I want to be the 12th Man…or Life Lessons from Dil Bole Hadippa

When I am on a roll, I am on a roll. Up next in my great Bollywood reminiscing streak of 2012- the 2009 treasure of Punjab, Dil Bole Hadippa, which is probably my favorite Bollywood cross-dressing movie. My oh my, this film is the reason I know without a doubt that Shahid Kapoor is the one Bollywood actor I hope moves in next door to me (other than SRK, but that is a given. A fact. Not to be disputed).

Henceforth are the life lessons I learned, about cricket and other things, from Dil Bole Hadippa…

1. If you are denied entry into a profession because of your sex, cross dress. Even better- cross dress and play your hilarious brother!

I shudder to think of myself in a beard with Shahid Kapoor sharing the same locker room as I. Or maybe I just blush…a lot.

Life lesson: Girl power! Well- girl power in drag. Women’s rights need to take drastic measures at times. Buy a fake beard now and start practicing- after all you may end up with the man of your dreams courtesy of your antics.

2. Cricket- wow.

Seriously, I knew zero, exactly zero, about the game of cricket before watching this film. Now I am all “12th man- googly” ing the ears of my hubby.

Life lesson: America- listen up. There is a little game that is freaking awesome. Shahid Kapoor apparently plays it- I vote for a new national sport (in no way influenced by said actor playing. No, really. Not a bit).

3. If your Uncle owns a dance / theater company take advantage of the fact you can learn to cross dress and rock the stage.

If my uncle had owned a dance troupe I would be the next – um – okay I don’t really know any famous dancers other than Fred Astair and Bollywood actors.

Life lesson: Dance lessons are expensive. So expensive why not learn it from your Uncle and his dance troupe? Why not! Plus you will turn out to be the center of a carnival dance number- I promise.

4. You can take the man out of Punjab but you cannot take the Punjab out of the man.

One thing I have always loved about Bollywood is the cultural pride- it shines brightly in Dil Bole Hadippa.

Life lesson: Ignore the saying about the trash out of the trailer park- that is just demeaning. Instead focus on the fact you should be proud of your heritage, whether you are from the Punjab, Paris, Johannesburg, Rio, or New Jersey (okay, maybe not New Jersey. That is just embarrassing).

5. Do not pretend to be that “cool local girl, will give you a tour of her stomping ground” when you do not even know a mustard field from daisies.

I think I just said it all.

Life lesson: Really- you are not fooling anyone. Especially Dad- and he has mean dance skills. I would not mess with him. Be your metropolitan ditzy self and ask someone where the nearest daisy field is. You’ll thank me later-at the point you do not lose out to a cross dressing cricket player. What would you tell your friends back home?!

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