2013 Drama Awards: The Stone Cities Version Nominations

Welcome to the annual Stone Cities Awards 2013! Your gracious hosts Lore and I (Extrakun aka Ekun aka Eboni) would like to inform you of our nominations of best genres, acting, etc according to us in 2013! Please leave us comments below of your personal favorites! The winners will be announced at a later date! Here is to the best of the best of 2013! Good luck– and we are so looking forward to 2014!

Overall Best Drama


Heartless City

That Winter the Wind Blows

Answer Me 1994

I Hear Your Voice

Best Romantic Comedy

Master’s Sun

Answer Me 1994

Flower Boy Next Door

Cyrano Dating Agency

Best Thriller

Two Weeks

Heartless City

Ten 2

Best Historical

Mandate of Heaven

Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love

Best Melodrama

That Winter the Wind Blows

Empire of Gold

Suspicious Housekeeper

Winter the wind blows

Best Lead Actress

Go Ara (Answer Me 1994)

Song Hye Gyo (That winter the wind blows)

Gong Hyo Jin (Master’s Sun)

Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)


Best Lead Actor

Joo Won (Good Doctor)

Lee Jun Ki (Two Weeks)

Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)

Jo In Sung (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Lee Jin Wook (Nine)

Jung Kyung Ho (Heartless City)

Breakthrough Actor (note – could have appeared in dramas past, but 2013 was the year that they had their major breakthrough)

Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book / Heirs)

Kang Ha Neul (Monstar / Two Weeks / Heirs)

Jung Woo (Answer Me 1994)


Yoo Yoon Suk (Answer Me 1994)

Breakthrough Actress

Ha Yeon Soo (Monstar)

Min Do Hee (Answer Me 1994)

Lee Chae Mi (Two Weeks)

Best Directing

Kim Kyu Tae (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Kim Byung Soo (Nine)

Jin Hyeok (Master’s Sun)

Best Writing

Song Jae Jung & Kim Yoon Joo (Nine)

Hong Sisters (Master’s Sun)

Choi Jung Mi (Jang Ok Jung)

Jang Ok Jung 2

Yoo Seong Yeol (Heartless City)

Best Villain (or evilest evil guy/gal)

Moon Il Seok / Jo Seo Hee (Two Weeks)

Min Joon Kook (I Hear Your Voice)

Seo Ji Hoon ( The Suspicious Housemaid)

Favorite Couple

Master and Gong Shil (Master’s Sun)

Yoo Jin and Chun Po (Answer Me 1994)

Bo Na and Chan Young (Heirs)

Best Ensemble

Answer Me 1994




Best Bromance

Young Do and Myung Soo (Heirs)

Tan and Young Do (Heirs)

Sun Woo and Young Hoon (Nine)

Waste of an Actor / Actress

Entire Cast (Level 7 Civil Servant)

Sung Joon and Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book)


Entire Cast (Cyrano Dating Agency)

Couples Not Meant to Be

Sun Woo and Na Na (Monstar)

Bo Tong and David (Pretty Man)

Yang Si Ohn and Lee Hyung Joon (Who are You)

Favorite Supportive Actor/Actress

Kim Jae Wook (Who are You)

Kim Bum (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Song Jong Ho (Mandate of Heaven)

Kim Mi Kyung (Heirs)

Lee Soo Hyuk (Shark)

Character that Dreams are Made of…

Oppa-ya (Answer Me 1994)

Sun Woo (Nine)

Master (Master’s Sun)

Nine poster 2

Let us know what you think?! Results will be posted soon!

2 thoughts on “2013 Drama Awards: The Stone Cities Version Nominations

    • It looks like some is biased towards AM94. What did you think about the ending? If you comment with a spoiler, please indicate so people can not read if they have not seen it.

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