Creating Something…or Life Lessons from Creating Destiny

I will freely admit I watched Creating Destiny because Eugene and Ki Tae Young met while filming this cable drama. I will admit I skipped two episodes, mostly because I could not take Grandma anymore and I was seriously annoyed with how dense the characters acted at times. I will also admit that I liked (not loved, but liked) this drama, even though it reeked of the “should have ended ten episodes ago” plot pacing.  I liked it just enough, enough to learn a thing or two from it.

Henceforth are the life lessons I learned from the Korean Drama Creating Destiny…

1. If you are ever faced with marrying your American boyfriend that has a cursory grasp of the English language or Ki Tae Young, marry Ki Tae Young.

Seriously. They could not find another actor? I guess..I am on my soapbox right now .

Life lesson: If you ever become a casting director for a Korean Drama and the script calls for an American boyfriend, find an American- or suggest dubbing. Oh, and you should really just cast Lee Seung-gi for every male role. Every role ever. Seriously, I could watch a show where he plays all of the male roles, despite the fact that said drama could never exist in this world due to its sheer awesomeness.

2. Grandma can talk forever.

She has the best of intentions, but man she would give a four hour speech if she ever won an Oscar.

Life lesson: Try to discreetly hid ear buds and listen to your Ipod while she lectures you. Nod in agreement periodically and say you are sorry.

3. Love comes on slowly, better to be thrust into it with a pseudo arranged marriage.

Take all of the help you can get!

Life lesson: Ha ha. Arranged marriages are so out of date- but do not tell the kids that! It may be the way to get your westernized daughter married to a proper Korean boy.

4. When your parents are for a marriage, seize the day!

Insults can fly, life long friendships can crumble, and pretty soon you are saying goodbye to your newly found love.

Life lesson: Lock in their vote and say I do. Even if you don’t really like the guy there is a twenty percent chance you will and it will be too late. Wait…is that the 80/20 rule everyone talks about? I always wondered about that but my friends would never explain it…

5. In my dreams my family operates a doughnut shop across the street from my in-law’s rice cake shop.


Life lesson: Wait! I just woke up. That would be horrible! My Mother, his Mother. Aish. What in the hell was I thinking? Worst.idea.ever.


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