Running Man Headlines: Taiwan, Ice Water Challenge, and Uncle Giraffe

Running Man headlines is back! Three weeks’ worth of Running Man news coming up- the cast jets off to Taiwan, Miss Mong jets around looking pretty as always, Gary looks good on stage, some of our cast take the ALS ice water challenge, and Kwang Soo chills with a tiny human (aka baby). Cheers!

RM Ep 207

Ratings Episode 207

  1. MBC Real Men 16.4
  2. KBS Superman is Back 14.8
  3. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 12.8
  4. SBS Running Man 10.0

RM Ep 208

Ratings Episode 208

  1. MBC Real Men 15.8
  2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 14.1
  3. KBS Superman is Back 13.
  4. MBC Dad, Where are you going? 9.8
  5. SBS Running Man 9.1

RM Ep 209

Ratings Episode 209

  1. MBC Real Men 14.4
  2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.4
  3. SBS Running Man 10.5

A couple of notes on the ratings: The ratings I have listed are inclusive of the network’s block of Sunday night programming (MBC Sunday Sunday Night, KBS 2 TV Happy Sunday, and SBS Good Sunday). Not all programs air at the exact same time slots. In fact there has been some recent buzz around the scheduling of Sunday night programming, more specifically around networks starting their programming a few minutes ahead of their competitors to try to “win the timeslot”. As of today (August 24th) all three networks will now be starting their Sunday variety shows at the same time (4:50 PM KST). It will be interesting to see if this change will do anything to the ratings. Stay tuned.

Next week on Running Man….

The cast plus guest stars Ailee, Im Seoulong, Ji Chang Wook, Kim Tae Woo, Lee Sung Jae, Skull, and Song Eun Yi will run off to play at an amusement park (Everland Amusement Park to be exact). I am excited for this one because I can’t wait to see Haha and Skull together. Also, word on the street is part of these guests are also part of the Taiwan episode (read more about it in the headlines section below)You can check out the preview below:

Now on to the headlines!

And there are a lot of them….three weeks worth….you may want to grab a snack….

Note: Unfortunately the delay in getting Running Man headlines out for the past few weeks is not because I have been having fun doing other things. My Father has some health issues right now, and unfortunately they are rather severe. Due to this you probably will not be seeing updates from me as frequently as you have in the past. I will do my best to keep the episode guide up to date at a minimum, and keep the headlines up on a weekly or bi weekly basis, but at this point I can’t make any promises because family comes first. Thanks for visiting the site, as always, and if things aren’t updated in a timely manner please be patient with me. I really appreciate it (and all of our readers). – Lore

Haha at K-Festival, Malaysia

Haha was kicking it in Malaysia for the K-Festival that took place on August 8th. Running Man’s kid was busy greeting fans at the event (kudos to the gal who showed up with a nametag on her back- clever!). You can check out pics from the event below:

Haha KFestival 1 Haha KFestival 2 Haha KFestival 3 Haha KFestival 4 Haha KFestival 5 Haha KFestival 6

Running Man in Taiwan

The cast of Running Man jetted off to Taiwan on August 11th to film an episode alongside guests Ji Chang Wook, Lee Sung Jae, and Skull (at least that is who I saw in the pics, more of the guests from episode 211 may very well have been there too as I did not see pics of Gary, Ji Hyo, or Kim Jong Kook at the airport either). I have read that the trip to Taiwan was only for those who lost the challenge during episode 211, so that could also be why we only have part of the cast present in the pics. I guess we will find out during the episode.

The cast and crew were spotted filming at Leofoo Village Theme Park as well as Yehliu Geopark during their two day stay in Taiwan. As is usual they had a huge turnout at the airport (I have read reports of up to 3,000 plus fans). Fans at Taiwan Airport

Unfortunately due to the turnout (and subsequent safety concerns) the cast had to leave the Taiwan Airport using the VIP entrance. Understandable, but the fans probably felt a bit disappointed (Side note- I have been to the same airport they flew into and it is surprisingly small, at least the international arrival area, as compared to some of the other airports I have been in. I can see why they would have to leave VIP if 3,000 fans were waiting in that area). HaHa felt the fan’s pain and tweeted the following after they had left the airport:

“Sorry, we really wanted to meet you but were concerned about holding up other travelers. Our kindhearted fans will understand, right?”

D’awwww, what a sweety!

There were a zillion pics taken of their filming during the 11th and 12th, which means there are a zillion pics to share. Cheers! Note- My best guess is this episode will be air on 9/7 as episode #212.

High five to whoever took a bunch of pics of VJ Kwon Ryeol!

