The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 7

Why yes Young Do…ExtraKun and Unnichan are up to no good as usual when it comes to The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Edition! You can check out episode 5 & 6 on Unnichan’s website this week! And now, more Distractor’s Cut!


Ekun: Before we start I have Young Do on the brain…. I really love that kid. *sigh*


Unnichan: Don’t we all. AHAHHAHAHA! Young Do! I should not find this child so comical.

Ekun: I am always wanting to believe the lies that come out his mouth. I have a problem. Do they have a Young Do Anonymous?

Unnichan: I’ma say “No.” And, I don’t think I can believe the lies, but I love this little bad boy coalition rock riff they have going on.

Ekun: So this riff (named bad boy coalition) is for Young Do and Tan I see.

Unnichan: OF course! Are Tan’s eyes trying to be red? Or is that just Lee Min Ho fatigue?


Ekun: Young Do! Oh, Tan was there? I am all giddy inside over the foolishness of Young Do and got caught up.

Unnichan: Wait, you forgot Tan was across the street? Dongkun, really? Um, I know that’s right Eun Sang! Though Young Do did have a point. I loved his expression, like “Girl PLEASE!”


Ekun: He a total mess. Girl you better listen to Tan, he really does know how Young Do works… I mean they are carbon copies and all.

Unnichan: Protection is a threat Tan?! Ha!


Ekun: From Young Do it is. Isn’t everything he say almost a threat?

Unnichan: Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds that way, it’s true, but whatevs. Yuck Tan you want introductions, pulling a Domyoji up in here.

Ekun: Tan! HAHAHAHA! He trying to show his A** in here!


Unnichan: Momma get it together. I ain’t reporting jack! I got school! This is insane.

Ekun: Momma get your life. You are worst status than Eun Sang… You a stank, disappointing mistress.

Unnichan: Girl, you know a rich man’s whore is better than a poor man’s housewife. Aw, Mom’s buying uniforms. Sometimes I forget how capable she is cause Eun Sang is always being a mess.

Ekun: I suppose but look at how she lives her life? Wretched ho= low class. She ain’t fulfilled. Mom is kinda great. You knew she would come through somehow with that uniform.


Unnichan: Momma Rae! Family pictures? These parents are too much for me.

Ekun: Look Momma Rae…. Where Daddy Yoon? Them the only ???’s I have for her these days.

Unnichan: Heh. And knowing her, she may know or be able to guess correctly. I’m not sure which is more hilarious. Young Do! Put some clothes on! I’m scared Dongsaeng!


Ekun: Girl–What Young Do?! What she pose to be giving to Yonug Do Unnichan? I am scared again!


Unnichan: Look, I suppose we should be glad he asked? I don’t know, I’m just trying not to let my mind wander, here. And thank you for the report card update Tan.

Ekun: I want a letterman’s jacket… Tan’s fashion is kind of great in this drama.


Unnichan: I think it’s kind of weird. He wears very odd things, then I’m like “Oooh.” Wait, what just happened here?! OMG I can’t with Tan. It’s too early in the morning.

Ekun: Tan ah!? You woke up this early on your own, you better put that back.

Unnichan: And now he’s staring. Is this going to be her life? I’d be like Tan listen, I need space. Didn’t you learn that in Meguk? Let’s review… this *motions around body* is my personal bubble.


Ekun: Her jacket looks a bit snug, ne? I need Lee Min Ho to stop with the stares! I can’t do this with him!


Unnichan: Oooh that’s my song! (Stop and StareOne Republic) Tan is going to make me *censored*.

Ekun: Why he pulling out her hair?! Tan ah!!!!

Unnichan: Tan… She’s the new kid, nobody’s loving her like you… Not yet.

Ekun and Unnichan: Myung Soo ah!


Unnichan: So that’s what he does… Misses nothing… forgets nothing. He looks like he just woke up too.

Ekun: He got a different hairstyle. I like it. He is so dern adorable!

Unnichan: Momma Tan how you showing people around someone else’s house? *sigh* I mean she lives there but it just seems incorrect, ne? How you gonna brag about something that isn’t really yours.

Ekun: Girl please, you know she would be as crass and classless to do something like that.


Unnichan: This is the plight of the high class mistress… Boohoo. No PTA meetings. Yuck! Is a man all there is to life? Girl put that away. So according to Momma’s hood BFF, if you’re not having sex you are full of bad energy? What the heck?

Ekun: Oh, She high class? I am over this conversation with Momma Tan and sister. They are stupid.

Unnichan: Momma Tan is definitely classless. And just too ignorant for me.

Ekun: Truly, it really disappoints me too much. She not being the best damn slut- mistress she can be.

Unnichan: True. True. I know that’s right Hyo Shin.

Ekun: Hyo Shin, what? Fighting girls?! Ha! You put that back, kekkee.


Unnichan: Heh, Hyo Shin, you are a boy aren’t you? Thank you for not allowing me to forget.

