Being a Secretary is Hard and Heels Suck to run in… or Life Lessons from Protect the Boss

I seem to be learning a lot lately, thanks to the influx of K-drama in my life (imagine if I listened to Kpop! The lessons, ohh the lessons!). For instance- I have learned how to never work for a sleazy loan shark and how never to second guess the idiot third generation Chaebol who has severe personality disorders.

Henceforth are the important life lessons I have learned from the rom-com jewel Protect the Boss:

1. Running in heels is bad for your feet…unless there is a rich man near you to apply ointment.

That goes for being punched in the face too. It sucks being injured, whether through running all over Seoul in heels or having a Chairman punch you while trying to assault his son. However it does not suck if your injury is treated by a handsome third generation Chaebol, clutching his ointment with brooding intensity.

Life lesson: Let him put the ointment on! And stop wearing heels. It seems like there is a propensity to be left without a car so it is best to always wear tennis shoes.

2. Having two rich men fall in love with you is hard. Really hard.So hard you should expect tears and stress.

Can’t the rich boys leave it well alone? If being a secretary was not hard enough! Seriously, pay other girls some attention sometimes. I am looking at you Cha Mu Won.

Life lesson: It is hard being so irresistible. Really hard. Unfortunately you cannot help it. It is best to drag it out as long as possible, that is until your karate chopping parent tells you what to do. Damn- you know you should follow your feelings in the first place, right?!

3. Agoraphobia is curable by falling in love with your secretary or by having your dear brother near.

Agoraphobia is so overrated. Obviously it is cured by love, and most importantly by having your loved one next to you constantly.

Life lesson: Get over it already! Get a secretary, fall in love, and you are cured. Why do psychiatrists get paid so much!

4. Being a gangster chairman does not fool Granny.

If anyone can see through you it is your Mother / Grandmother. Gardening all day and having “limited power” does not slow the wits of Granny. Hell, she is a bigger gangster than the rest of the family combined!

Life lesson: Make friends with Granny first. She is the one to fear. After all- the dishonest, “unclean” business met her far before they met the gangster chairman.

5. A Kung Fu master father that lives in the mountains is embarrassing for everyone- but totally awesome none the less!

This is against all of my better judgment…it is my lifelong dream to find out my father is secretly a Kung Fu master living in the mountains. Alas I can see how the truth of it may become a problem.

Life lesson: Fathers that karate chop people and run away from debts are bad. At least they are most of the way through your love story. Remember, don’t give up. It will be cool eventually.

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