Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza #2

AAHHH!!! Veteran’s day, Monday, and the Thanksgiving Bonanza continues! On a serious tip, I am very thankful for all the veterans and active duty members of the armed forces for all that they do. Despite you political, religious, or social views; the men and women who actively fight for our country is something we cannot afford to forget or take for granted. I humbly thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the sake of our country.

US flag

The other things I am thankful for today are Tae Yang’s Ringa Linga! Thank you Tae Yang for having our heads bopping, booties bouncing, and bodies rolling with another hot track! I will be even more thankful to YG for letting us know when the album will officially drop (If someone know something holla!). Make sure to check out the video on YG’s youtube page here!


I FINISHED DISTRACTOR’S CUT EPISODE 7!!!!! Unnichan and I watched it when it came out 2 weeks ago and I have only posted it now; I am sorry to all those who are reading it on a regular. I will do better in the future. It really was a struggle to get it together today when I want to be laid up watching AM94 like a 2 dolla crack ho, but I am thankful it is done. YA! Here is a snippet that I could not fit into the post. Check out episode 7 here.


What are you thankful for on this Monday evening? Don’t forget to enter the “Stone Cities Giveaway: What are you thankful for?” Contest. Peace!

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