The Best Characters in K-Drama: Lee Gak, Rooftop Prince

Achingly beautiful character- in a I-wish-he-had-the-happy-ending sort of way. A character of multiple facets, burned with culture shock, let’s celebrate our favorite color coded Joseon Lee Gak…

Lee Gak aka Crown Prince aka The color coded leader
Actor: Park Yuchun
Drama: Rooftop Prince (2012)

Lee Gak’s life experience proved more complex than the said Crown Prince could ever imagine. Reincarnation/soul recycling (take your pick) left him with the love of his life- a love that occurred too late for happiness in his own time Lee Gak is a character that flip-flops: a tragic character, a romantic character, and then back to tragic within 16 episodes.


Lee Gak plays a unique role. You can interpret his character as a necessary beacon for a modern day tale of love- also known as Yong Tae-yong and Park Ha finding the ever illusive love that has previously escaped them. On another level you should recognize the reincarnation of the selfless sister of the Queen, a reincarnation that was meant for her sister’s husband.

At another level you can suppose Lee Gak was a man meant to understand the apparent death of his reincarnation- a man that was sent for a reason. A reason to prove a point in his own time all while allowing for a slightly happy ending in the future. Analysis of this character is plenty. Understanding him is scarce. For all of the reincarnation mystery and romantic sweetness I salute Lee Gak. A great character indeed.

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