A is for Awesome…or Life Lessons from Dhoom 2

I doubt anyone has noticed, but I have been on a huge K-drama kick of late. However, one of my original loves is Bollywood and today I felt like making a return to my old stomping ground (at least in blog land). One of my all time favorites is Dhoom 2, which is the only reason why- if I were to become a master thief- I would plan all of my crimes so their geographic location would spell the letter of my first name. Thanks Dhoom 2- lesson learned.

Henceforth are the important life lessons I learned from Dhoom 2…

1. Physics do not apply in India.

Really, they do not. And that fact makes 99% of Bollywood movies the most entertaining three hours you will spend in a week. Go ahead-watch any Indian movie with action in it. It makes me wonder why Einstein never studied in India. Apparently everything is different there- so different the laws of physics do not apply!

Life lesson: Remember this. If you ever find yourself in India be assured that gravity, the simple laws of physics, and most likely the laws of thermodynamics do not apply. Go crazy. I plan to fly around Punjab looking at mustard fields.

2. If you want to be bad, be really bad.

As in if you are going to do it, then do it well. You want to steal? Don’t take the easy way or go for the simple targets. In fact, aspire to use your thefts to spell out the letter of your first name. Oh- and robbing the Queen of England of her crown jewels- put it on your bucket list.

Life lesson: If you choose a life of crime, go all in. If you want to steal, shoot for museum artifacts and priceless pieces. After all, your parents would be proud of your dedication, right?!

3. Do not trust Uday Chopra

Okay, so I would not say do not trust him completely. He has his moments, and what moments they are!

Life lesson: Sidekicks are sidekicks for a reason. Remember that. Remember, Robin followed Batman for a reason.

4. Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan can cause blindness.

It is a fact. Looking at their beauty for over sixty minutes is highly discouraged by the surgeon general.

Life lesson: Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan’s DNA would make the most perfect child on earth. Fact.

5. You can escape criminal prosecution if you are charismatic.

Who wants to lock up such a cute couple? I wouldn’t and neither does Bachnan Jr.

Life lesson: If you are attractive enough, international art theft is not a crime.

11 thoughts on “A is for Awesome…or Life Lessons from Dhoom 2

    • I have watched a lot of Bollywood films- it was my major passion before Kdrama 🙂
      I just love anything Yash Chopra (and Hrithik Roshan). Call me biased 🙂

      • Hey, not to sound weird or anything but do you have some Bollywood films to recommend? I love Hindi cinema (and Telugu) and am always looking out for new films to watch. I would love some pointers on good movies. I have watched a lot of Yash Chopra productions as well as Bhansali films. 🙂

      • Sure…why not….

        Yash Chopra: Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Kabhi Kabhi (but it’s a bit old)…
        Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Hum Tum, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Saathiya…..will recommend more… 🙂

      • By the way, Yash Chopra is one my favorites as well!! But Dhoom 2 is produced by him….he is not the director….You must see films he directed….they are simply awesome (minus Veer zaara and latest Jab Tak Hain Jaan) 😉

      • I watched Veer zaara and it was umm….veer zaara like 🙂 I like Lamhe the best. You just cannot beat one of Reza’s last scripts.

  1. I agree with you lore. Dhoom 2 was one of my favorite movies in bollywood too. I mean the irresistible lead pair,and action teamed with romance makes it a worthwhile movie to watch.The movies that i can confidently recommend to you are jab we met, robot( though i watched the tamil version ) , rab ne bana de jodi and aashiqui 2.Hope you enjoy them because i’ve always benefitted from you 😉

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