Running Man Headlines: Awards, Hong Kong, and Woo Bin

Lee Kwang Soo goes all fancy pants, Yoo Jae Suk talks about his wife / kid / Suzy, while Song Ji Hyo figures out if she likes Kim Woo Bin. All this and more on this week’s edition of Running Man Headlines.

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RM Ep 215

Ratings episode 215

1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 17.1
2. KBS Superman is Back 16.2
3. MBC Real Man 11.7
4. SBS Running Man 10.1

Next week on Running Man…

The cast are sans guests as they take on a super hero concept- according to the teaser they are sent back to earth and must earn their powers back by helping civilians. Epic. This is going to be epic. You can check out the preview below:

On to the headlines!

Yoo Jae Suk is interviewed by 10 year old- talks about wife, son, and Suzy

YooJaeSuk Star Junior 3

The nation’s MC recently appeared on the October 5th episode of Star Junior Show, where he made a 10 year old boy’s dream come true. Eun Yool, the 10 year old son of comedian Uhm Kyung Hwan, wrote Yoo Jae Suk a letter asking to meet with him. The comedian obliged, sitting down with the boy for an interview on the show.

During the interview Yoo Jae Suk was asked if he would like his son (who is currently 4 years old) to gain fame while still a child:

During this game, Yoo Jae Suk held up a ‘X’ sign during the ‘X’ and ‘O’ game to a statement that said, “I will appear on ‘Star Junior Show’ with my son soon.”

He shared his reasoning behind his answer, “I would like my son to live comfortably and freely because he’s at an age to be playing.”

When Eun Yool, the child hosting the game, offered another perspective by saying, “If he appears on television, his popularity will rise and he’ll earn money. He might become poor if he doesn’t.”

However, Yoo Jae Suk stuck to his words and explained, “I want him to live his own life comfortably. We’ll be able to talk [about that] later when he grows up.”

Which I have warped to mean “Take that DWAWG!” Because I can.

Our kid interviewer went on to question Jae Suk on an ideal type out of girl group members. At first Jae Suk laughed off the question, stating there were too many to choose from. After our kid interviewer went all Mike Wallace on him he conceded, answering:

“Everyone is pretty and nice, but if I had to choose only one person, I would choose [miss A’s] Suzy. I have filmed shows with her the most as well.”

Eun Yool went on to pry the nation’s MC’s drinking habits out of him. Asking if Yoo Jae Suk’s wife, Na Kyung Eun, was the comedian’s biggest fear, Yoo Jae Suk responded:

“That’s not true. I am afraid (of Na Kyung Eun), but she′s not the one who I’m the most afraid of.”

Eun Yool followed up by asking Yoo Jae Suk if he feared his wife when he drank alcohol. Yoo Jae Suk explained that he does not drink.

I elect this kid to get his own talk show, like yesterday.

Kang Gary Showcase in Hong Kong


On September 30th Gary was in Hong Kong alongside his duet partner, Jung In, to hold a Showcase event. While Gary missed out on the Running Man Race Start event on the 4th due to a scheduling conflict, by all accounts he had an awesome time (as did his fans) at his solo event. Gary and Jung In will be traveling to Singapore for their next showcase on October 24th. Pics:


GaryHongKong7 GaryHongKong6 GaryHongKong5 GaryHongKong4 GaryHongKong2 GaryHongKong1

The Giraffe slays at the Korean Drama Awards

LeeKwangSoo Drama Awards 5

On October 1st Lee Kwang Soo got all dressed up to walk the red carpet at the Korean Drama Awards. The awards, which were started in 2007, celebrate dramas from the three major Korean broadcasters (SBS, MBC, KBS). Lee Kwang Soo walked away with the Excellence Award, Actor for his role in the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love.

For an English subbed video of his acceptance speech please click here. And seriously, just listen to those cheers! He did a phenomenal job in his role and is completely deserving of this award in my opinion. And pics of the handsome gent walking the red carpet and accepting his award:

LeeKwangSoo Drama Awards 6 LeeKwangSoo Drama Awards 4 LeeKwangSoo Drama Awards 3 LeeKwangSoo Drama Awards 2 LeeKwangSoo Drama Awards 1

Random SNS Updates

All credit for translations go to @RunnersR

[Gary’s Instagram Update]


Hong Kong!

– @gaegun Instagram

[Gary’s Instagram Update]


Good night!

– @gaegun Instagram

[Ji Suk Jin’s Twitter Update]


Thank you HONGKONG ♡

– @ilovegamdong Twitter

[Ji Suk Jin’s Twitter Update]


See u again Hong Kong. Thank you~ ♡

– @ilovegamdong Twitter

[Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter Update]




Met little tiger and
Little giraffe
In Hong Kong.

Nice to meet both of you
And thank you♡

– @masijacoke85 Twitter

[Gary’s Instagram Update]


Gae jihyo

– @gaegun Instagram

Race Start Hong Kong

RaceStart HongKong 6

On October 4th Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook, and Haha were in Hong Kong for a stop on the Race Start Season 2 tour. The cast members held an autograph session and fan meeting. Apparently they also gave hugs out during the autograph session (you lucky, lucky fans). Pics ahead:

RaceStart HongKong 1 RaceStart HongKong 2 RaceStart HongKong 4 RaceStart HongKong 5 RaceStart HongKong 7 RaceStart HongKong 9 RaceStart HongKong 10 RaceStart HongKong 11 RaceStart HongKong 12 RaceStart HongKong 13 RaceStart HongKong 14

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Woo Bin for Samsung

Feast on the pretty. Song Ji Hyo and Kim Woo Bin’s Samsung Vietnam CF is out and it is deliciously dramatic. Seriously, there is a lot going on in the following 47 seconds. Enjoy.

Kim Ji Hoon filming for upcoming episode – Lore’s brain implodes

The 10/6/2014 filming of Running Man featured two guest starts. One of which I would gladly kidnap if it was legal and not super creepy or anything. Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo, of the drama Jang Bori is Here, were spotted filming with the cast in Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do for what is rumored to be episode 217.

I don’t have any BTS pics, but I do have Kim Ji Hoon pics. Lots of them. Not like I have a problem or anything:

kim ji hoon 2Kim Ji HoonKim Ji Hoon 2

Parting Thoughts

A beautiful one minute in Running Man history:

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