Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Ep 3-4

Lore and I are bringing our fun chat time just in time for episodes 5- 6! Chat time in the middle of the week is so much fun… Hope you all have fun reading while we chat, laugh, and pick apart You’re All Surrounded!


Ekun: Can I just say, if my tax dollars was paying Gangnam PD salary, I would be PISSED!‏

Lore: Yes, yes, yes. If this was my cities PD I would not be a happy citizen. But since this is a hilarious drama PD, I can live with that. Still….wow…..just wow. What is their Police Academy like? Did they go to the Level 7 Civil Servant School of Criminal Justice?‏

Ekun: I am just like… Don’t cops have to work their way up to be detectives? You start off doing the lower rank stuff and if you improve you can move up in rank? I am confused how they are running their establishments.‏

Lore: Apparently they were uber promoted. Or something. So, in episode 3 our rookie detectives are assigned a test of sorts- involving finding their way to an address and a van. Thoughts?‏


Ekun: I thought it was hilarious. I figured that Papa cop (Cha Seung Won) wanted them to work together to test their skills as a unit. It stunned me none of them thought that way. But then the horror came! Staying in a van with no AC, with stank breath, tails, and humidity?! I would not have made it Lore! ‏

Lore: Yep—right with you. I would have ran outta that fast and thrown up. There is no “disgusting” in team. Or at least the last time I checked…..So then our wacky gang of four is split into 2 groups with real cases. And, well, things don’t really go as planned. I was bummed by the outcome, but I understood its place in the story.‏


Ekun: I did too. Am I the only one who finds Dae Gu annoying as crap? I mean, I don’t care about you having an attitude because that is just your personality, but I do care about you being a cocky a**! There is never a 100% guarantee when it comes to human behavior. Then after he made the mess, he attacks Papa Cop! ‏ Then he runs away and leave his partner to suffer the damage of a duel effort in screwing things up!‏


Lore: Dae Gu screwed up, so did Soo Sun. Dae Gu has a terrible attitude, but as each episode goes by it seems that the writer is giving us a glimpse into his vulnerable non d-hole side. Like the “moment” on the beach with his Mom. He was vulnerable then. I really think this kid is confused and hurt and angry and hostile – and out of line a lot of the times.‏


Ekun: Like I said, I do not mind the attitude but his pride and conceit is beyond me. I hope I can come to like him more.

Lore: It will be interesting to see if this story can redeem his character (honestly, I think it will). Maybe that is why I am liking this show so much thus far- it is a comedy with a serious story in the form of Dae gu. ‏ But I have to say- I wanted to high five Soo Sun for her tearful confession in episode 4. “You left me alone!” Yep, you go girl.‏


Ekun: Exactly! If he was my partner I would find it hard to trust or depend on him ever again, but that is my personality. Soo Sun is a bit naïve and will let it slide (as she should for the story’s sake). My favorite part was Tae Il handcuffing them together! Not because I want them to be together, but because they are partners acting like idiots. I am really not feeling a love relationship in this show at all—but since it is a Kdrama… Rule #185 dictates that a couple must be born come hell or high water.‏

Lore: I like rule #185, because at least I get a love story out of the deal (how much of a love story is debatable, but I love me a good romance). I am hoping that the as Dae Gu’s character moves away from the cocky d-head his relationship with Soo Sun makes more sense.‏I mean it is cute they knew each other when they are younger but from our flashbacks it seems like more of a cute noona-dongsaeng relationship than a first love type of story.‏


Ekun: Well, she started to catch feeling for him before his mother was killed, remember? That moment in the rain when he told her is momma wasn’t a mistress, etc. Dang! I really did like him as a kid!‏ Moving along, what is going on with Tae Il and the missing persons cop that was Papa Cop’s boo? What is her name?‏

Lore: Yeah, that is a good point. There was a hint of romance, but I did not feel like it was an overwhelming first love setup. I am not sure what is going on with Tae Il and Sa Kyung (that is her name, I think). I want to know!‏

Ekun: I need to know a lot about her and her relationships! She slapping Papa Cop, she got an attitude as soon as we meet her, she telling the newbie’s off… Sheesh! I need to know what she is about.‏


Lore:I know- I need some flashbacks! So should we talk about the major scene in episode 4- our gang of four are taken hostage! I was seriously invested in this scene, even if this a comedy.‏Oh- and on the topic of Sa kyung and Papa Cop – I had no idea putting menthol patches on a bruised shoulder blade could be so risque. ‏

Ekun: Anything with Papa cop (actually Cha Seung Won) can be risqué! The 4 were held hostage with 3 annoying little brats. That one that almost got them killed! Ugh, what is going on with the youth today that they live so fearlessly and reckless!? My favorite part was Dae Gu talking him down– he exposed some of his vulnerabilities in that moment as well‏

Lore: Dae Gu showed his strong points, as did the other 3 rookies. And I absolutely loved the “You’re all Surrounded” moment when the reason for the drama’s title became apparent. And Papa Cop busting in—there was a lot that I liked about these scenes – from how unexpected it was to how much it showed character growth in the span of one third of an episode. ‏


Ekun: Papa Cop, like a papa does not want these kids to deal with what he is currently dealing with. The whole Ji Yong (Dae Gu) missing/ momma murder case.‏

Lore: Yeah, I really believe that Papa Cop is not the bad guy here, and I am extremely interested to find out who the bad guy actually is (major teaser perhaps at the end of episode 4)?! ‏


Ekun: I know! This is why I am so invested in the show! Who in the happy heck killed momma, and who was the dirty cop in the mix?!‏

Lore: This show is a seriously a breath of fresh air. Call me besotted, because I am. Final Thoughts?‏

 Ekun: Dae Gu: Lose the attitude and we can roll. Soo Sun, I am glad you are growing up and taking your job seriously, but always stick to the task girl! Tae Il and Ji Gook: Keeping living your adorable lives and let the bromance blossom. Papa Cop and Sa Kyung: You have taught me so much in the ways of applying a patch!‏


Lore: Show: I like you, let’s be friends. Maybe BFFs if you keep it up. Dae Gu: Let me see some more vulnerable moments! And keep growing as a character! Soo Sun: I like your attitude Tae Il and Ji Gook: I think it may be more than a bromance, you two are adorable. Keep it up! Papa Cop: Teach the young grasshoppers well. All in all I am invested in this show and love the direction.‏



3 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Ep 3-4

  1. Neat discussion. Dae Gu was an awesome kid, can he please go back to that? This show has me torn, because I’m pretty sure they’re doing the whole “is he gay or isn’t he” with Tae Il that they did in Reply 1994, and the conclusion of that really bugged me there. I’m guessing he has a past with Sa Kyung and they’re going to get together, which annoys me because I would rather focus on the crime aspect of the show than the romances.

    • I agree with the crime aspect of the show! None of the couples interest me. I think it will be fine if Tae Il is not gay, but the ambiguity of the situation makes it more fun– I am certainly rooting for a bromance over a romance! I know one thing for certain, Tae Il will not end up with Sa Kyung. If she ends up with anyone it will be Pan Seok. My Sensei senses tell me so!

      • I love the crimes aspect, and I love buddy-cop shows.

        My problem with Tae Il is that K-dramas, reality shows, and movies like to show guys flirting or crushing on each other, but if they were actually gay it’d be a big issue. I’m not talking about things that are more accepted in Korean culture than elsewhere, I’m talking about things like Super Junior kissing on stage. It feels a little hypocritical and voyeuristic.

        I really don’t like the “psych! he’s not gay” thing. It makes it seem like there would be something wrong if he was gay.

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