Best Characters in K-Drama: Hee Jin and Don Wook, Full House

Wait for it….I am seriously going to celebrate the 2 shysters that made a lot of viewers grumble. Look up perfect or even popular in the dictionary and you will not find my picture. Find me under lazy or quirky. Let’s celebrate my favorite fraudulent friends- Yang Hee-jin and Shin Don-Wook.

Yang Hee-jin and Shin Don-Wook  aka the friends you do not want to have

Actors: Lee Young-eun and Kang Du-han

Drama: Full House (2004)

Horrible friends, great characters. Dismissing their criminal ways (which is almost impossible to do) they threw their friend into a situation that created her happily ever after. Somehow, despite the fact they were beyond negligent for Ji-eun’s predicament, she still went to them when her life became overbearing and frustrating. Maybe because she had nowhere else to go. Maybe because she realized they were the plot element that shoved us all towards Rain and that awesome house.

An unpopular duo, Hee Jin and Don Wook committed acts of theft and criminal negligence. Yet they really set the scene for their friend’s life, even though they did so in a completely selfish and uncaring manner. Two baddies that were not really baddies subjectively, this soulless duo had more to do with the plot of “Full House” than 80% of the people mentioned in the credits.

Selfish, criminal, horribly uncaring.  Put it on a Christmas card and mail it to Don Wook and Hee Jin. Just remember that their careless and cruel actions created the plot of Full House. Maybe send them a candy cane in addition to your harsh words? That kind of sweetness mixed with bitter- great characters indeed

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