The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 11

It’s been a long time… We shouldn’t have left you… Without Distractors Cut! Check out post 9 & 10 on Unnichan’s website!

Ekun: Girl, I have no idea what happened at the end of the last episode. Why is that always the case? Heirs really is out of sight out of mind, ne?

Unnichan: I think so. It’s hard to care once the credits roll. I seem to remember more about what happened in the episode rather than how it ended.


Ekun: I need to be in the car with Hyo Shin. Pretty ghost? What?

Unnichan: See Myung Soo sees ALL!

Ekun:  Girl yea, he is like a pair of binoculars. Oh boo! I guess we are not going to get the hug we needed from Young Do and Eun Sang after all. She mad and stuff.


Unnichan: She’s not that girl. It’s not that show. But I’d like to see that show, for real. I think we got taste of it in “I’m Sorry I Love You” but I’d like a substantial modern take.


Ekun: I guess so, but I would really like it in this story.

Unnichan: It doesn’t work in this story, at least not now. And definitely not with these characters. Eun Sang and Young Do don’t fit. If it was a 25 episode drama and there was a “real” Young Do option, I could see it. Hmm. Tan has a point. She could use Young Do. If she was that girl.

Ekun: Tan and Young Do are the same– we can make that work. I would use Young Do… but I am that kind of girl.

Unnichan: Hyo Shin ah!! Waiting by the phone. I’m so not in the mood for Rachel. She’s crazy.


Ekun: Heh. Hyo Shin is too much sometimes. Love him. I think Ha Neul is doing a good job showing how this kid has issues but cleary is on some meds to help. He seems off kilter but on point at the same time.

Unnichan: You know I read somewhere that Tan should be nicer to Rachel and I almost “Hulked Out”. He’s too nice to her in my book.


Ekun: What?! How is it possible for him to be nicer to her? He always give that wench the courtesy—more than what I would give that’s for sure. Why you running out the room Hyo Shin? Keke.

Unnichan: Hehe. Girl, he doesn’t want to be privy to whatever is about to go down. And neither would I. Can’t tell what you don’t know. Um, no Young Do. Regular people don’t think like you. And she can’t get away with that crap like you do. Aw. Young Do. He’s doing so much thinking. Should she have answered him Dongkun? I’m getting a “yes” but “no” in my spirit.


Ekun: He told her not to answer his questions. This is one that I cannot say which is best. Either way a war will break out.


Unnichan: ♫War, uh, what is it good for?♫ Aah, I love me some Chan Young!

Ekun: Ugh Daddy Dukes! WTH?! Madame Who?


Unnichan: Ooh what does she really need these two days for?

Ekun: Uh, Unnichan… To fool around with Daddy Yoon!

Unnichan: Kekekee. Great minds girl. Great minds.

Ekun: Oh so this Madame Bang is that heifer who loves Young Do Momma?


Unnichan: Seems so. That’s sticky, ne? Oh hey Tan.

Ekun: Tan ah? You are doing just what Noona- Coach taught you, ne? Good boy *pats on bottom*


Unnichan: Wait… isn’t this a scene from the worst show of 2011? I mean the po’ man’s version but still…

Ekun: Which scene… I don’t think we are together anymore.

Unnichan: Um you holding her hostage? See this is what we want Eun Sang. This is what guys like Tan need.

Ekun: I don’t know girl… I know he’s the dream catcher but still. I am glad she said what he wanted to hear.

Unnichan: She’s finally getting girl. Though I’m sure she’ll get crazy once the sunrises. I guess I’m just as easy as Tan cause it’s enough for now. She’ll make this decision for longer, later.

Ekun: ♪I said I’m easy… Easy like Sunday morning♫ Look Tan, just take it all in while you can boo.


Unnichan: I think Min Ho’s voice is just loud ‘cause I’m thinking this is a time to be quiet and enjoy, and then he opens his mouth.

Ekun: He is a bit of a buzzing something or other in the middle of the night. SSSSHHHHH, nap time. Umm didn’t she say she was going to sleep Tan ah?

Unnichan: See there he goes again. It’s too early to be this loud.


Ekun: I know. We are still working on the volume decibels… *Sigh*

Unnichan: Coach, I need you to get that together STAT.  I like that she was honest. This is what we … LOVE IS THE MOMENT!!! This song shouldn’t make me giggle… Mian.


Ekun: She is always honest with Tan and what is up… He is the one living in a fantasy world for the most part.

