Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Trot Lovers Midway Check-in

Welcome to a special edition of Super Fun Drama Chat Time! Lore and I are both in love with Trot Lovers! The show being at the halfway mark this week, we decided to do a check-in and discuss the progress of the show and our beloved Jang Joon Hyun! Please note there are spoilers in this convo…Deuces!

ExtraKun: Shall we start from the beginning! A lot of stuff has happened that I need to get off my chest‏…

Lore: Yes! Where should we begin? We have never done a “halfway there” chat! I am so excited! Yay!‏

ExtraKun: Me too! Let’s start with Joon Hyun’s reason for being in his predicament… Set up by former company president and dear precious Tae Song!


Lore: Tae Song, you poor misguided silly frivolous comedic secondary character. I truly think that Joon Hyun needed the stern kick in the rear that came with his career downfall (which I guess is pretty obvious, since it is one of the cornerstones of the story). I do appreciate how Joon Hyun, throughout his downfall and slow rise back as Choon Hee’s manager, has still retained some of his diva attitude.‏ I think this type of character is hard to pull off- the egotistical guy- and still have viewers like the character, but I have to say Ji Hyun Woo has nailed it. ‏

ExtraKun: The moment that made me fall hard for Joon Hyun was the despair and loneliness he felt in the police station about to take the gun and kill himself (Totally nailed by Hyun Woo). When he heard her voice, it was like it brought him back from the brink of death. I like that we had that real moment with him. It was the first time I seen a suicidal moment pulled of so well.


Lore: Yes! The real moments that are interspersed with his egocentric actions are what make this character so well fleshed out and likeable. We saw his downfall and I have literally no problem cheering him on in his rise back to the top. Love this character.‏

ExtraKun: My dilemma is that I like him and acting president Jo Geun Woo! Geun Woo is weird and eccentric but straightforward and genuine. It is hard not to like him as well, your thoughts?‏

Lore: Hmmm. Well, let me take a deep breath.‏

ExtraKun: Uh Ooohhh….

Lore: I don’t like the guy. I realize that a large part of why I do not like him is because I like the main pairing so much that I struggle knowing he is interfering. He rubbed me the wrong way when he admitted he would eventually, if persistent enough, win Choon Hee’s heart. Dude, she said no. Back off. I was also not a fan when he dropped by Choon Hee’s house knowing dang well that Joon Hyun lives there. It is like he was trying to create an uncomfortable situation for Choon Hee. ‏


ExtraKun: I see your point, I am not cheering for him to get the girl because honestly, I find no purpose investing in something that will not produce fruit. But I am not convinced what Choon Hee wants in regards to him, so it is not all lost. Besides, I see so many guys who pussyfoot when it comes to confessions and whatnot, I gave him a cookie for just putting his cards on the table.‏ Outside of the Choon Hee bit, I really do like him just as a person‏. He knows when he makes a mistake and he is not a dimwitted as he seems.

Lore: I agree with you in that his honesty is good, he does not beat around the bush. But his actions after his honest confession bug me. Other than Choon Hee I do not have much to judge the guy on (other than the first couple episodes when he was being forgetful). So much of his character revolves around Choon Hee. He does this to support Choon Hee, he runs here to find Choon Hee, he makes this decision to support Choon Hee. To me he doesn’t have much of a character going for him without Choon Hee, but that is largely the fault of how he is written. ‏(They don’t really give him much of a life outside of being the president of the company with a crush on Choon Hee).‏


ExtraKun: I think you do have a point and that is a bit annoying, especially given the actor playing his character. Shin Sung Rok is amazing… even with this role I can see him giving it his all.‏

Lore: I completely agree, Shin Sung Rok is amazing. I would never have pegged him to play this type of character after seeing him in You From Another Star. The guy has range. So, now that we have talked about the two guys fighting for Choon Hee’s attention what do you think about Choon Hee?‏


ExtraKun: At first I was a bit annoyed by her in general because she was a bit hostile. But now that she has calmed down, I get her. I do not care for everything she does, but I understand why she does it. Her need to get this money is only for Byul and her father and I respect that. Even if she did like Joon Hyun, it is miniscule to her goal of restoring her family… and I respect that even more.‏

Lore: I respect her as well. She is trying hard – not to get rich but to bring her family back together. I think Choon Hee is so opinionated that she can easily come off the wrong way, but the way her character is written (again with the endearing moments interspersed with the more impassioned, opinionated moments) give her a well rounded, likable character. ‏


ExtraKun: I agree. She is very likeable, unlike her rival in music and love Soo In. Just when I was about to give her the benefit of the doubt, she screwed all that up when she asked Joon Hyun Oppa to write and be with her again. I was trying not to think it… but I am afraid I am going to have to say it… Soo In has characteristics of what my papa would call a “loose woman”.‏


Lore: Soo In has made it clear that you cannot trust her. Even when she is regretting how her Mom is handling things it is pretty clear she is has her own manipulative streak. Which makes me think that Soo In and Geun Woo were made for each other.‏

