Distractor’s Cut: Big Man Opening Ceremony

Ekun here again with another edition of the Distractor’s Cut. Yes! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Kang Ji Hwan has made a comeback and you cannot believe how excited I am to see him again. His last project (Incarnation of Money) was pretty good, but I did not have the chance to gush over him because I was really caught into the storyline. I love the writers of Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money (are they doing something this year?)! Anyway, Big Man premiered last week and I have a whole heck of a lot to say– naturally, I have to discuss this with Unnichan, as we are the ones distracting to give our 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 cents! Were you all as stunned as I was? Peace!


Ekun: Unnichan, I was not ready! Why didn’t I read or someone (you) tell me what the premise of this story was?! Are people really this much of a mess?! It is only because it is a drama ne?


Unnichan: Hehe.It’s definitely drama. But I’d heard something about “stealing a heart” and since that was impossible so I didn’t take it seriously. When I watched the first episode in everything plays out I was like “Aaaah, so that’s what they meant!” Lol.

Ekun: Look, my eyes were welling up and mouth agape over the treachery of these rancid people! So because your son is dying, you are going to find another (an orphan to seem less inhumane and because they will not be missed) kill them and give the heart to your dying son because he will not be far enough up on the heart transplant list?! What type of sense does that make?! You commit murder to save another! When in actuality, in most countries, because he is in critical condition he would be automatically moved to the top of the list. I guess not in Korea?

Unnichan: In Asia, transplant rules and red tape is vastly different but one would think, that would still be the case. The problem mostly is this hush-hush situation that has my head spinning. Now of course, the entire situation is insane, therefore Big Man really had me squashing and pinging back into reality. Once Ji Hyuk was knocked over the head and immediately spirited to be their heart stand-in I was like Show!!! But it was also an aspect that made me believe this is most certainly a dark comedy. And don’t you get the impression they’ve (Daddy Kang and crew) done something similarly sketch in the past?


Ekun: Oh most definitely, they just didn’t get caught the first time. I was still just a little too shocked. I just cannot wrap my mind around taking another innocent life for such a purpose (though I did see something similar in Doctor Stranger just a few hours ago, but different circumstance and a different story and situation). Look, the thing that saved the first 2 episodes for me is Ji Hyuk is a thug! And a smart one at that… I LOVE IT!!!


Unnichan: I did like that Ji Hyuk is a “former” thug. I think it’s interesting that this is where the drama starts out. We have a protagonist with a past we can only guess and infer about through his interactions with other people and his personal worldview. I really liked that. Like when his friend’s father dies. He’s ordering jajamyun and being oblivious to this time of mourning because he truly doesn’t get it. And that rings true even after he meets his “parents.” Ji Hyuk interests me because there’s much more than what we see and I’m certain we won’t uncover it all.


Ekun: He fascinates me as well. I like when I can go along for the ride when it involves the main character. Ji Hyuk? I think I am about whatever you are about but, I will make that call after episode 6. Speaking of main characters, So Mi Ra and I are done before we even started.

Unnichan: Really DK? I’m sure I know why but I’ll let you explain… I will say two things: Lee Da Hae’s hair looks horrendous and I am pretty indifferent to her at this point. Its clear Ji Hyuk was trying to get some warm fuzzies over her (and I’m sure that will continue) but he took a step back at the end of episode two, which I respect.


Ekun: Look, she didn’t think about killing Ji Hyuk once, but twice! Of course she stopped herself, but I cannot give a pass over the second time girl, I just can’t! *wails and shakes fist in the air* He did back up at the end of two and I needed him to do that. Of course they will end up together (because them are the rules), but I will never love it with arms wide open.


Unnichan: Before I even say another word I have to get this out…. I am sick and tired of Daniel Choi dying, getting in accidents or anything else that renders him unavailable and immobile during shows! I mean, I turned this on for him and Kang Ji Hwan. I wanted two! Not one! TWO! It’s like that Phantom debacle with So Ji Sub two years ago!


Ekun: I know right! But he is all over the posters, so I am wishing, hoping, and cracking coconuts that his tail will get a heart in Hong Kong (is that where he went) so we can see his tail! [Ekun’s side note: I am still not ok with the means that Daddy Kang used to get the heart for Dong Suk. I just said that I need him to get the heart so we can see Daniel Choi. Thanks for understanding.]

Unnichan: About Mi Ra and her “murderous” ways, I wasn’t taken aback or anything by it. I felt it was a human reaction in the hospital. My issue was really that she’d heard Momma (Choi Yoon Jung) just minutes before and her reaction seemed very similar to mine… Disgust. So, for her then to trot over to the room and try to pull oxygen—It got a “No” for the origin. Not the intent. I don’t condone it either way but for some reason the moment didn’t come across consistent given the previous scene. If she’d heard “the plan” and had no reaction, then spent those moments contemplating, I’d have less pause.

Ekun: As soon as she was hovering over him (Ji Hyuk) all I could think was, “You are no better than momma and daddy.” Therefore she got a “No.” I possibly would have been able to let it go, but then she thought about it again. So we are done. Nothing she could ever do.

Unnichan:Yea, didn’t go that far. I got it. And I don’t “blame” her. But I do agree that in the light of day, she and the parents are no different. However, I believe drama is trying to draw a distinction between the two. Since, I see that, I don’t really care. Whether it’s what she did, what she’s doing or will do. I don’t care about her at all. It’s not that there’s nothing she “can” do, there’s nothing she did before or since. Errrm, getting back to Mom…

Ekun: What about crazy mom?

Unnichan: When she burst into tears holding Ji Hyuk’s hand, I burst into laughter!


