Call Me Beautiful…Or Life Lessons from My Name is Kim Sam Soon

How do you discuss greatness? With glee and a happy heart-you accept it, learn from it, and move on with high expectations. Such is Korean drama watching- post MNIKSS. It changes you, it raises the bar.

Henceforth read the life lessons I learned from the standard of Korean Drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon…

1. Bertha. Gertrude. Sam Soon. Who Cares?!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes the beholder is phonetically sensitive, wrongly so.

Life lesson: I am going to name my daughter Mildred Hortense. Take that- she is totally going to marry a rich guy! Here comes my retirement fund!

2. Personality dictates emotional reaction, whether we like it or not

I count about a dozen times in which I wanted to punch Jin Heon in the nose. Maybe two dozen. The end.

Life lesson: Love the person. You will need to after he forgets your address and runs off to the U.S. with his ex.

Note~Yet I can somehow not forget all of his “Don’t date other men” and “I’ll beat up your ex” comments. *sigh*

3. Bake a cake- you will feel better

Dedication takes many forms. The best forms are the ones that result in tasty baked goods.

Life lesson: When life gives you lemons make a lemon torte. You will feel much better after finishing the delicious creation and so will everyone that savors it while reflecting on their life problems.

4. A family makes a pack of fighting dogs

“I am afraid to see the three of them together”. Ha. Ha.

Life lesson: If you want to be a b**ch make sure you have familial back up. Much better that way and far more frightening to prospective in laws.

5. Do not be afraid of the men’s room

Things happen. Things happen in the men’s room.

Life lesson: Screw the signs. Take your next left and throw the appropriate restroom to the wind. After all, it may end up in a beautiful relationship (or a federal assault charge. Do not reach into the stall next to you! I am looking at you U.S. politicians!)


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