Unnichan: I agree, but most times she doesn’t say anything so I like that she’s telling him what she’s thinking without being pessimistic or assuming he’ll just understand and go away. He’s a dreamer though, that’s what we love about him.

Ekun: Oh, we going on a field trip to the hotel Chan Youngie?

Unnichan: Bo Na! I think they get cuter.


Ekun: You know she eats up every word he says. A total mess. Rachel! Yo A** did not sleep with Tan last night. Young Do!!!! He knows it too.


Unnichan: Hyo Shin and Tan! Together! ♫It’s a beautiful morning♫

Ekun: See now Tan, Young Do cannot sit here.

Unnichan: Kekekeke. Yea he knows. But whatevs. Young Do ah… sit next to Noona *pats chair* I love me some Hyo Shin!


Ekun: Hyo Shin is the B- E- S- T!!!!! If I was not trying to be Young Do’s #1….

Unnichan: You passing on Ha Neul? That’s twice this year! He needs to choose better characters… Lol. Uh oh Bo Na blowing someone’s spot. She’s about to be one of my favs.

Ekun: Sorry Ha Neul ah… Noona still loves you. If only you would show an ab or 6… Young Do!!!!!!!!

Unnichan:  Is he going to drop her?

Ekun: I knew he was going to let this girl fall in the water. I love it!


Unnichan: Rachel get your life together.

Ekun: We can’t ask her to do that? She is too high in the sky on herself.

Unnichan: These two!!!

Ekun: Tan, you a violent one! 3rd strike– Always! Always! Ugh! Hyo Shin screaming and stuff—Love it!!!

Unnichan: I’m pissed they made Hyo Shin raise his voice. But he’s the only one that doesn’t know what’s going on and doesn’t care. That’s what I love. He’s just like, “Stop being idiots. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Ekun: Bo Na! He can’t even give this ho a towel?!

Unnichan: No girl and it’s hilarious! You saw Eun Sang smirk, ne? Bo Na is hilarious girl that was just priceless. Do the opposite of everything Young Do says? Check.


Ekun: Curae? Will that make me his girl?!

Unnichan: Um, no. I seriously doubt Bo Na would suggest anyone be Young Do’s boo. But I do think she’s the closest thing he has to a female friend. I’d probably think the same if I was her.

Ekun: Oh no Hyo Shin, why don’t you want to go to Law School, Boo?

Unnichan: ‘Cause he wants to live his own life Mom. She’s an ostrich for real. I think she cares but just not the way we need her to.


Ekun: Momma Tan this is what I am talking about…. Use your Head and close them legs!!!!

Unnichan: Momma Tan, please. She’s beyond ignorant. I hate to say this but she should just sit, be quiet and collect. Stay still and do what you’re told.


Ekun: I mean… I am not opposing the idea at all. Oh the news has broken in the school house.

Unnichan: Crap. You know that’s annoying. But goodness, I couldn’t wake up so angry every day. That has to be tiring.


Ekun: I knew it Young Do, I love this fool! Wae?! Why Nee- Chan?

Unnichan: There are some things in life we are never supposed to uncover dongsaeng. It’s like Pandora or the Kraken.

Ekun: Bo Na.. this little picture of Chan Young is too cute in your locker. See Tan, it is stuff like this that makes Rachel even worse. But you are just trying to be a good friend? Confidant?


Unnichan: It’s true but she needs someone who doesn’t care about her silly. That’s why she and Young Do work. Shoot, even Hyo Shin is a good for her. If only she’d listen to Sunbae.

Ekun: I want a hug Young Do… See here is the sympathy from Eun Sang that is going to catch him up even harder.


Unnichan: Girl yea but it’s the same dynamic so it works for me.

Ekun: Tan What the heck?!

Unnichan: He just won’t quit with the hostage attempts and voyeurism.


Ekun: You don’t get to be mad at me when asking questions about Young Do!

Unnichan: Don’t you love how he’s completely bipolar? He’s all sweet and caring then he starts raising his voice and being indignant. Eun Sang is this the kinda crazy you want for the rest of your life? Aigoo. I can’t even imagine.


Ekun: You barricaded the door for nothing?! Ha!

Unnichan: It’s moments like this that remind us why Eun Sang is our heroine and it works.

Ekun: Myung Soo loving everyone in the schoolhouse at some point in life!? HA!


Unnichan: Makes sense. I love it! He’s the only one trying to live as a normal teenage boy.

Ekun: Young Do, weren’t you too much as a young buck?

Unnichan: I’m glad we get the confirmation that he knows. That he misses Tan and knows he lost a great friend. We knew he did but for those who didn’t, it’s nice.


