona blog! I am so sorry we haven’t got it off the ground yet! My life has been crazy (family health stuff) but someday I hope we start up an amazing side blog together!

Shai from K-Drama Central and June from – We spent last Christmas Eve and New Years Eve talking about AM94….and I still think about that from time to time! I loved our DC and I hope we can work together in the future! We should get together and chat sometime!

Joel from Sarcasm Puh-leeze– I look forward to our project in September! Keep up the Running Man love!

Qisti from QT K-POP– I have so much fun being part of the Roommate DC with you! I hope we keep working together for awhile!

Tumblr peeps- Thank you for re-blogging and thank you for just making my day better seeing your posts on my dash! I appreciate you more than you will ever know!

Ekun Shout Out’s go to:

Lore- You know, I have the best times when we do our chats! Even when we do not agree, I appreciate I am able to see your perspective and vise versa and we move on amicably. I was so excited when you asked me to be apart of Stone Cities, it was just the thing I needed at a stagnant point in my life… I want us to write for as long as we both want to. I could not imagine having a better partner in crime!

Unnichan from with subtitles please– you gave me the boost to  do a drama club on DF, which brought me to Stone Cities! Much appreciated. Love that we are able to do distractor’s Cut and cut up about this and that.

Pamela and Suzy at I heard you sell the truth but I don’t buy it– My adorable little dongsaengs! I loved that we still chat and support each other’s drama clubs after we did HOML together! I always keep up with your post, even if I am not watching the show. Know that Unni is always supporting you even if I am not saying much.

All the twitter follower- I love when you like or retweet my obsessions, rants, and popcorn fits! It makes my day!


Thanks for coming to our party! Your complimentary door prize is…..

master sun gif


5 thoughts on “Two Years- Time to party!!!!!

  1. Aw! What a cute anniversary post! Happy 2 years, you 2!! 😀 It’s crazy and wonderful how we get to meet so many lovely people in the course of blogging, isn’t it?? And it’s really cool that you two met in the course of drama love too! Here’s wishing you guys many more blogoversaries to come – with lotsa fun, squee & laughter 😉

    Also, thanks for the lovely shout-out! 😀 ❤

  2. CONGRATULATIONS *throws confetti*!! LOL at reblogging my tumblr posts. I had a good chuckle at that, and that someone else also just saw that FABULOUSLY GORGEOUS MV (and the song ain’t too shabby either!) coz someone else was like, you just discovered this now?? Happy to share the eye candy!

    Thanks for the shout-out, and copious amounts of pretty here, especially Siwon face, the pandas and EXO which you’re right, will never get old :D. HAPPY TWO YEARS and many more!!

  3. Awesome post! Thanks for making me smile and of course congratulations. I really enjoy reading your posts, even if I don’t comment every time (I should definitely do more^^) Thanks for being so awesome and I hope that you will go on writing for at least another 2 years 😉

    PS: I definitely need more Lee Min Ki in my life xD

  4. Hey guys happy birthday to y’all and thank you for all the hard work. I love your blog and y’all are a big reason why I love running man so much. I wish y’all the best and many more years to come. Thanks for everything. Lore and Ekun Fighting!!!!! 😀

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