2014 Running Man Fan Survey: The Results


So who came out on top? Who was the most underrated of cast members and which games are fan favorites? Look no further – this be the 2014 Running Man Fan Survey Results post! Queue the dance party.

rm dance 2

The Running Man Fan Survey was a collaboration between Stone Cities and Joel from Running Mondays. We held the survey open for three weeks (September 12th thru October 3rd), asking participants to answer ten questions related to their love of Running Man. The questions:

  1. Favorite Cast Member
  2. Favorite Couple
  3. Favorite Trio
  4. Best Game Concept
  5. Best frequent Male Guest
  6. Best frequent Female Guest
  7. Favorite Running Man Character
  8. Most Underrated Cast Member
  9. Favorite Out of this World Concept
  10. If I could have a Running Man Superpower it would be…

I am happy to report we had a total of 893 survey participants. Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to cast their votes. Now the big reveal…



Cast members are referred to in the graphs by abbreviations. YJS=Yoo Jae Suk JSJ=Ji Suk Jin, KJK= Kim Jong Kook, KG=Kang Gary, HH=Haha, SJH= Song Ji Hyo, LKS=Lee Kwang Soo.

The green highlighted call out on each graph “won” that question through the greatest number of votes.

Answers that were less than 1% of the total votes were grouped into an “other” category. If you are burning to know what makes up “other” feel free to comment on this post, I will get back to you and share the raw data.

Q1: Favorite Running Man Cast Member?

Winner: Song Ji Hyo with 36% of the votes. Miss Mong brings the fans out.


Q2: Favorite Running Man Couple?

Winner: Monday Couple (Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo). Running Man’s first couple remain in the top spot.


Q3: Favorite Running Man Three?

Winner: [TIE]The betraying trio (Ji Suk Jin, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo) and Kim Jong Kook and the kids (Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary, Haha). Because betrayal and bromance is something to cheer for.


Q4: Favorite Game Concept?

Winner: Name Tag Ripping. The game that defined Running Man takes the top spot, but the oldie but goody bells hide and seek came in second. Are we yearning for the old days?


Q5: Favorite Frequent Male Guest?

Winner: Park Ji Sung took the top spot, which is no real surprise given the popularity of the yearly Asian Dream Cup contests. Jung Yong Hwa from CN Blue took second, because that guy might as well be another cast member given his appearance count.


Q6: Favorite Frequent Female Guest?

Winner: Noh Sa Yeon (Tuna Noona). She is one entertaining lady, that is for sure.


Q7: Favorite Running Man Member Characters

Winner: [TIE] Ace Ji Hyo and Bad Ji Hyo. Basically everyone likes Ji Hyo. And why shouldn’t they?


Q8: Most Underrated Cast Member

Winner: Ji Suk Jin. It was no real surprise that our race starter took first place by a big majority. We need to see more of him!


Q9: Favorite Out of this World Concept

Winner: Running Man Superpowers. Because we still can’t get over episode 74.


Q10: If I could have a Running Man Superpower…

Winner: Duplicator. The power of the LOLOLS is strong.


Were you surprised by the results? Did your favorites take the top spot? Let me know, I seriously want to discuss!

And I also want to give a big shout out to Joel from Running Mondays for his partnership in this venture. It was fun to spazz over Running Man again via this project- here is looking towards the 2015 fan survey! Cheers!

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