Ekun: I thought it was just me! I said, “Omma bye!” This is the worst thing I have seen all day girl. She was trying to sell something Ji Hyuk, Daddy, or Kang Jin Ah were not buying. What do you think about Jin Ah? I think I would like her and Ji Hyuk to end up together if she got her life together. She seems smart but a little bit of a brat. I think that she needs a guy like Ji Hyuk to constantly look at her and say, “Rrrriiiiiggghhhhtttt.” and keep it moving. Is this a form of SLS too Unnichan? You know I have that disease… *sigh*


Unnichan: There’s potential with Jin Ah much more than Mi Ra for me but I don’t like her spoiled bratty behavior. I have very little patience for that. I never understand why girls have to be haughty and spiteful, when in actuality they really like a dude. Being aloof and distant, I get that but rude and disrespectful? Then justify it as being blunt and honest? Nope. I’m not down.

Ekun: Is that what they believe they are doing? I think—No, I know that I have always been a blunt and honest person saying whatever, whenever, but I have never been a brat showing my tail just because I could. So I get it, but if I said something hurtful, wrong, mean, etc. I did it because I wanted to. Not because I needed justification for being a mess. With that being said, I can’t be down for the foolishness either.

Unnichan: Did you notice So Mi Ra’s shoes? The ones with the zipper? When they panned to them I immediately thought of you.


Ekun: *Tear shed* You know me so well! Even though I just got a new pair of shoes, I can always use another pair… or 2… or 200. Whatevs. Those were cute and just my style. I like pointed toe shoes that leave an impression.

Unnichan: And what’d you think about that alley kiss in episode 1? I wasn’t amused. Mostly because, well he didn’t have to “actually” kiss her.


Ekun: Oh, that is a good point. But I was mostly thinking, “Kang Ji Hwan looks like a good kisser.” Sorry for my fangirling. You know he holds a special place in my heart. But I was not upset by it. He was a bit tipsy, so he didn’t think to not kiss her for real.

Unnichan: Tipsy doesn’t get a pass, but whatevs. I think ultimately Jin Ah will be his ally. At least an ally that is dumb enough to be trusted. Since she’s been kept out of the loop, her alliance is with what she thinks is right. And given Daddy’s desire to keep it from her, she’s innocent enough to jump on Ji Hyuk’s bandwagon. In my mind, this will be her only saving grace.

Ekun: I agree. I think I like her a little bit more than you at this point. I am already shipping her with Ji Hyuk over Mi Ra and that has everything to do with both women together and individually.


Unnichan: I have no ships at the moment. But I don’t think that Mi Ra can be trusted, even when she falls for Ji Hyuk. I can see her turning to the dark side (which I think I’d like a lot better), but regardless, her motives will never be clear cut as long as Dong Suk is sick.

Ekun: One more thing we need to mention is Mi Ra and Dong Suk’s relationship. Girl, he scared the crap out of me when he said, “You will be promoted to my woman!” He was too confident and that scares me UC… *Closes eyes*

Unnichan: Kekekeke. Their relationship is odd to me. Why is she dating her boss? Look, they’ve known each other since they were kids, so him being “confident” and cheeky was equals points adorable and creepy but for some reason, whatever they have going on makes me give them side eye. I don’t question her “love” for him, or his for her but something continues to niggle at me.


Ekun: Perhaps it has something to do with thinking they live in a fantasy world where they could actually live a “happily ever after”. Because Momma (or Daddy and creepy Secretary) ain’t having it! That is my only reservation. But, and this is a big but, Don Suk lives his life however because he know his days are not promised?

Unnichan:Dong Suk does seem to think and feel how he wants and he’s known for doing whatever he wants but they’ve still kept their relationship a secret so… I think they are the better pair in terms of couples though. We just need his tail to live and get back to Korea! And Daddy… oh Daddy. I don’t know what to say about that man besides, he’s freaking brilliant!


Ekun: The actor or the character? The actor is brilliant in this role of being a brilliant, shady, scary businessman/daddy/husband. Girl, when he concocted that story at the end of episode 2? I screamed, “Aboji KANG!!!!!!” And I was already high from the high speed chase with Ji Hyuk and him about to stab secretary…. It was when I said, “We in business Big Man!”


Unnichan: Uhm Hyo Sup is a great character actor. And I like him here as well, because I find Daddy Kang’s mind to always be at work. He’s not diabolical but he will make his ends meet, whatever it takes. It’s crooked and conniving but he isn’t trying to apologize. I like that. At the end of episode two I said “Daddy won’t quit!!” That’s going to be my mantra for him. And I love that Ji Hyuk had that moment with Secretary/Asst Do (Han Sang Jin) because Ji Hyuk made it clear that they aren’t the only “gangster” around. However, I did question Do several times these episodes cause what makes you willing to do anything for your employer? It’s not loyalty or “feelings,” is it really just money?


Ekun: Good question. I have no idea, but I am certain the show will reveal it—if it is a good show that covers a lot of ground. Final thoughts Unnichan?

Unnichan: My biggest concern during these first two episodes was how Ji Hyuk will feel once he finds out how and why the Kangs are now in his life. And that’s still my biggest concern. For we’re pretty clear on what he may do. I like that we have a protagonist that I want to see go all the way. And I love that he’s not afraid to do so. I don’t know if I’m “ride or die” but I have bought my ticket and plan to stay awhile. Big Man has a crazy premise, but it also has potential to be addicting, especially with the dark humor backing it. Any gripes I have are mostly, pet peeves, like Da Hae’s hair and the love lines— ‘cause I can’t do either. One, because of faux incest and the other… just cause.


Ekun: I am not expecting too much, but I am along for the ride. We have interesting characters, decent actors, and a workable plot (now that we got over the initial shock of how Ji Hyuk has been inserted into the Kang’s world). We just need to see more of Daniel Choi!

Unnichan: And I need to hear more spanish guitar! Thanks Show! *kisses*



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