ExtraKun: Oh no! Absolutely not! Though Geun Woo is interesting and can be seen as manipulative (not by Ekun) Soo In is malicious. Geun Woo is harmless (so far) and only wants to be with Choon Hee– I am not mad at him about that. When you think about it, the reasons that he is upset with Joon Hyun can be personal (a guy who likes Choon Hee) and professional (a company’s president trying to protect his investment).‏ I think Geun Woo does a good job in attempting to balance the two roles.‏


Lore: I can accept that. I still think Geun Woo is manipulative, but he is not necessarily as malicious as Soo In… or I should say malicious like Soo In.‏

ExtraKun: Soo In really is a pitiful thing. I want her to love herself and get away from her crazy mother who killed Choon Hee’s mom!‏


Lore: I believe that as well (Soo In’s Mom had something to do with Choon Hee’s Mom’s death). There is definitely a history here between Choon Hee’s parents and Soo Ins. I will be very curious to see how this all plays out.‏

ExtraKun: If this is another murder over a man I am going to be livid…‏

Lore: You know it probably will be…‏

ExtraKun: So let’s get to the crux of the matter: Jang Joon Hyun has decided to leave Choon Hee for several reasons. I don’t really know how to process this Lore Unnie!‏

Lore: We both know I processed it by crying….‏


ExtraKun: I mean of course there are tears left and right… but where can we go from here? Is he going to pursue music again like he said? Can he really make a comeback after that (IMHO) BS scandal? What about Choon Hee who really needed a Joon Hyun in her life for several reasons?‏

Lore: I really don’t think that Joon Hyun is set to make music again. I imagine he is going to be moping around for a few episodes until they patch things up (and I do not think he can comeback from that scandal, at least on his own without a company behind him). I think this entire situation is going to make Choon Hee realize her feelings for Joon Hyun.‏


ExtraKun: I agree, she will realize how great he is despite his jerk like persona. I think she has already realized that. OMG!! The kiss! Your thoughts? Because I have a few of my own and I am not sure how you are going to feel about them.‏

Lore: That kiss. Well, it was horrible timing, which is for sure. Kisses in dramas are always a bit difficult to swallow when they happen this way, the sudden kiss that one person is gung ho about due to emotions running high and the other is taken off guard. ‏

ExtraKun: Thank you! I was like, “Joon Hyun! Use your words! And kisses come later.” It was just upsetting because it always makes me think they are trying to kiss or sex a woman into submission. You were on whatever plane you were on loving and being jealous. So when she slapped you, it was deserved.‏


Lore: I did cheer when she slapped him. He deserved it. Jealousy is not best displayed by kissing someone off guard (who you are not dating and you are managing). ‏

ExtraKun: Ok, I was worried we would not agree on that front! Yay! Anything else before final thoughts?‏

Lore: I don’t think so. I think we covered everything:-) ‏

ExtraKun: Final thoughts: I am currently in a catatonic state until next week rolls around and fixes this disappearance of Joon Hyun. I am not mad at him for rolling out, but the emptiness is still there. I want Choon Hee to keep living her life making money to restore her family. Joon Hyun, as amazing as he is, really has to work some things out on his own. I will continue to like Geun Woo until he crosses that line that makes me say “No!” and Soo In as pitiful as she is, needs to get a life of her own. I love this show!‏

Lore: Final thoughts: I really, really like you show. You deliver the cute, the serious, and the funny seamlessly. I cried after watching episode 8, so I guess the writers did their job. I expect Joon Hyun and Choon Hee to end up together (they are the main couple after all) but I am so invested in seeing them get there. This latest setback seems organically in tune with the story, so much so I am crying but I am appreciating it all at the same time. I have high hopes that the second half of this series will be as solid as the first half. ‏



3 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Trot Lovers Midway Check-in

  1. “I will continue to like Geun Woo until he crosses that line that makes me say “No!”. Me too. I really like him, although I’m concerned he’s getting close to becoming annoying stalker second lead, and I really really didn’t want him to turn into that. I do appreciate how honest he is, and he’s actually just a good guy who doesn’t like seeing people get hurt, but he’s also a bit clueless about some things, and doesn’t think about things from someone else’s perspective. What Choon Hee told him, about not being able to date anyone because she’s trying to find her dad and looking after her sister and trying to make it as a singer, they are all very good reasons why she doesn’t have time to date, but I don’t think he actually listened to her at all.

    How Joon Hyun came up with the idea that leaving Choon Hee completely was the best option, I have no idea. Move out, fine, but you don’t have to dump her altogether!

    • I am glad there is another person who likes Geun Woo! I think he did understand where she was coming from to a certain extent, hence the need for him to say he would be patient and wait for her. But, as a seasoned Kdrama watcher, I know that patience of his has limits. Which is why I extend the clause of liking him until he crosses the line.

      Joon Hyun has his reasons. I don’t think it is all about Choon Hee for his certain departure. It is the grand scheme plan, but I am a believer that time apart can give perspective and clarity– which Choon Hee and Joon Hyun can use at this point and time in life.

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