My Sweet Seol…or Life Lessons from My Princess

I liked this…I really liked this. I liked this enough to watch it in one day- no joke, even if it is a sad statement on my life during the weekend(I hear my parents in my head scolding me for watching a 16 hour drama in one sitting. Mom! I get it! Won’t happen until the next Lee Seung Gi drama. I swear).

Henceforth are the life lessons I learned from the Rom-Com cute filled nugget of adorableness My Princes…

1. Princesses have sweet wardrobes.

Is it wrong that I let out an auditory gasp of delight when Lee Seol’s princess wardrobe was revealed?

Life lesson: I will finally have my Louboutin dreams answered when my secret royal ancestry is revealed! Take that haters! After all, it really is good to be the princess. Fashionably good. Royalty exists for a reason- and Kate Middleton knows it. I mean the Duchess. Sorry.

2. If you are an archeologist, trust no one.

X-files fans out there, take note. Mulder was totally right- right about archeologists that is. Not sure about the whole alien government conspiracy thing.

Life lesson:  When I discover terracotta warriors stash # 2 I am not telling anyone. Other than my Mother. I would hate for her to find out via gossip. I would be stuck apologizing for years!

3. Love is selfless.

I started to realize this when my husband (boyfriend at the time) gave me his favorite Metallica shirt.

Life lesson: If he gives you his inheritance, he is a keeper. Money talks. Money + love shouts in this weird high pitched yell that drowns out background noise. 

4. Online posts of an emotional nature- thank you?

Normally I would scorn this stuff, too many late night postings from friends crying heartache and betrayal. But if it is from a princess- freaking adorable.

Life lesson: Only post your feelings online if you are a princess, a celebrity I like to laugh at, or that popular girl from high school who is suddenly realizing what life is (because that is just too good not to read). 

 5. Sisters are a give and take, sometimes entirely take.

I really hated this plot twist. To the point I thought about it the next day, shaking my fist at the betrayal absentmindedly. My husband asked me what was wrong- I blushed and went back to watching Seinfeld.

Life lesson: Never adopt two girls from the same orphanage. Bad stuff happens- groan inducing stuff happens.

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