Ekun: Don’t do it Tan! Young Do!!!! He look like a crazy stalker, it scares and excites me.

Unnichan: Oh no girl put it down! And Young Do is looking too. I can’t. The glare. THE GLARE!


Ekun: LOL! Bo Na! You ain’t neva lied, Rachel is a B****!

Unnichan: Lol! I love it Bo Na.That was too real girl. Too real. That was Krystal’s best piece of acting to date (in Heirs). Seriously, I think that was real. Hahahaha!


Ekun: It was, kudos Krystal! Oh Tan asking the “hard” questions today…. But Chan Young got follow up. I wonder if these two will ever bromance.

Unnichan: I guess. He got that boldness remember? And Chan Young ain’t got time for bromances. He’s got a girlfriend and female BFF, he can’t add emotional chaebols to the mix.


Ekun: Ne, every sip makes you stronger. But I want another bromance– you can never have too many. Won has returned!

Unnichan: Oooh that should be on a shirt! Hyung! I know that’s right. Tell him ‘bout it! Daddy deserves it.


Ekun: I am clapping and screaming like he was preaching in here today! I get tired of Daddy always trying to school when he is such a wretched man.

Unnichan: Daddy is always trying to school when he doesn’t even care to know how his kids think or feel.

Ekun: Won I am not in the mood up in here today, this is just getting ridiculous!

Unnichan: *sigh* Hyung.


Ekun: Awwwww Tan ah!

Unnichan: Noona likes that suit Tan. I don’t know if “understand” is the right word. But the hug is precious. Then he let go so quickly. It’s too cute. But Hyung was moved. He was.


Ekun: Hyung, if you did not feel a twinge after that you really are a heartless somebody.

Unnichan: Tan gotta beg for quality time. Mood tracks…where’s the lighting? Did he glean this from Hyung?

Ekun: Tan? Are you setting up a “date” in here?

Unnichan: Of course he is. He’s doing it up girl. We said full-on stalking. Why does everything come down to dating with you Tan? I mean really.


Ekun: Ara, I was just asking to ask.. I love that he is just doing what he wants to do. He lived any kind of way for too long. Do you Tan ah….  And here are the chronicles of sadness…. F!!!

Unnichan: Yep typical sob stories girl. It’s just too bad it’s real. Heh. He counting moments? Aigoo.

Ekun: Girl, he got you thinking about those questions in the middle of the night?


Unnichan: He’s getting to her kind of quick. But then again, I’m just glad it’s not like Shah Rukh in Veer-Zaara with “Main Yahan Hoon”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that haunted by love before or since.



Unnichan: *rubs hands together* Mian.

Ekun: Again Young Do?!

Unnichan: He is just… I’m glad Bo Na said something though.

Ekun: I know.  She did look upside his head and tried to stop him. Young Do? Do you really care?

Unnichan: No he doesn’t “really” care. He just needs some control. I like this color though Young Do.

Ekun: Did he just back down from Chan Young? Interesting…


Unnichan: No. He didn’t want to make a stink. He wanted her to admit it, so she could be “his” but he doesn’t want to “actually” bully her or Chan Young, like Arang. What is his name in this show, Joon Young or something? Plus, Chan Young is Bo Na’s boyfriend and I think he might like him. For some reason, I think there is a method to Young Do’s madness.

Ekun: Yes, his name is Joon Young in the show but I think we will always call him Arang. Curae? Young Do could like Chan Yonug? I can roll with that. Ooooo, class seems boring as crap today Tan– my song!

Unnichan: Oooh Beyond Your Dreams. High School was boring girl. I remember. It was a lifetime ago but those last couple years were excruciating. I was always sneaking out.


Ekun: I know, I always said High School was a joke. It was too easy for me to get off campus. YOUNG DO AH BOEL (this is an indignant scream)!!!!!

Unnichan: WHAT! Young Do! I think that this issue with Arang is personal. I was thinking that last episode but this proves it. Is he smiling? Young Do, I can’t think straight when you sneer.


Ekun: He ain’t never changing his mind Arang! He the Devil’s BFF! Why do I love him so much?! This is horrible.

Unnichan: Lucifer never changes. It’s so true Arang. NOOOOO!

Ekun: OMOMOMOMOMOMOMO!!!!! Did Tan just hit Young Do???!!!!


Unnichan: Tan intervening? Oh the Devil is playing tricks today. Excuses. He’s just hitting him for Eun Sang. These fools are too violent. But Young Do got me lol’n in here.

Ekun: Young Do is too much! Why must he transfer Young Do? What the happy heck happened (alliteration) between you two, seriously?!

Unnichan: Obsolete?! You using Hyung threats? I am so over you.


Ekun: She know that is the only thing that will make Tan “do right” because his parents are not parents and they don’t give a crap.

Unnichan: Oh there will be a next time. I think that’s what you two need. A good rough and tumble. Ooh FLASHBACK! Did he see Daddy Dukes beating him? Oh, that’s it. He has a family issue like Tan’s? Oh kids.


