Revenge is Bittersweet…or Life Lessons from City Hunter

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”- Marcus Aurelius.

Jin Pyo would have had a much easier life if he had listened to Marcus Aurelius. Too bad he missed out on Mr. Aurelius’s tidbit of wisdom. He was probably too busy polishing his sword cane and riding elephants to ponder the greatness of Roman Knowledge.

(*Sighs and stares off in space while remembering Yoon Sung and Na Na bear.*)

Wait! No- actually it was kinda good. If there was no revenge there would be no City Hunter. And if there was no City Hunter there would be no Lee Min Ho in pink pants scolding Ajusshi for his home shopping addiction. Aishhh….why do I no longer think revenge is completely evil?!

Henceforth are the lessons I learned from the Drama Masterpiece City Hunter….

1.A little drug money goes a long way. A long-crime fighting- noble hero sort of way.

This was the only thing that bothered me about City Hunter. Seriously- I have major love for this show. But you have to admit that the City Hunter with all of his do-gooding ways was financed by an empire built on Heroin. Did anyone think of the junkies that fed this self righteous revenge plot?

Life lesson: If you want to become an effective super hero start pushing the smack. Make 50 Cent jealous with your dealing ways. Then topple governmental corruption using your vast wealth obtained from a life that would make a Colombian drug lord blush.


2. “There is a gas leak at your home/ apartment” is the best method to catch your enemies.

Seriously, it worked 3 times without fail. Even super- special ops Jin Pyo fell for it. How many times can I shout at the screen “There is no gas leak! It is a trap!”

Life lesson: If I ever turn to a life of crime I will remember this. A gas leak is serious business, so serious it throws all caution to the wind.

3. Everyone should have an Ahjussi.

I loved, loved, loved this element of City Hunter. I laughed, I cried, I fist-pumped.

Life lesson: I am actively looking for a gambling addict to rescue from thugs. My hope is that they are a great cook and potential lifelong friend. Go Ahjussi-wife!


4. Make friends with a veterinarian.

Dogs and cats are like mini four legged humans, right?

Life lesson: No one expects the veterinarian. No one.

5. If you are a super hero make friends with the prosecutor.

This was the storyline that had me going throughout City Hunter’s run. It was a powerful testament to faith- in the law and in the kind of justice the law cannot award. Each man was a walking pillar of conviction, conviction that ended in a heart wrenching death. I am still crying.

Life lesson: Respect, understand, and always play mind games with the stalwart prosecutor that tries to expose your secret identity. Life is short, hug away the whole “You are the City Hunter” awkwardness and get some coffee. Young Joo + City Hunter= Badass team of Awesomeness.

One thought on “Revenge is Bittersweet…or Life Lessons from City Hunter

  1. This was very funny and made me laugh. In all seriousness though, I think there are plenty of valuable life lessons to be learned from City Hunter, some of which you’ve mentioned here and others you haven’t. My personal favorite is the way the show wrestles with the question of finding balance between revenge and justice (although the fact that no one suspects the veterinarian is also incredibly useful). Lets face it though, City Hunter is basically Korean Batman, right down to his uneasy relationship with the law (should we arrest him? Should we reward him? Is he good? Is he bad?) Frankly, the Koreans did it better. Sorry DC.

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