Say Hello to My Little Friend…Or the Five Best Stuffed Animals from Korean Drama Land

How many times have I said the following upon finishing a drama- “Where can I get that stuffed pig, dog, weird thing? I want one!”

Okay, maybe like five times. Five times exactly! Henceforth are what I consider the best stuffed creatures that inhabit K-drama land. Feel free to disagree- the more stuffed cuteness the better!

1. Meat- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

A chicken leg with a pink bow? Sign me up. This stuffed animal reflected its owner perfectly. Mi Ho, in all of her naivety and simple joy over meat was a blast to watch. Making her even more of a blast to watch- her cuddly chicken leg!

2. Alfred- Goong

I do not care who you are- there is something sad about an almost grown man having a teddy bear as his only confidant. It is like A.A. Milne took a queue from that drama that lasted fourteen episodes too long (you know who you are!) and was asked to create Goong.  All kidding aside (and I am joking- Go Alfred all the way!), it is sweet and a poignant reminder of the fact Alfred’s owner is a prisonor by birth, attached to a position and lifestyle he did not pick for himself. At least he has Alfred!

3. F4 Kitty- Boys Over Flowers

Jan Di’s family start pumping out the stuffed animals in order to make ends meat. Jan Di takes their new occupation and makes a Jun Pyo stuffed kitty. I must say, I have never wanted a cat stuffed animal so much in my life! Jan Di’s dedication make this stuffed cat a keeper. Fighting!

4. Radish Cuteness- Rooftop Prince

Another bizarre stuffed animal, another great moment in K-drama land. The stuffed veggie belonging to Park Ha (won in an ever adorable way be Lee Gak) is surely a keeper. Not only will you be fulfilling your daily need of veggies- you will smile everytime you remember Lee Gak staring at amazement at the crane game. It is a win-win.

5. Miss Pig- My Name is Kim Sam Soon

The sheer torment this stuffed animal inflicts on  Hyun Bin’s character and his unresolved feelings is a testament to its place in drama land. Just go after her already! That pig is not going away- it is like the Chucky doll of K-dramas. Plus, it is the perfect stuffed animal for an imperfect heroine. An imperfect heroine that turned out to be the perfect heroine for drama lovers far and wide. Thanks Miss. Pig!

5 thoughts on “Say Hello to My Little Friend…Or the Five Best Stuffed Animals from Korean Drama Land

    • I hate to admit it- I have never watched You’re Beautiful all of the way through. I tried, I really did. I am a huge Hong Sisters fan and made a serious effort to adhere to my fan-girl self but I just could not do it. It is the one Hong Sisters drama I never finished- it hit me at a not good drama point and I never boarded the train. Ohhhhhh A-M you found my Achilles heel! But I have always heard great things-I hope to go back to it someday.

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