Running Man Headlines: The Bro Concert

So…the Bro Concert happened. And Kim Jong Kook flashed his abs. Before that he lit up Instagram with pics featuring Haha. Oh, and Gary is going to a wild pool party. Do you really need any other reasons to keep scrolling? I didn’t think so. Cheers!

RM Ep 204

Ratings Episode 204

SBS Running Man 9.2 (last week 9.0)

Next week on Running Man…

Answer Me 2014 is the name of the game as Baek Ji Young, Fei, Hong Jin Young, Kang Seung Hyun, and Lee Guk Joo guest star. The preview looks hilarious, you can check it out below:

Now on to the headlines!

Lee Kwang Soo: Acting Giraffe

Running Man’s resident tall guy was busy with his day job this past week as he appeared at the press conference for the upcoming drama That’s Okay, It’s Love (or It’s Okay, It’s Love – I am not sure which title is more accurate to be honest). Kwang Soo will appear alongside actors Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, and Yoon Jin Yi in this tale of love and psychology. The drama will begin airing on July 23rd on SBS. Pic time!

lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 8 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 7 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 6 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 5 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 4 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 3 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 2 lee kwang soo its okay thats love press conf 1

Running Man Fan Meetings: The Thirst is real

Running Man Malaysia Fan Meet

Running Man may very well be coming to a city near you. If you live in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, or Hong Kong that is. Tour stops have been announced for Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014 (say that five times fast) and the tentative itinerary is as follows:
Indonesia – October
Singapore – November
Malaysia – November
Hong Kong – To Be Confirmed**

The shindig is being organized by Urban Works. More details to come. And please let me know if you plan to attend, because I need someone to live vicariously through. Thank you in advance- Lore.

Gary at a pool party. This makes so much sense.

Kang gary Poolside party

Running Man’s peaceful Gary will be hanging at what promises to be one hell of a party as he performs at the 14th Walker Hill Poolside Party. Not really sure what this entails, but according to sources it is rated R, so yeah- guessing it is going to be one heck of a party:

DJ DOC, Gary, Jung In, and YDG To Perform At Walker Hill Poolside Party On July 19

The 2014 Walker Hill Poolside Party will be held for two days at Seoul’s Walker Hill River Park starting on July 19.

The Poolside Party, which established itself as a luxurious and trendy city-escape party since 2000 with their recruitment of DJ DOC, will celebrate its 14th anniversary. The party will feature guests and performers like DJ DOC, Gary and Jung In, and actor and hip-hop artists Yang Dong Geun.
The rated-R concert raises expectations for a hot and sexy summer party.
The Poolside Party will accommodate 3,000 people enjoying festivities, singing along to the fancy guest lineup.
Event staff stated: “The biggest names in K-Hip hop will be featured at the Poolside Party. We hope many can join to experience the hot passion and insanity. This is a great opportunity for stressed individuals to relieve stress in a fun way.”

Random SNS Updates                                                           

[Gary’s Twitter Update]

쿨한 스컬이 그리고 콴엔터! 흥해라!!

Cool skull and Quan Enterprise! It will be successful !!
– @kanggary58 Twitter

Lee Kwang Soo Hello

[Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter Update]



– @masijacoke85 Twitter

Fabien Yoon Twitter

[Fabien Yoon’s Twitter Update]

유느님과 ^^ With MC Yoo. Good memories

– @frenchmonster7’s Twitter

Lee Kwang Soo LINE

[Lee Kwang Soo’s LINE Update]


The greetings on stage finished successfully. Thank you to all the participants oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

– @Lee Kwang Soo’s Official LINE

Lee kwang Soo give us lots of love

[Lee Kwang Soo’s LINE Update]

괜찮아 사랑이야 제작발표회 무사히 마쳤어요. 많은사랑 부탁 드려요♡

Press conference of “It’s Okay, It’s Love” has ended. Please give lots of love ♡

– Lee Kwang Soo’s Official LINE

Kwang Soo thank you for all the gifts

[Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter Update]

감.사.합.니.다. 감사해야할일들이참많은요즘이예요♡

Thank you. I have a lot of things to be thankful for these days.

– @masijacoke85 Twitter

Gary and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Interview…

Problem is I do not have a translation of the interview. But I do have pretty pics. Enjoy!

Gecko and Gary Interview 5 Gecko and Gary Interview 4 Gecko and Gary Interview 3 Gecko and Gary Interview 2 Gecko and Gary Interview 1

The moment we have all been waiting for…

The epically titled Bro Concert occurred on July 12th at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, California. And Mikey showed up for a Turbo reunion stage (now that SNS pic makes so much more sense). And everything was good in the world.

The duo seemed to have a blast judging by all of Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram updates featuring his precious dongsaeng Haha (they are both speak English really well):

[Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update]

Lol finally! Ma lil brother is in LA~ now we r good to go!! # HaHa #kimjongkook #concert #LA

[Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update]

Lol just left Fantasy springs~ heading back to LA ma second home~! #longdrive #afterconcert #LA #mysecondhome #sotired #butsowortit #lovemyfans #therethebest

[Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update]

Puhahahahahahahahaha sorry ma lil brother.. I know how u feel bro.. have a safe trip back! #haha #lovemylilbros #LA #backtokorea #RM

For an awesome list of fan cams check out this link.

And here be some pics:

Haha Kim Jong Kook Bro Concert 6 Haha Kim Jong Kook Bro Concert 5 Haha Kim Jong Kook Bro Concert 4 Haha Kim Jong Kook Bro Concert 3 Haha Kim Jong Kook Bro Concert 2 Haha Kim Jong Kook Bro Concert 1

Parting Thoughts

Running Man’s maknae, Lee Kwang Soo, reached the ripe old age of 29 (30 in Korean age) on July 14th. Happy birthday giraffe, I love you (in a non-creepy fan sort of way).



3 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: The Bro Concert

  1. FYI: KwangSoo didn’t reach the Korean age of 30 on his B-day. He had been 30 since New Years. (Koreans aren’t considered a year older on their b-day.)

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