Running Man Taiwan 1 Running Man Taiwan 3 Running Man Taiwan 7 Running Man Taiwan 8 Running Man Taiwan Airport 1 Running Man Taiwan Airport 2 Running Man Taiwan Airport 3 Running Man Taiwan Airport 4 Running Man Taiwan Airport 5 Running Man Taiwan Airport 6 Running Man Taiwan Airport 7 Running Man Taiwan Airport 8 Running Man Taiwan Airport 9 Running Man Taiwan Airport 10 Running Man Tawain 2 Running Man Tawain 4 Running Man Tawain 5Running Man Leofoo Village Theme Park Taiwan 1 Running Man Leofoo Village Theme Park Taiwan 2 Running Man Leofoo Village Theme Park Taiwan 3

Lee Kwang Soo and a tiny human

Yep, Running Man’s maknae was busy hanging out with a tiny human. The baby / giraffe interaction happened on set of the currently airing drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, in which Lee Kwang Soo plays the role of Soo Kwang (an excellent drama, if you have yet to watch it check it out now- english subs on Viki and Drama Fever!) From the original article:

Lee Kwang Soo looks especially charming on this bright day dressed in simple jeans and a cool blue shirt while having a picnic along the Han River. The child actor is Gong Hyo Jin’s on-screen nephew. It’s been revealed that even when they were taking a break from filming, Lee Kwang Soo took care of the child by taking him for strolls around the park or making sure he wasn’t thirsty. Fans have been saying that his new character can be a “gentle uncle” by the looks of how happy he seems when he is playing around with the child.

Lee Kwang Soo Baby 1

Uncle Kwang Soo is adorable!

Miss Mong at NBA event

Song Ji Hyo was in China on August 14th and 15th for an NBA event (she is a spokes model for NBA Korea). I love this girl, but I can’t say I was bowled over by her outfit (though I think I get the concept of flowery sporty, or something like that). Pics!

Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 1 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 2 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 3 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 4 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 5 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 6 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 7 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 8 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 9 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 10 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 11 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 12 Song Ji Hyo for NBA 8152014 13

Yoo Jae Suk’s new show starts low in the ratings game

I'm a Man

The first new variety/ talk show from Yoo Jae Suk in four years, I’m a Man, premiered on August 8th (well officially premiered any way, a pilot was shown on KBS back in April). Unfortunately the program is not off to a great start ratings-wise as it sits in last place. The program competes with MBC’s I Live Alone and SBS’s Oot Cha Sa.

I’m a Man is a talk show that brings up topics relevant to…men (surprising, huh). Guest stars appear (Suzy and Sistar have guested thus far) to discuss manly topics. Or something. Here is hoping the ratings pick up! Yoo Jae Suk fighting!


Kang Gary appeared at the NTUFEST on August 17th alongside frequent collaborator Jung In. Not much to say here other than he looks good in the pics.

Garty NTUFEAST 1 Garty NTUFEAST 2 Garty NTUFEAST 3 Garty NTUFEAST 4 Garty NTUFEAST 5 Garty NTUFEAST 6 Garty NTUFEAST 7 Garty NTUFEAST 8 Garty NTUFEAST 9 Haha KFestival 1

Song Ji Hyo chosen as the face of Banila Co

Ji hyo for Banila

Because she is awesome, Ji Hyo was chosen as the face of cosmetics company Banila Co.

A rep from ‘banila co.’ said, “Song Ji Hyo’s natural beauty and refined charm complement banila co.’s urban, upbeat concept well. Her growing international popularity was also an important factor.”

As ‘banila co.’ is becoming a global brand itself with stores in China and Hong Kong, Song Ji Hyo is the perfect face to promote the fall collection line ‘Tint Seoul‘.You can spot her in CFs and pictorials this September!

Gary is coming to New York!

Running Man’s sometimes Mr. Capable will be in New York City on September 20th for the MOI’M Gala! If you live in New York and love Kang Gary please go – and tell Kang Gary I love him. Haha. Details below (from Runners Run Facebook page):

Jung In Kang Gary 3

Date: September 20, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 7PM
Venue: Gotham Hall, New York, United States
Attendees (Special Guests): Gary & Jung In

Kindly find further information of the event here:

SNS Updates

Ji Suk Jin Weibo Kai Sehun

[Ji Suk Jin’s Weibo Update]

니들 참 잘생겼다~ 니들 참 착하더라~ EXO 세훈 카이~

Both of you are really handsome~ Both of you are really nice guys~ EXO Sehun Kai~

– @池錫辰-JeeSeokJin Weibo

KJK Instagram

[Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update]

Been a long time~:) Shooting day! Have a nice week! #runningman #HaHa #Jeeseokjin #leekwangsoo #Rightbeforeshooting #onset 오랜만에 오프닝전에 모여서 ㅋ 좋은 한주보내요!! 화이팅! #런닝맨 #촬영날 #팀복 #츄리닝 #화이팅

– @kjk76 Instagram

Jia Twitter update

Finally met Lee Kwang Soo, the giraffe that I like!~ Keke
You shall watch today’s Running Man broadcast (episode), won’t you!!????? Kekekekeke

– @missA_jia’s Twitter

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you have been avoiding the internet for the past week or two you have likely heard of the ALS ice bucket challenge. The challenge, which is for a good cause (please read about it here ) has been sweeping through the Korean celebrity landscape of late, and the cast of Running Man has been no exception. So far Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Gary, Kim Jong Kook, and Ji Suk Jin have taken part in the challenge. You can check out the videos (all with eng sub except for KJK and JSJ) below. Note- remember to hit the CC button for captions on most of the vids.

Parting Thoughts

Because sometimes simple humor is the best humor

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