Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Pretty Man 3&4

Bel Ami aka Pretty Boy aka The Electric Fairy show gained some plot traction in episodes 3 and 4, and you bet your britches that E-Kun and I have some discussing to do (why do I suddenly feel like I am 90 by using the term “bet your britches”? Why did I even think of that? Why am I having a conversation with myself in parentheses )? On to Super Fun Drama Chat Time! Cheers!

E-Kun: I liked this week’s episodes way more than last week. The story seems to be moving along.

Lore: Yeah, story is definitely moving at a nice, brisk, fun pace. And dirty hippy Jang Woo has been confirmed! I just about died when it was revealed he lives in a tent! Haha!

E-Kun: I am sad because I want David Choi and Bo Tong to end up together….


Lore: I know, I want them to end up together too. And I will not get used to calling him David Choi. He will always be Jang Woo to me.

E-Kun: LOL! Jang Woo- nim.Thank you! Now I do not feel crazy because I have jilted one of the loves of my life JGS, but I do not like Ma Te.

Lore: Jang Woo-nim, the man who sleeps in tents and has a car that collects dirt on purpose. I will root for you over Ma Te, because Ma Te is a flipping jerk. Maybe if Bo Tang was not as likeable as a heroine I would like Ma Te a little more- but right now I want to tell Bo Tang “Girl, he is not worth it!”

ma te 3

E-Kun: And it’s not that I cannot deal with Ma Te’s jerk ways, it really is that she deserves better. Will Ma Te rise to the occasion? I am certain he will, but the ship has sailed with me as far as He and Bo Tong are concerned.

Lore: Yeah, Ma Te will eventually come to his senses and be worthy of Bo Tang. But he is so unlikeable right now it is hard to be on his side until he makes that change. And Jang Woo is just so…so…I don’t know. Endearing?!

E-Kun: He is the female Bo Tong as they say…

Lore: True! So, I need to get this off my chest. How did the Electric Fairy get into business? And why, why would all the rich and powerful be convinced that a chick sitting in a room with a bunch of monkey toys is worth trusting (even if she can read people)?! Seriously, I want to know…because this makes zero sense to me. Monkey toys. And electricity. Really?! REALLY?!Electric Fary 3

E-Kun: If you could hear how hard I just laughed at you! Because it is so true! Didn’t Jackie drop like 3 million KRW in one visit?! What the **** was she thinking?

Lore: I know! I mean, these people are not stupid, otherwise they would never be as successful as they are. But they all go to the Electric Fairy?! Even evil MG super company step mom?! WTF show. WTF.

cray cray

E-Kun: Oh Oh Oh! I have a name for her… The wicked witch of Gangnam Hills (does Gangnam have hills?)!!

Lore: It does now! Love it!

E-Kun: She the first candidate for the real housewives of Gangnam.

Lore: Oohhh that would be a show I would watch faithfully. If K-dramas have taught me anything it is that Gangnam women are scary, scary creatures.

E-Kun: Mother in law is crazy and dangerous! I am scared she is going to do something to Yu Ra’s daughter!

cray cray2

Lore: I think so too. I mean, she is already shipping the kid overseas to punish Yu Ra.

E-Kun: She destroyed her son’s marriage and even commented on how he is going through “puberty” because he talked back to her… Mom?! That man is like 30+!

Lore: Mom is a little cray cray. Okay, a lot cray cray. I can’t wait until Ma Te learns all of his important lessons and goes toe to toe with her. It is going to be an interesting fight. And how Bo Tang will fit in…Because I am sure she will…..I think will be hilarious. Evil witch versus plucky heroine? Yes please!

E-Kun: Speaking of lessons learned– “Money is life” it can grow if you take care of it, but it can eat you alive…Lesson #1 for dear Ma Te.

Lore: Yeah, about that. So he needed to learn that money can control you if you let it. Didn’t he know that already, considering he was letting money control him by being with Jackie? I mean, for a gigolo, how could he not already realize this?

E-Kun: How can I put this delicately??…….Ma Te is stupid.

Ma Te 1

Lore: Hahaha!!!! I am laughing so hard right now!

E-Kun: Not the adorable quirky kind, the “WTF?! How old are you again?” Stupid.

Lore: Yeah- he definitely got the looks and not the brains.

E-Kun: Surprisingly, Bo Tong is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but her ideas make sense! Ma Te needs to listen to her a little more. Ma Te is lazy too! Yuck!

ma te 2

Lore: Yeah- he needs to stop and think. Yunno, if he can. But hey- at least he is good looking. Imagine if he was ugly and this stupid, he would have a rough life. Which kind of brings me to another point- his second lesson is how to control someone’s character. To learn it, he is controlling someone’s character using his looks. Doesn’t he already know what he is trying to learn then?!

E-Kun: Not necessarily. He is not really using his looks because that is not going to work on Electric Fairy (though she does find him attractive). It is the little moments when he was being genuine on their “play date” that will make her fall. Knowing your opponent is the ultimate key in bringing them down…. in my honest opinion.

Lore: I can see your point. I was thinking about how he is getting her to fall for him, so therefore he already knows the controlling aspect. But I can see that there is more to learn from Electric Fairy as well.

Electric Fairy

E-Kun: Electric Fairy knows that Yu Ra will be shaken when it comes to her daughter, which is how she can control her. She also knew Jackie loved money…

Lore: True. Electric Fairy is a smart lady. But again- why in the fudge is everyone going to see her and paying her large sums of money?! I still don’t get that part. I just don’t. Monkey toys.

E-Kun: Hahahahahahaha! Look, people love to waste their money for someone to tell them what they want to hear. If I was a swindler, I promise I would make a fortune! People like to believe they are complicated but we really are not. Especially if you believe there is nothing new under the sun…


Lore: If you ever become a swindler, please stay away from electricity and monkey toys. Please. Because I just could not handle that!

E-Kun: I don’t need gimmicks– I keeps it 100. So, parting thoughts….

Lore: I knew you would keep it real!

Jang Woo

E-Kun: Why can’t we have like 3 episodes of David and Bo Tong running around town? Ma Te is pretty… and stupid. Stay away from monkeys, Electric Fairy. And be on the lookout for “The Real Housewives of Gangnam”!

Lore: My parting thoughts: I am still in love with IU as Bo Tang, she is really doing a great job. Jang Woo, I love you too! Keep up the good work *cough camping dirt on car you dirty hippy you cough* Ma Te, we can talk when you gain at least a part of a brain and some human decency. Electric Fairy- I still don’t get it. I just don’t. Monkey toys (note, I think I just like saying monkey toys now.)


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