Home is Where the K Drama is…or The Five Best Cribs in Korean Drama

“The structure of a play is always the story of how the birds came home to roost.”

~Arthur Miller

…and sometimes the birds came home to roost in a pretty sweet pad.

~Addendum to Arthur Miller quote, Lore in Stone Cities

After watching dozens of Korean dramas a truth has dawned on me, K-drama land is a bountiful kingdom of plenty. Plenty of freaking cool houses that is! And more importantly they are only as cool as the drama they come from; leaving some Seoul penthouses no better than broken down trailers occupying the worst lot in the park.

Henceforth are the five best Korean Drama abodes, as analyzed by Lore in Stone Cities…

1. Full House- Full House

Did you really think the #1 one spot could go any other way? Not only was this an architecturally fascinating home, it had a great location and a to-die-for place in drama land. And that weird wood wall piece block built in that is the worst thing to dust in the world -awesomeness itself.

2. Kim Joo Woon’s Modernist Paradise- Secret Garden

There is something about the stark and modernist home that Joo Woon resides in, an overall aesthetic aura that betrays a man lacking the warmth only a body swap could afford. And paintings do not lie. And the library rocked. The. End.

3. The Palace- Goong

It is a palace- a freaking palace. Do I need to even describe it? Okay- here it goes. The most important part is the french doors that let Lee Shin and Chae-kyeong look in on each other without really looking in on each other. And the courtyard is awesome despite the horrible backdrops. Did I mention it is a palace?

4. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop- Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop may not be a spectacular building, it may not catch a person’s eye or  elicit responses of awe. It is a shop and in fact it is a very ordinary shop at that. What makes this store and its attached home one of the best dwellings in K-drama land are the Oppas, Dong-saengs, and Noonas that reside within. A house with this much heart is rare indeed.

5. The Apartment- Rooftop Prince

How can you make a rooftop apartment so awesome? Duh, just add four joseon time travelers and throw in the peppy girl who takes them in and makes them omu rice. After baking the ingredients for a few episodes you end up with the best thing to hit my laptop background since that standard / tacky island scene. Happy place. Happy place.

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