Do you need more roommates? I mean not literal roommates because that would just be weird as a question coming from Stone Cities (you don’t live in Stone Cities, do you? I haven’t seen you on market day, are you new here? Have you seen our amazing popcorn factory?! We would welcome you. Let’s be friends) I am talking about the uber addicting Korean variety show Roommates. Yep- the one with Shin Umma and his gaggle of kids. Well, if you need more discussion around the show look no further!

dc roommates

Drama Fever has a Drama Club devoted to Roommates and somehow I ended up on the roster. My comrades in drama club arms this time around are the fabulous Rose from Shinealightrose (excited to finally be working with Rose!) and Qisti from QTKpop. If you would like to drop by to discuss the show we will love you forever. Expect 2 posts a week, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Roommates!

    • Thank you! I really like Roommates – I know the ratings are suffering but I find it entertaining. I am in love with the dynamic the cast has going.

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