WTF Drama FTW: What is Love Edition

So what is love? Is it never having to say you’re sorry? Is it roses and balconies and forbidden family feuds? Maybe it is as simple as a letter or as complicated as a quest? Or maybe, just maybe it involves genius doctors making no good sense and serial killers looking for a lady love. Yep, welcome to the WTF Drama FTW What is love edition. Cheers!

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Gap Dong Episode 9 and Doctor Stranger Episode 6! Plot twists and surprises and such for both dramas! We are talking about the final scenes of an episode. The cliffhanger, the hook line and sinker, the don’t let this be spoiled moments! Do not continue reading if you want to be surprised!

WTF: Doctor Stranger Episode 6

I know, I know. Thematically this scene worked but logically it did not. I could not get past it (call me logical or something). Our doctor Hoon had to find out if his long lost love was an imposter- in order to identify the truth he had to feel her heartbeat (by hugging her). Because everyone’s heartbeat is unique. Um….is this another way of saying we are each our own special little snowflake? Because I didn’t buy it. Ever heard of DNA tests my friend? WTF.

DR Stranger WTF .5 DR Stranger WTF 1 DR Stranger WTF 2 DR Stranger WTF 3 DR Stranger WTF 4 DR Stranger WTF 5 DR Stranger WTF 6

FTW: Gap Dong Episode 9

Because love is not letting someone you have affection for commit suicide with their Mother’s “Just Kill Yourself already pill” present. And hatred is walking away while looking badass (and then feeling an overdose of emotions / suffering soul wrenching moral questions afterwards). Um, I can’t say I hate her for walking away, because love would have made her stay. And that is just f-ed up (if she loved him that is). Liked it, made sense. Gap Dong FTW.

Gap Dong FTW .5 Gap Dong FTW .15 Gap Dong FTW 1 Gap Dong FTW 2 Gap Dong FTW 3 Gap Dong FTW 4 Gap Dong FTW 5

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