And the winner is….

giveaway 2

Thank you to everyone who participated in Stone Cities 1st giveaway! The theme was “What are you thankful for in K-Dramas or K-Variety?” We had some daebak responses and it was really hard to pick a winner. But alas, a contest is not a contest without a winner, so drumroll please…….


Drama Winner:

Drama winner

Learning when to drop a show is a hard lesson, it took me forever to figure out when to drop a drama! I can completely relate in regards to the Heirs and Trash Oppa- I am thankful for both for the exact same reasons!

Variety Winner:

Variety Winner

Jandoe, you and me both. I am seriously waaaaaayyyy too emotionally invested in these boy’s career thanks to WIN.

Congrats to the winners (and be sure to check your inboxes as we will be reaching out to you about your prize)! Be sure to stay tuned for more great Stone Cities giveaways in the future! Cheers!

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