The Best Characters in K-Drama: Yoon Sung aka City Hunter, City Hunter

A difficult character to pinpoint-an awesome character to watch. Yoon Sung was raised with one intent- the ultimate revenge. While subjected to brutal training this character retained a sense of right and wrong- quite a feat indeed. Let us celebrate everyone’s favorite Seoul super hero- The City Hunter…

Lee Yoon Sung aka Pu Chai aka City Hunter aka Best Super Hero Ever

Actor: Lee Min Ho

Drama:  City Hunter (2011)

Lee Min Ho owned this character. From the guarded reactions at his “fathers” evil plans to the methodical planning of his own goodwill, this character proved what a committed mind could accomplish. Yoon Sung was a man raised with a purpose, a man that was groomed to kill and take revenge. Yet the sweetest part of this character was the fact that his training never betrayed his heart.

Yoon Sung was raised in a militant environment funded by criminal activity. His adjustment to furthering his father’s reach is minimal- he apparently goes to MIT without a thought or blink of the eye. In fact it is only when those he loves are threatened that he finally challenges what should have been questioned from the beginning.

Raised by a drug lord, Son of the most important man in the country. Boyfriend of the most patient and kick ass bodyguard known to man. Enemy of the man that raised him. Yoon Sung faces a lot. In fact he faces so much that we all end up in drama hell with him- the last or next to the last episode concluding in a violent-had-to-happen maelstrom or drama heaviness. For Yoon sung these two episode- edge of your seat plot was beneficial. In fact it was a confirmation of his entire character- follow your honest heart and you will never lose. Even if you were raised by a psychotic ex special ops drug lord. With all of the heart and super-heroness I posses I salute City Hunter. A great character indeed.

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