WTF Drama FTW: Witch’s Romance Finale Edition

Welcome to the Witch’s Romance finale edition of WTF Drama FTW! Grab some popcorn, a dose of sarcasm, and potential fist pumping as we look at two scenes that occurred during episode 16 of Witch’s Romance that had me all internet slang-y. Cheers!

Witchs Romance Poster


Witch’s Romance episode 16

Ji Yeon is faced with a crisis- should she accept the lucrative opportunity to work for an international publication? Maybe, maybe not?! After all, who could turn down a GROBAL challenge program?! Sorry, I just….can’t……I know it was a mistake but….

WTF Witchs Romance 3

WTF Witchs Romance 2 WTF Witchs Romance 1


Witch’s Romance episode 16

When your love life takes a turn for the worse what should you do? According to Mom you should dress in the prettiest flower pattern blouse you own and wander around gardens while lamenting your love life tragedy. Why was this so awesome? Because it was. You go Mom!

ftw Witchs Romance 1 ftw Witchs Romance 2 ftw Witchs Romance 3

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