Ekun: Daddy YOON!!!!!

Unnichan: He’s asking them hard questions again today.


Ekun: Daddy WonTan is the bane of my existence!!! This is ridiculous!

Unnichan: Absolutely. But what is Obsolete up to?

Ekun: It’s not like that Won, use your head please.

Unnichan: The hurt on Hyung’s face is…. Bromance torn asunder!


Ekun: My feelings are hurt by broken bromances.

Unnichan: Girl yea. A tear might be forming. This boardroom breakdown is just…(speechless).

Ekun: Tan ah, no. Noona says “No.”


Unnichan: He was waiting. You still on that Tan? I ain’t got time. No, I can’t treat you nice ‘cause we’re in your room and I don’t want to get pregnant.


Ekun: See! No! Momma can’t cheer you on Tan ah. She is too greedy and a mess. This ho might get kicked out.

Unnichan: Eun Sang might go crazy. Thank you Tan. But I don’t know if what you say now really matters. However, Momma Tan needs to get it together. Who are you? What have you done? Momma Tan is going to rock this place.

Ekun: Momma Tan!


Unnichan: I hate how she is always acting like “she’s” the one doing things when it’s her sugar daddy’s money. She has no authority. It’s all false and superficial. If Daddy found another “boo” she’d be out on the street. Daddy would owe her nothing and Tan could still inherit without giving her a dime. Why don’t these women ever live in reality?


Ekun: Mom is kinda awesome. I really do love her. I could cry.

Unnichan: Not kinda girl. She is awesome. Omma jjang! She really is. You can’t help but love her. She says what she must and does everything she can. She’s always on her daughter’s side, thinking of her first. I can’t help but love that woman.


Ekun: Oh Tan ah….

Unnichan: Yea, he tries. I like that Tan always has on kicks.

Ekun: Girl, I did not think Mom would tell him where she went. Once again why Mom is awesome.

Unnichan: Indeed. I’m not surprised. Mom is about what’s best for the kids. In the way that she gets they are just caught up in adult nonsensical *censored*. It comes back to what Tan said to Rachel… They shouldn’t try to act like adults.

Ekun: Bo Na!!!!!!! Oh girl I love you! I see why Chan Young laughs at you all day every day.

Unnichan: I can’t believe I’m saying this but… she’s insane, in a good way. Plus,  I told you she wants everything Chan Young has. Bo Na is too much.


Ekun: Bo Na, you and Eun Sang are friends, girl. You just are not willing to admit it. That’s ok.

Unnichan: They’re playing that song that makes me laugh…again. Girl, why did I just think this gate being locked was a Tan trick? He’s got too much power over me with his ways.

Ekun: Girl I am over this song. It was cute at first but I am really tired.

Unnichan: Morning Young Do.

Ekun: My BOO!!!!! Baby, I need you to eat more than ramen.


Unnichan: Don’t you dare Young Do! I can’t do the honesty from you.

Ekun: This. is. awesome. I want these two together now! He single and Young Do. But Double D (Daddy Dukes) ain’t having that!


Unnichan: ‘Love is feeling. Love is my pain.’  That’s this moment. I guess that’s why ‘love is the moment.’

Ekun: What the? Girl bye!

Unnichan: Lol. How did I know that would be your reaction. You can’t even let me be philosophical for two seconds? I like this ending song though. Who’s singing this again?

Ekun: So it took 11 episodes for me to say, “Naw, Eun Sang?”

Unnichan: Wait, did you say you want Eun Sang and Young Do together? Naw, I can’t do that. But I appreciate that he gives her good advice and not just for his benefit. He’s speaking truth. I also like that he doesn’t “promise” her anything.

Ekun: I am not being serious. I just needed to say what my “second lead” instincts dictate. But in this case, if she did end up with Young Do for whatever reason, it wouldn’t be the worst thing because he is just like Tan. I think that is why I get confused. Do what you want Eun Sang, I am really not mad at whatever you are up to. Tan was “first” but in real life that doesn’t matter.

Unnichan: True. I just think it’s one of those issues where it’s not really a love triangle. Just two people trying to figure things out and people on the outside trying to muck it up. I don’t necessarily think that’s what Young Do is up to but Rachel most certainly is. It’s interesting to me how we have so many similarities between these three characters (Rachel, Tan and Young Do). Just think of what kind of totally awesome, this show would be if those three joined forces? I guess we’d need a “reunion” to get what we really want. ‘Cause for some reason I believe it’s possible it may happen one day. Heirs: The College Years?


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