Halbaes! Pole dancing?: Grandpa Over Flowers Investigative Unit First Impressions

Oh how I love this show! And not just because of Kim Heechul or Choi Jin Hyuk! I mean literal tears of laughter at how amazing these actors are. Let’s meet the lineup:

Lee Soon Jae as Lee Joon Suk


Younger version Choi Jin Hyuk


Kim Hee Chul as Park Jung Woo


Byung Hee Bong as Han Won Bin


Younger version Park Min Woo


Jang Kwang as Joon Kang Suk


Younger version Park Doo Shik


Lee Cho Hee as Jung Eun Ji


I think it is hard to put into words what this show is about, other than saying this…


Becomes this!


It is not revealed why Park Jung Woo does not turn into a haraboji, but it makes the show even more fun. This show is absolutely bonkers and I love it! 3 seasoned actors pretending to be 20 something’s turned into gramps… Genius!


I highly recommend watching this show—even better it comes on once a week. Follow these grandpa- like bunch solve crimes, learn a lesson about growing old, and figure our who in the world is playing with aging! Short, sweet, to the point. Watch it! Peace!


5 thoughts on “Halbaes! Pole dancing?: Grandpa Over Flowers Investigative Unit First Impressions

    • Isn’t it?! I laugh out so loud every episode… I love how they still do things like the younger versions they are. Every time Han Won Bin sprays his face I fallout laughing!

      • Haha yes! He’s still spraying mist on his face all the time. And the formal-informal speech is so chaotic because of their old appearances.

  1. It’s like watching variety shows, so fun

    The grandpas are adorable, and it’s mix my two favorite genres, detective investigation and comedy!!

    I never smirk so much watching K-drama until this

    • Oh! Then perhaps you would enjoy more Japanese dramas. I am watching Partners by Blood and it is the comedic and has detective investigations.

      Japan has a lot of crime procedural dramas, but they have a great habit of making serious less serious with ridiculousness! I love it!

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