Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Pretty Man 13 & 14

Lore: Bel Ami, Bel Ami. I liked the last 2 episodes a lot better for some reason. Or maybe I just took off my disgruntled hat (it is angry looking and has sequins).‏

Ekun: OOOOOOO! I love Sequins and Sparkly things. I think I am over Pretty Man in general. Although my change for 2014 was already broken when I threw popcorn at the end of episode 14.‏


Lore: Haha! Bel Ami made you break your resolution in like one day. Should have known, with the things this show does. Yeah, I am pretty over it too but I was less frustrated watching this week. Maybe because I am really sadistic and liked seeing Ma Te become hopeless?! Aish, I forgot to take my sadistic hat off! It has rainbows and a Heechul patch. Okay, taking hat off now.‏

Ekun: OOOOOOO! Heechul from Suju?! *Eyes glazed over* Well, perhaps because cats are out of the bag this week, we are down to the last woman, and the story (though wrapping up) is actually moving along. I just feel like they are going to try and make Yu Ra the ultimate enemy to make room for Wicked Witch of Gangnam to receive redemption. I can tell you right now show, I am not in the mood to see that. David aka Jang Woo did make me a little upset these last two episodes. I am always trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I honestly think he likes to sad and miserable on the inside.‏

Lore: I could see the writer turning Yu Ra into the villain, but as for the viewers buying it…not so sure. Right now I think the Wicked Witch is pretty much horrible – who tells their son they are going to make their life a living hell? Two episodes is not enough for this woman’s redemption. So, should we talk about the wrap up of the 2 lessons – clout and power? Thoughts on how both went down?‏


Ekun: I honestly do not understand how he has learned anything that he has not already known at this point. Clout and power were both a device to get him pitted against dear old mom and MG group. I was like wait–we are leaving Ma Te in charge of a multi- billion dollar corporation because little stinky pants decided to act right?! Pu Leeze!‏

Lore: Ha! Yeah, I know, Dad up and made Ma Te CEO of a corporation based on his daughter figuring out how not to be a heartless biotch. Is that all it takes? Because I think I need to find an heiress and teach her how to be nice. Then I can be a CEO too! Screw Harvard Business School, that is for dummies. Thank you Bel Ami for teaching us the quick path towards success in business!‏


Ekun: Exactly. The only thing that I did like this episode was David and his Hyung (Yu Ra’s ex or soon to be husband again) getting along. It was really refreshing because they both need each other. Though, Yu Ra might screw that up with her greed. Also, Woman #7 is Knowledge, correct? I wonder how she can play a role in the last episodes because Ma Te seems like his “Ho like ways” are coming to an end. He is finally giving Bo Tong what she wants… Himself *Popcorn thrown at screen as I type… if I had some*‏


Lore: David and his Hyung connecting was nice, and they do need each other (after all they are living amidst a family of bat shit crazies). Woman #7 seems too late in the game, what could she teach Ma Te when he is already nearing the end of his slut ways? Unless of course she teaches him how to get that pass code. Which, I am confused as to why anyone needs  it anymore. Ma Te knows his true parentage. Chairman and Ma Te met already. Ma Te got told off by Mom. Yu Ra’s intentions are clear to everyone. David knows about Ma Te, Ma Te knows about David. Why does anyone need that pass code anymore?! Is it so Ma Te can learn what love is. Because I am pretty sure that can be accomplished through, I don’t know, not being a jerk. Just a thought.‏ Or maybe I missed something….but at this point the pass code seems pointless.‏

Ekun: That is upsetting too. But I am glad Chairman was honest about not saying he loved Ma Te’s momma. I think that whole little story was to help Ma Te get closer to Bo Tong. That is who she should be, that “woman who loved him for a long time but he couldn’t give anything to her in return” woman. Chairman wants to alleviate his guilt of not loving Ma Te’s mom, but asking her to raise the child of the woman he did love. The reality of what his mom did makes me shake my fist in the air so hard. “Sure Chairman, since I love you sooooo much let me raise your wife’s kid.” W. T. F!‏

Lore: Yeah, I got that impression too. The woman that raised Ma Te was pretty much a cautionary tale of “If a woman loves you soooo much and raises your wife’s bastard son, bad stuff will happen. So don’t marry someone with a bastard and have Bo Tong raise him” Because, unfortunately, I could see Bo Tong doing that. “Sure Oppa, I will take in whatever kid you give me to raise. Love you Oppa!” Aish! I completely second your WTF. A thousand times over. It was good that Chairman could admit he never loved the woman who raised Ma Te, but it seems like that just piles on more and more of the bad things he has done. David’s Mom, Ma Te’s surrogate Mom, the Wicked Witch, siring half of Korea and abandoning them…..He really belongs with the Wicked Witch. They make a lovely pair. ‏


Ekun: I am too through with both of them. Now that he sickly, he has seen the error in his ways, and Wicked Witch saying *censored* she doesn’t mean. That is why they are meant for each other. Chairman? Why would you hide your wife’s child from her for 29 years?! Especially when you knew they were going head to head. That just seems malicious don’t you think?‏


Lore: Yeah. “Honey, I saved your son so you would feel better! I mean, while you were busy taking down your siblings and scheming I saw how sad you were. So I kept him with a woman who loved me. But I decided to wait a couple decades to let you know. Happy Anniversary!” ‏


Ekun: LOL! Exactly!‏

Lore: Bel Ami should have a secondary title “What to absolutely never ever do in a relationship. Ever.”‏ Third title “Unless you have no soul, then try everything in this drama with glee!”.

Ekun: My personal titles are: “WTF just happened here” and “Really, you really didn’t know this would go down this way?”‏ Final thoughts?‏


Lore: Ha! Love them. Parting Thoughts: Well, at this point there is not much to say. We are still looking for a pass code for some reason. Everyone is pretty much morally bankrupt. Even David Glamping is no longer endearing. Bo Tong and Ma Te, be happy together, I guess? Because, um, there had to be some point to all of this, right? Right? Seriously, um, what has been the point?‏

Ekun: Girl, your guess is as good as mine. I have nothing to say but “Doom Dada”‏.


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