Awww: Witch’s Romance Series Review

D’awwwww. That was just plain adorable. Witch’s Romance, tvN’s Monday / Tuesday drama wrapped up today and I may have puked some rainbows in the process. Time for a short and sweet series review (I feel like this is too short but what can I say, everything I liked or disliked fell into two categories). Cheers!


The Good


Witch’s Romance was in its prime when it was playing up the cute. From aegyo filled love fests to “I love my auntie” weirdness this show shone when it dropped its serious side and gave into the candy coated adorableness. When Witch’s Romance took itself too seriously it faltered. Granted this story needed some kind of conflict to…well, make a plot but it buried its strongest asset in the process. Thankfully the last few episodes rediscovered the cute which made me end up liking this show as a whole.

Witchs Romance Ep 16 1

The reason I fell in love with Witch’s Romance in the first place is simple- I needed a sweet and breezy rom-com in the middle of all of the thrillers that have been churning out of drama land this year. I was happy to finally see something that didn’t make me think too much about plot twists and suspense and simply gave a good love story with a cast of fun characters. Everything was sunshine and rainbows and cute and funny and well…check out the bad for the downfall.

Witchs Romance Ep 16 2

The cast of supporting characters was endearing (soft spot for Mom and Na Rae). From the magazine staff (prickly editor included) to Ji Yeon’s only friend I was happy with the small but robust set of comedic sidekicks that played across the screen. In my opinion the mark of a good romantic comedy is how well the characters can play the funny with a tinge of humanity, and these characters certainly delivered. Oh…except that one character…

The Bad

Sunbaenim Ex-fiancée!

I could not get behind Shi Hoon’s character, which I suspect was largely the point of his character to an extent (though I fell that the intended dislike for him was overblown by the writers). He was the foil and the major roadblock to our characters hooking up which makes him the villain in the story. Yet I think the writer’s kind of overdid it when it comes down to how he acted as the stories hurdle.

shi hoon 1

I have watched enough dramas to appreciate when a “long lost love returned” is written in a way that makes you a)not hate them outright b)kind of make their past relationship and possible future relationship logical. In other words they become a plausible threat to our lead stories love line, even if we know dang well it will not happen (but there are enough moments to consider that hey, it just might be possible).

shi hoon 2

With Shi Hoon I came away thinking that he was a black hole for this story. He was too big of a jerk (even when he was trying to be a self-sacrificing one) to really ever truly think he had any kind of chance; therefore the episodes when he was together with Ji Yeon was more frustration than tension. And let’s face it, Han Jae Suk and Uhm Jung Hwa have zero chemistry. Those were the most uncomfortable “we are in love” scenes I have ever watched. Well, almost the most uncomfortable- I did watch Level 7 Civil Servant after all.

In conclusion, Witch’s Romance regained my favor near the end of the series. I fully admit I was ready to dislike this show come finale time. I am happy it turned itself around and figured out how to get back to the happy unicorn rainbow dancing puppy quilting top hat magic pixie dust place it belonged. Now I am going to miss this one. Cheers!

So what did you think? As always, ramble on!

2 thoughts on “Awww: Witch’s Romance Series Review

  1. I just finished watching this so I have a lot of things I want to say. I felt like they dragged the ex-fiance bit wayyy to much, if that plot were 2 episodes long and the last 4 episodes were cute, it would be a lot better. The secondary characters was what kept me watching this show. I mean, Dong Ha and Spinach? Best bromance EVER. This drama had so much heart and great chemistry between the leads but once they got kind of sidetracked with ShiHoon it was too boring, I just wanted JiYeon to admit she liked DongHa.

    Okay rant finished, great review!

    PS. how cute are DH and JY? gahhhhh Seo Joon’s eye smile kills me.

    • They dragged the ex-fiancee thing on waaaaaayyyy too long, that was the lowpoint of the show for me. Loved the bromance. And Seo Joon’s eye smile, consider me a fan 🙂 Happy liked the review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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