The Best Characters in K-Drama: Byung Hee, Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Like James Dean. Like Sid Vicious. Like any artistically talented  young man that left us too soon. Let’s celebrate Byung Hee, the gone-too-soon lead singer of Eye Candy. Here’s to you eyeliner clad flower boy.

Joo Byung-hee

Actor: Lee Min Ki

Drama:  Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012)

Two episodes with Byung Hee packed a punch- a Bruce Lee like fist slam that outdid poorly written K-drama characters everywhere. From the first moments we witnessed the lead singer of Eye Candy muttering his reasons for music under his breath to the last seconds when we gasped in horror at his fate, this character gave us a visually fluid portrait of a troubled young man- a troubled young man full of untapped artistic potential.

Byung Hee leapt onto our screens as a Flower Boy with serious family issues. He was unwanted, stuck in a situation that spelled out adolescent grief and loneliness. Yet he was an artistic magnet and made the viewer understand (in only 90 minutes mind you) why he was leading the edgy punk bank Eye Candy.

Later Byung Hee accelerated the motives of others. Accelerated why members of Eye Candy embarked on the journeys they did. He was short lived, sadly so. But his impact was felt far and wide. Here is to Byung Hee, eyeliner and all. A great character indeed.

4 thoughts on “The Best Characters in K-Drama: Byung Hee, Shut Up Flower Boy Band

  1. I actually started SUFBB having not spoiled for myself Byung Hee’s fate. I was therefore stunned and sobbing at the end of ep. 10, couldn’t believe a Kdrama could even do that to me! Kdramas aren’t supposed to do that kind of thing!! Of course, probably because of this reason, because SUFBB dared to do this, it became one of my top 5 favorite dramas of all time. How can we help not being moved by Byung Hee? His character was so vital, before and after his death.

  2. I remember how much I cried when he died T.T I refused to watch the next episodes for quite a while. But I am really happy, that I watched the whole drama, since it was one of the best in 2012. Lee Min Ki…. such a hottie – he was also my desktop background ;D

    • I am jealous of your desktop background 🙂
      I also hated the episode when he died and I agree with your assessment- this was one of the best dramas of 2012 (in my opinion it was the best). Love this drama, and loving the next entry in the oh boy series- Flower Boy Next Door.

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