Coming Soon to Drama Land: January

January has up and ninja’d me. I mean, where did this whole New Year thing come from? It felt like only yesterday I was eating pizza and watching I Miss You while wondering how in the heck 2013 could top the year I discovered Korean Drama. And now the world up and makes it 2014 in a few days. Well, Happy New Year! Now I have to figure out how 2014 will top the year I discovered So Ji Sub. Sigh, this whole time thing…..

Age of Feeling

Pretty Man ends and gives you…Age of Feeling

KBS * Historical/ Action* Wednesday / Thursday * Premiering January 15th * Starring: Kim Hyun Joong, Lim Soo Hyang, Kim Jae Wook, Jin Se Yeon

Plot: Action, love, and patriotism light up the Shanghai scene in the 1930s. During the 1930s Shanghai was known as one of the wildest cities in the world (along with Paris and Berlin). In this city teeming with gangsters, drugs, money, thieves, and bohemians, Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) lives as a legendary (street?) fighter – prepared to protect his country under Japanese Rule.

Thoughts: I am extremely excited for this show, but I am also extremely apprehensive. The entire setup (1930s Sin City Shanghai, Kim Hyun Joong kicking a**, emotionally charged patriotic undertones, the costumes) could be epic enough that I want to lock the show in a room and call it my own. Or it could suck in a way that makes the attempt laughable / sends me into weeks of snarky posts and face palming. Please, please, please, please make this show work! Drama Gods? You there? It is me, Lore…

I Need Romance 3

Basketball thankfully ends and gives you…I Need Romance 3

tvN * Romantic Comedy* Monday/ Tuesday * Premiering January 13th * Starring: Kim So Yeon, Sung Joon, Namgung Min, Wang Ji Won, Yoon Seung ah, Park Hyo Joo

Plot: Kim So Yeon plays Shin Joo Yeon, a woman who has become bitter from working 9 unsatisfying years at a home shopping network. Joo Yeon’s last romance failed miserably, leaving her with a distaste for all things love. Watch as Joo Yeon and romance make up and hug it out.

Thoughts: I have not watched the other I Need Romance dramas, so I am extremely lacking in context as far as this show is concerned. I have heard fan-girling a plenty over this series, which I take as a good sign. I like me some Sung Joon, here is hoping he and this drama become BFFs.

emergency couple

Answer Me 1994 finally gets around to who the husband is then gives you…Emergency Couple

tvN * Romantic Comedy* Friday/ Saturday* Premiering January 24th * Starring: Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Pil Mo, Choi Yeo Jin

Plot: Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) marries a med school student from a wealthy family of doctors (Chang Min played by Choi Jin Hyuk). They miss their happily ever after and get a divorce. Sometime later they find themselves both working in an emergency room. Will their romance reignite over the operating table? Can it wait for the surgery to be done (I hope so)?

Thoughts: The writer is from Lie to Me infamy fame, so, um, yeah. Not so sure on this one. I will watch it, because of Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk – but the jury is out in regards to my actual enjoyment of the plot setup.

So what will you be watching in January?

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Drama Land: January

  1. I’m looking towards I Need Romance 3 and Emergency Man & Woman. I’ll try Age of Feeling. Someone said it’s the drama within a drama from King of Dramas come to life lol

    • Haha! I could see that- the KOD drama actually happening! I am hoping it won’t suck. Here is also hoping Emergency Couple turns out well! I may indulge in INR3 as well, but I feel a little lost having not watched the other 2.

  2. I’ll be check out EC for sure. I think that working with Song Ji-hyo will be great for CJH. I like the premise and the fact that we are dealing with two adult mature modern characters. Age of Feeling is a maybe depending on course load and stuff. I don’t think it is my cup of tea but i do like Kim Hyun Joong and I love Kim Jae Wook. INR3 is most likely a no. The other two INR-I never got into, and I do not care for Sung Joon as a lead.

  3. I am going to try all 3 but Age of Feeling only for Kim Jae Wook. I saw the 2nd INR and I was so mad I could kick a cat! But I love Sung Joon and I like that this isn’t supposed to be a love triangle. EC looks good too but the whole L2M factor is quite scary. My Winter slate is already full plus the other drama bleeding into next year (My Lover From Another Planet, which I love)! I have not even looked in Japan of Taiwan yet!

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