WTF Drama FTW: Doctor Stranger Episode 3

So I am a million hours behind in my drama watching. I finally got around to watching episode 3 of Doctor Stranger, and I have complaints and 1 achievement that I cannot let get by!

I like the show thus far, but there are certain things that take place that I cannot suspend reality for. Then main one this week is our precious little Hoon being able to scrub into a surgery, perform it, and get away without charges being pressed.


I am ecstatic that a life was saved, but the fact that he was able to get that far reminds me of Two Weeks and the whole floor of a hospital being drugged! It just shouldn’t happen…. Please follow this link for more information on Two Weeks.


PARK HAE JIN!!!!!!!!


Is playing doctor Han Jae Hoon— He sexy, smart, and got an attitude. He gets added to my “I Can’t Live My Life Like This!!” list this week.



One day I will be caught up on my dramas again. Until then, stay classy! Peace!

3 thoughts on “WTF Drama FTW: Doctor Stranger Episode 3

  1. You and me both….I can’t seem to catch up! The scene where Hoon was able to perform surgery reminded me of last year’s Good Doctor, except that show had the decency to have security guards pull the imposter away from operating at a hospital where they did not work.

    Can you imagine being a family member of the patient?! “Yes, so and so is doing fine. At least that is what the surgeon said after we realized we had no idea who they were. Here is your bill. Thanks!” Aish, only in a the world of television.

    • I mean stranger things have happened but this is a mess! Think if you had to explain that to an adult! IF that was me, and I was a money hungry mess, I would sue the hospital! I understand being understaffed, but this was out of control. I’m just saying…

      • It would be a major lawsuit – I would sue the freaking pants off that hospital if I was the patient or I was a family member of the patient. I am not even sure that is malpractice…I don’t know what it is if the Doctor operating is not even an employee!

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