Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza #7

Hello out there! If I ever get tired of being thankful it will truly be a sad momo in my life! I hope that you all feel the same way. On to the Thankfulness!

I am thankful for the rain! I hate to be out in it, but it helps the grass grow, gives water to drink, and it keeps all those shower scenes o’plenty! Here is one with Song Seung Heon. You’re welcome.


I am thankful that I got to work a half day! Any time I get to roll out of work early and I am not being handed a pink slip is a wonderful day! I can come home and curl up and watch more dramas! YAY!


I am thankful for the new Taiwanese drama Déjà vu! I am hoping to post on it in the coming weeks but I am really enjoying it! It is less dramatic than most Taiwanese dramas, but we are only on episode 4. Either way, I appreciate what they are trying to say (so far) and I hope it is bittersweet until the end. If you want to know more about it… Start watching it!

Deja Vu

That wraps it up on this cold Tuesday in November—don’t forget to enter the “Stone Cities Giveaway: What are you thankful for?” Contest. I am out like a light!


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