Running Man Headlines: RM F3

Gary and Kim Jong Kook meet with fans while Kwang Soo needs a new tailor. Another seven days another bout of Running Man news. Cheers!

RM Ep 199

Ratings episode 199

1. SBS Running Man 12.8 (last week 12.1)
2. MBC Real Man 12.1
3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 9.7

The force is strong with Park Ji Sung. Running Man is back on top!

Next week on Running Man…

The race to the Asian Dream Cup continues as the cast plus guest Park Ji Sung head to Indonesia for some more challenges leading up to the big game. In other words expect an awesome episode. Oh- and happy 200th episode Running Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on to the headlines!

Random SNS Updates

KJK Malay

Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram update

Thank u Malaysia~!! Cuz of u guys Malaysia always feels like home whenever I visit!! I’ll be back soon~ take care~!!

-@kjk76 Instagram

Gary Twitter

Gary’s Twitter Update

Thank u H.K!! See u again~

– @kanggary58 Twitter

Lee Kwang Soo Line

Lee Kwang Soo’s LINE Update


Good Friends (Confession).
To be released on July 10th.

– Lee Kwang Soo Official LINE

KJK Insta

Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update

I’m on ma way to work out in the rain~ been a long time~ drive safely everybody!! 오랜만에 비가오네요~ 다들 운전 조심~!!^^

– @kjk76 Instagram

KJK MIckey

Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram update

kjk76: #Throwback me n Mikey! I’ll c u next month lil brother! Now I’m off to China~ C u guys soon! #turbo #mikey #kimjongkook

– @kjk76 Instagram

Running Man F3

It was a busy week for the Running Man F3 as they individually graced the public with their presence. In the last week 3 members of the cast were out and about, with a plethora of pics to prove it. Kang Gary in Hong Kong for his first solo fan meet, Kim Jong Kook in Malaysia for his fan meeting, and Lee Kwang Soo at the press conference for his new film (complete with ill-fitting pants). What a time to be alive. Enjoy the pretty photos. Cheers!

Gary Fan Meeting 1 Gary Fan Meeting 2 Gary Fan Meeting 3 Gary Fan Meeting 4 Gary Fan Meeting 5 Gary Fan Meeting 6 Gary Fan Meeting 7 Gary Fan Meeting 8 Gary Fan Meeting 9 Gary Fan Meeting 10 Gary Fan Meeting 11 Gary Fan Meeting 12 Gary Fan Meeting 13Kim Jong Kook Malaysia 1 Kim Jong Kook Malaysia 2 Kim Jong Kook Malaysia 3 Kim Jong Kook Malaysia 4Lee Kwang Soo Confession 1 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 2 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 3 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 4 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 5 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 6 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 7 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 8 Lee Kwang Soo Confession 9

Parting Thoughts

Back in the day…


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