My Favorite Hours…or Life Lessons from Goong

I think I figured it out. At least I am certain I pinpointed my critical reception of Goong. My critical opinion, however, has little to do with the life lessons I learned. What?! Well, I can see the sarcastic in the great- and critically I think Goong delivered the great (at least as far as my Korean Drama fix is concerned- measured against Citizen Cane it is a little lacking). The show definitely has stick factor, I have been comparing My Princess and King 2 Hearts against it for days now. It is nice to know the oldies are still goodies.

Henceforth are important life lessons I learned from my second dabbling in the classic fairy tale Goong…

1. The most unexpected of events have the most obvious outcomes.

Okay, forget the whole royal divorce period of the 80s and 90s.

Life lesson: If you are fated to marry the prince, let’s hope you are meant to fall in love with him. I saw it coming from episode 1 but that did not deter my zeal for the show. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Much to the viewers  (ahem, your loved ones) delight.

2. A teddy bear can be your best friend

I was afraid of my talking Teddy Ruxbin from the moment my Dad plopped it down in front of me and it began to talk. WTF stuffed animal!

Life lesson: Alfred is the kind, royal version of a creepy stuffed animal. If there was a king of the teddy bears his name would be Alfred.

3. Entering into the royal family entails a lot of lessons.

I am currently suffering through my masters. I still feel bad for Chae Kyung.

Life lessons: Study to be a princess from day 1. Just in case. It will leave you with much more free time to spend with your prince. Or get in trouble wandering around the palace. Either one, best to be prepared.

4. Your Mother-in-law- yeah, I said it.

So she is disapproving? Well, she is the freaking mother of the future king of Korea after all?!

Life lesson: Suddenly my mother-in-law is a saint. Awwww…comparisons!

5. Fighting! Family style!

I would be chased through Paploma by an angry bull for my family. Or marry a Prince.

Life lesson: Sacrifice is noble. Sometimes literally. Family is tops- after all they are the ones that will fist pump in tandem with you while shouting “Fighting”.


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