Check it out: 4 new variety shows you should watch now

Yep, still wrapped up in way too many variety shows -which makes for a great reason to post a list of variety / reality shows you should check out now. Because they are funny. And interesting. And have hot guys. Or are just hilarious. And are interesting. And I watch too many of them. Cheers!

Rain Effect

Rain Effect [mNet * Thursdays * 10 PM KST]

Speedy Synopsis: Rain, the RAIN, yep, the Stephen Colbert battling Rain, has his own reality show. Watch as he makes a comeback amidst criticism concerning his military service. Kim Tae Hee’s significant other, R&B hip song maestro, damn sexy – call him what you will, but never doubt the power of Rain.

Rain Effect is oddly entertaining. Or perhaps odd is not the word. Rare? In Korean entertainment you hardly see shows like this focused on such a big name star. Nugu idols and those trying to build up their fame usually participate in such candid shows, not established peeps like Rain.

Then again this man needs to rebuild his image, and I think that this show is amazingly fitting for that purpose. After all, who can turn away from seeing an established hallyu star clean up dog poo? I can’t. Sure, this show is edited for a purpose. But what shows anymore are not? All I know is I find this damn entertaining, and believe this is the right step for a fallen idol ready to return from the hinterlands of gossip and netizen hate.

Episode 1 with Eng Sub


WinnerTV [mNet * Fridays * 10PM KST]

Speedy Synopsis: Team A of WIN: Who is Next fame has moved on to their next project- a show that follows their debut as the winners of the big YG contest. The 5 boys of Winner (so named because, um, they won!) are featured as the opening act during their sunbae Big Bang’s Dome Tour.  

Watching these boys debut (after all of the emotional investment I allowed myself with WIN) is thrilling. And WinnerTV is damn entertaining. The kids are fun, the candid is fun, and the challenges are dorky and fun. Which I have seen many a time before. So why, why do I like this show (other than having enjoyed WIN)?

Well, it is probably just that. After watching this group go from trainees to winners I feel a little like a Mommy Duck watching her Ducklings learn to fly. And it is thrilling, even when they embark on the silly and stupid (and do not even try to let me explain how I feel when they are serious). All I can say is that I am lost when it comes to seeing how thrilled they were going overseas for the first time. Mama duck is watching you – you cute little ducklings you!

Episode 1 with Eng Sub

Superman returns

Superman is Back [KBS * Sundays]

Speedy Synopsis: Celebrity Dad’s take care of their kids for 48 hours while Mom works, plays or works and plays. Dads encounters hilarious moments with their children as they realize how hard childcare truly is.

The Dad and kid show bonanza started with Dad where are We Going and continues with Superman is Back. The overall theme? Dads are worker bees that ignore their kids until variety shows force them to spend time with their offspring. The theme in my own words – kind of sexist and unfortunate. The entertainment value in my own words – freaking hilarious.

So I may not agree with the overarching idea of the hands-off Dads but I do agree with seeing these guys clueless and concerned. Tablo and Haru particularly steal the show for me, but Sarang and Cho Sung Hoon are a close second. I guess my overall message here is – clueless Dads and cute kids are never going to get old.

Episode 1 with Eng Sub


Exo Showtime [MBC1 * Thursdays]

Speedy Synopsis: Watch twelve adorable members of Exo do things – like eat and shop and sleep and things.

I know, I know, I already devoted a review post for this show. Yet, with my ever growing obsession with love of this group I feel a need to say a little more. Like – these kids are finally becoming entertaining on their own. I will admit, the awkward and cute ruled the roost for the first four episodes, but this band of 12 had finally found some kind of variety footing. And how glorious it is.

Granted the last two episodes showed a lot of sleepy idols and group lethargy, regardless the kids seem to be hitting their stride. Call Mom? Yep, that is variety gold! Ad hoc talk show- yes please. No wonder SuHo was so pissed you guys were sleeping. Do you know what you could do?! Huh?! Because I am pretty sure I will watch until the end to see what you guys can do. P.S. – I need a Heechul of this group. And 50 more episodes of you sleeping. Creepy Noona hugs!

Episode 1 with Eng Sub

Note: I take no credit for any of the subbed videos, all credit goes to the original broadcaster and all credit for the subs to the subbers.

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