The Distractors’ Cut: Discovery of Romance 1-2

Unnichan and I are up to no good again! And along for the ride is Drama Debussie aka DD! Enjoy!


If you’ve been around the drama scene long enough, I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact certain types of dramas have a tendency to air during certain seasons. And generally, this works, ’cause a breezy rom-com is usually the sweetest, just as spring washes away and the summer heat sets in or a poignant saga is best felt as the leaves start to turn and the air chills.

I’m a sucker for summer love, in all its capacities but usually in the form of a simple but cute romantic comedy, and thankfully, Discovery of Romanceslid in right in time to be added to that list this year. Eric Mun and Jung Yumi have been added to the basket full of beloved OTPs that reunited this year. Until now, this surge has been unprecedented but I’m thinking Korea may find themselves desiring to make this occurrence a little more…

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