Ekun’s Dipping in Taiwan 2013!!!

Hey guys! While the year was ending, I was reviewing all the dramas that I watched: Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese. I discussed my Adventures in Japan and now I will share about the Taiwanese dramas watched in 2013. Taiwanese dramas are a bit more low budget, crazy dramatic at times, and are the epitome of girl porn with how awesome the men are. I can only stand to watch 1 or 2 a year, but since I was introduced to the likes of Blue Lan and George Hu… Resulting in a few more dramas being watched this year.

The first drama I watched in 2013 was Stand in Princess aka Substitute Princess aka The Adventure of King Flower. Starring Chris Wu, James Wen, and Nikki Hsieh.


It is about a young girl, Jin Da Hua, an “ugly duckling” who gets the opportunity to “fix” her appearance, and stand in as a replacement until the injured fiancé of Ouyang Tai aka Terry wakes up. What happens in this game of deception and hijinks? Will she fall for Terry? Will he fall for her? What will happen to Jin Da Hua’s first love Lin Guan Jun? This show was cute but it definitely got unsure of itself towards the end. Overall I did enjoy it and would recommend people to watch it. here is another cute picture from the show:

Cray Cray
P. S. Man aka Womanizer premiered in 2010, but was added to dramafever last year; giving me the chance to see Blue Lan. Besides starring Blue Lan there is James Wen, Sonia Sui, and Bianca Bai.

PS Man

The P.S. Man is supposed to be a womanizer, manipulator, and all around jerk. When he is given mandatory community service (due to a publicity stunt gone awry) to work with kids; he is reunited with a childhood friend who believes that she was bullied and ridiculed by him. Can these two set aside their difference to become friends, lovers, or nothing? Loved Blue Lan’s portrayal of Xia Ha Jie. The show was exhausting after a while, but not the worst Taiwanese drama I have ever seen. If you keep in mind Taiwanese dramas have a tendency to become more crazy than a Mahkjong Korean dramas, you should be able to finish this one.


Which brings us to our next drama…

Easy Fortune Happy Life starring Blue Lan, Joe Chen, and Roy Qiu. OMG this drama started out as a WTF! I was only able to get through 11 episodes because this show was total boo boo. Roy is hot, Blue is hot and that couldn’t even save this drama!

Easy Fortune

A man meets a young village girl who saves his life. He later steals her herbal remedy and claims he will return— He never does. When he becomes older, filthy rich  and a surly *censored*, he becomes upset at the way his family acts when it comes to inheriting his company and money. He meets the young village woman’s granddaughter and makes a deal that which ever one of his grandsons marry her will inherit the family fortune.

Hated it

Talk about a cluster *censored* of wrong footing! I hated this drama because it perpetuates the stereotype that rich people are greedy, evil, idiots and that poor people are honest, pure, and always right.  I cannot stop you from watching it but please take caution as it is utterly ludicrous from 21 jump street. But in case you did not believe me about Roy Qiu…

Beauties of the Emperor starring Ming Dao, Joe Chen, Luo Jin, and Yuan Shan Shan.

This is a historical show about love, war, betrayal, and chaos. To give anymore detail would be too much and ultimately give the story away. Definitely enjoying this story at the moment. I have a few more episodes to get through, but if you like historical pieces, I highly recommend this one. Cute Pic momo:
Love Now starring George Hu, Annie Chen, Dou Zhi Kong, and Mandy Wei.

Love Now

Cute lighthearted drama, about a man who has been looking for a girl for years. He finally runs into while away on business and discovers that she has cancer! He marries her and offers to spend the rest of her life with her. What happens when he discovers that her family tricked her into taking a vacation and she doesn’t have cancer! George Hu, originally born in the US (Yeah Baby!), is the best ever in this drama. He is the reason why you will watch episodes back to back to back!

Deja Vu starring Mandy Wei, Yao Yuan Hao, Jenna Wang, and Yang Zhen.

Deja Vu
I am in love with this drama! I come home every Monday Night and watch it on dramafever. A young ballerina saves a man from a burning building— they fall in love. 5 years later, he proposes and finds out that she is pregnant, true bliss. Due to a drunk driver, they get into an accident and she loses her fiancé and her baby. In an attempt to kill herself, a spiritual being gives her the chance to go back before the moment she met her love and change their lives. Will they fall in love again despite him not knowing who she is?


I honestly cannot answer it because I have no idea since the drama is currently airing. The show is only 9 episodes in, I highly recommend giving this show a chance based on the romantic premise alone.

There you have it! ExtraKun’s 2013 Taiwanese rundown. I hope that you all will give these dramas a look— if you have dramas from another country that you can recommend to me please let me know! I am not ashamed to admit I love watching TV way too much and would like you all to be my enablers! Peace!


4 thoughts on “Ekun’s Dipping in Taiwan 2013!!!

  1. Ahaha, King Flower! Originally it was supposed to be a poor girl-poor guy love story but Da Hua ended up with the rich and overly handsome guy!

    You should definitely give In A Good Way a true. It is truly an amazing drama that is currently airing. I am really loving it!

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