Things I Cannot Ignore

Okay, I have a problem. Well, several, but only one will be the topic of this post. I have a tendency to fixate on things (like that weird guy at works with his obvious fake hair – I don’t care about revenue, just admit that your rug is fake already!) to the point that I am completely and utterly distracted. My tendencies are not tuned out while watching dramas, so of course I have had my fair share of things that have had me saying “Pay attention to the story, pay attention to the story – stop it Lore! STOP IT!” And those things are….

Hello Kitty Tattoo

Hello Kitty Tattoo – Haeundae Lovers

I just kept wanting to see it. Which sounds kind of dirty, but trust me, I am talking about the Hello Kitty tattoo on an ex-gangster’s arm. It was so freaking adorable! Every time I saw him I was like “Just show us the tattoo, SHOW US THE TATTOO”


Poodle Perm – Marry Him if you dare

When the first pictures were released showing Yoon Eun Hye with a perm, I was okay with it. Mostly because I forgot that I would be seeing her for 2 hours a week for the next 10 weeks. So when Marry Him if you Dare started, I was easily distracted by the hair-that-I-do-not-want-to-mention. A pic was just released showing a changed hairstyle on YEH / Mi Rae, and it is coming none too soon. That hair! That freaking hair!

The Mole

Lee Jong Suk’s Mole – I Hear your Voice

Have you seen this thing? Because if you have how can you not stare at it. This thing should have its own management team. Seriously. Lee Jong Suk’s mole under his right eye has shocked me – I never thought I would find a mole, of all things attractive. Noona loves you! Queue creepy Noona leg kicks:


Song Hye Kyo That Winter

Song Hye Kyo’s Eyes – That Winter the Wind Blows

I kept focusing on Song Hye Kyo’s eyes during That Winter the Wind Blows. SHK played Oh Young, a blind woman (I cannot even imagine how difficult this would be for someone who can see, portraying this disability respectfully and accurately); her eyes were therefore usually not focused towards something that grabbed her attention visually – she really had to act out her expressions in an interesting way. So, my attention was drawn towards her eyes, seeing how well she did react with them without focusing on what could be seen. SHK did a phenomenal job at the role (as usual), and I appreciate it all the more for how she showed emotion in her eyes.


Tan’s Sweaters – Heirs

I have said this before and I will likely keep saying it (unless this show gets a new wardrobe peep) – putting such knitted pieces of horribleness on Lee Min Ho should be a crime. Parrots? Weird symbol things? Gold lame? I just can’t.



2 thoughts on “Things I Cannot Ignore

  1. Hah! I must say though, that Yoon Eun Hye is totally owning that poodle ‘do! I’m so used to it already, I take it as it being totally part of her character and it was a good choice to make in my book. Until she turned up in a straight bob this week, it hit me how much better she looked!

    As for Lee Min Ho’s wardrobe, I really don’t know why Kim Woo Bin is dressed like a total namja (hot!) while they put LMH in grandma jumpers. Maybe they each have different stylists? What logical reason could there be?

    • I don’t get why Woo Bin looks so dang good and Lee Min Ho so terrible either! It must be different stylists, and LMH’s must be intoxicated. Or blind. Or both.

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