Ekun: Girl I got ?????? in my eyes. This is a total mess!

Unnichan: Myung Soo and Bo Na must be BFFs. I mean they are always together. Cuss her out Bo Na, she deserves it. Chan Young is a man, he can talk to whomever he wants. Wow. How on earth can Bo Na be a better woman than Rachel?

Ekun: I think Bo Na is cray cray but ultimately harmless. Rachel is a venomous snake out for the kill! I wonder would she be so cold hearted if Tan actually liked her back? I hate Rachel… In case people forgot.


Unnichan: I don’t think she’d be any different. My thoughts on her haven’t changed since our discussion in episode 2.

Ekun: Tan don’t want to eat with you Momma Rae…. Where’s Daddy Yoon?


Unnichan: Oh Momma Rae. Yuck Rachel. You should be thinking that Young Do needs to get his life together and be concerned for him. What are you doing instead? Flaunting your non-fiance? Boo.

Ekun: MOMMA?! Crack kills girl! I swear Daddy Yoon must have that “Whip Appeal” on Momma Rae.


Unnichan: *Yoon’s got that whip appeal. So whip it on me*. I do love Daddy Yoon. He’s honest too. Calling spades, a spade.

Ekun: Oh Daddy Yoon, you live a hard life too…

Unnichan: This marriage shouldn’t happen though. Just cause Rachel was right. And that’s another thing… she may not be concerned for Young Do but shouldn’t she at least think of her mother ? I mean think about it, if she really thinks Young Do is evil scum and even a sliver like his father, then shouldn’t she be concerned for her mother’s safety? I get that they a aren’t close but I would do that much for stranger.

Ekun: Was that Young Do’s number Eun sang?

Unnichan: I think so. But does she recognize it?


Ekun: She has to because it says “Don’t Answer”. Young Do is a total and utter mess! He really is a “Taker” isn’t he? Why do I love his thug ways Unnichan? It is so unlike me!

Unnichan: I told you! And sometimes thugs surprise us. Everyone gets stereotyped. The thing is that he called her and prepared her. What is he playing at? Your heart? OMG, is he smiling Dongsaeng?


Ekun: I like to block those images or else we will never get through the show Unni…What the heck is going on?! Rachel! Young Do!?

Unnichan: Rachel I seriously don’t have time. But it says something that he didn’t want to be interrupted nor did he want Rachel to know about Eun Sang, cause he knew what she’d do and it’d give Eun Sang excuse to leave.


Ekun: Rachel!!!! What is this?! Why are you calling Tan? That is the last thing you should be doing wench…

Unnichan: Oh, Young Do and I knew she would. She has to  tattle to throw it in his face. But Young Do continues to intrigue me.


Ekun: I am mad Young Do got me tied up in his web of foolery and shenanigans!

Unnichan: You rushed over cause you were scared for her? I get it but still. Young Do really isn’t going to do anything… not yet. You two are practically the same person.


Ekun: It is the “not yet” that scares me Unnichan…. *Closes eyes to not see the horror*

Unnichan: Look it’s “not yet.” That’s all I can promise. But yea, it’s scary alright.

Ekun: What is going on in this conversation Tan ah!? You yelling and having a fit, dragging her out the job, my goodness!

Unnichan: You can’t yell at me like you my daddy, Tan. That needs to end, stat! She did what she felt was right. That’s it. Ok Tan. Thank you for using your words. Now we need to work on our inside voice. K, boo.


Ekun: Oh, so now the question is gone and it is a fact– You like her.


Ekun: I am glad he worked this out in episode 7 instead of 15.

Unnichan: I guess. I don’t know. I mean it’s good that it’s out there. But who knows how she’s going to act now. I think this is where us liking Eun Sang may hang in the balance.

Ekun: Curae? Ok, I am looking for her to drop off anyway. I am serious when I say I really do not care what she is up to like 75% of the time. Young Do, Hyung, Hyo Shin and Tan are consuming my thoughts. Mostly Young Do! Ugh! I hate bad boys! I hate them with a passion, but he got me singing The Roots You Got Me in here today!

Unnichan: Heh. I did kind of miss him this week. I’m very intrigued by the whole Arang lawsuit, Indecent Proposal fake out shenanigans he pulled this episode. It makes me question Joon Young’s purpose as a character. What was his narrative presence supposed to convey? I have my theories but I do wonder if we’ll get more on that? Young Do reminded so much of almost everything Tan does that I want to believe Show is reiterating (in a good way) what we already know but then I think… Am I hoping for too much? Is Writer just being lazy? And I don’t think there’s any way much is going to change. This drama is filled with miniscule spurts of goodness. I mean think about it, this episode felt like a filler and it’s only week four. I tell you, when we look back on our time spent on this drama, I bet we’ll be able to pick out like five episodes that were actually “good” or at the very least fun to watch.


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