TV Will Ruin Your Life: Pinocchio First Impressions

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Drama crack. That is what I see in the new drama Pinocchio and that is a dangerous description –because it ends up with me in my basement watching ten episodes in one day (which as a live watch is unfortunately not possible, aish) while devouring a tub of ice cream and wondering how in the heck I lived before I saw this drama. While not the greatest thing I have ever watched, Pinocchio is adorable, easy to watch, and easier to cheer for. And I want to know what happens next damnit. Time for a Stone Cities first impressions post. Cheers!

Meet the players

Choi Dal Po/ Kim Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk)


Kim Ha Myung’s childhood took a turn for the worse when his Father, a fire chief, led his men into a building fire only to have everyone die in the conflagration. Allegedly Ha Myung’s father survived, which caused the media to pick up the story of the missing fire chief responsible for his subordinate’s death. Things went from bad to worse when Ha Myung’s Mother commits suicide by leaping into the ocean, trying to take him with her. Ha Myung survives and ends up being cared for by a grandfather who is convinced he is his long lost son Dal Po. As Dal Po, Ha Myung takes on a silly and idiotic persona, masking his intellect.

Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye)


The daughter of a hardnosed reporter (who put Ha Myung’s father’s story front and center, letting the rumors run rampant) and a Father who returns to his island home, In Ha lives with Ha Myung and knows him as her uncle Dal Po. She has Pinocchio Syndrome, meaning she cannot tell a lie without hiccupping afterwards.

nu KC

Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang) and Yoon Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi) are also main characters, but I haven’t seen enough of them by episode 2 to describe their characters accurately.

I am not going to do a mini recap of the show as of episode two because I have a feeling this drama is being recapped all over the place. So instead you can expect my rambling thoughts. Yay (okay, maybe not). Cheers!


Adorable freaking adorable. As I sat through the first ten minutes of episode one I felt a bit of apprehension – not like the first ten minutes were horrible, but I had a major been there done that sort of vibe (maybe because I was seeing Park Shin Hye in a student uniform once again). I am so very glad I stuck with the show through two episodes because now I am hooked.


Pinocchio is a romantic comedy at heart, and so far it is excelling in meeting the genres expectations and then some. Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk have really brought their character’s younger versions to life, and their love/hate relationship is a joy to watch. I am eager to see how they portray their adult versions, especially since we had a major hint at the end of episode 2 that the future was not going to be all sunshine and rainbows for this couple.

Of course this show has a darker side as well- the first episode was chalked full of it, and I wonder how the father fugitive storyline (with the angsty older brother) will play out. I can predict some suspense and turmoil as we proceed, hopefully it doesn’t kill all of the heart that we have seen thus far in the show.

One thing I have to point out just to be annoying (I can fully admit this is an annoying habit of mine) that the medical basis of this show is kind of hilarious and majorly faulty. Fainting due to the shock of memories (which facilitates a multiyear impersonation), hiccupping while lying, and limping home due to a scrape are a bit absurd. But this is a comedy after all, so the medical side of this isn’t supposed to be solid and fully based in reality. Overall these problems, especially the main issue – the Pinocchio syndrome- are great plot devices. Knowing In Ha can’t lie without hiccupping has me paying attention to everything she says closely, and a lot of that attention is because I am waiting to see if she hiccups afterwards.


I am excited for where this story is going, and the writer has a big part in that. I loved I Can Hear Your Voice, which was the last drama churned out by this writing/directing team. I can see the same type of humorous but serious elements as ICHYV possessed, albeit this show is leaning a lot more on humor than their previous project. But I am okay with that, because the humor is too cute and too funny not to love. Give me more…moooooaaaaareeee. I sense drama crack ahead.

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