Running Man Headlines: Running Man China & 2nd Fan Meet Tour

Welcome to Running Man Headlines – your one stop shop for what the cast and crew of Running Man have been up to when they are not in front of the cameras. Well, the Running Man cameras that is. This week we take a look at the upcoming fan meeting tour, the Chinese version of Running Man, and the unquenchable thirst that Cha Tae Hyun has for his BFF’s show. Cheers!

Note: Sorry for the long hiatus, real life has been a bundle of fun this year. Note sarcasm here. I will try to get back on track and have these posted weekly, but I still cannot make any promises. As always I thank you for reading these posts! I will try to do better!


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RM Ep 210

Ratings episode 210

1.MBC Real Man 17.1
2. KBS Superman is Back 15.5
3. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 12.6
4. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 9.8
5. SBS Running Man 8.5

RM Ep 211

Ratings episode 211

1.MBC Real Man 16.9
2. KBS Superman is Back 14.8
3. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 12.1
4. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 9.5
5. SBS Running Man 9.2

Note: Episode 213 aired on 9/21/2014 after being preempted one week by the Asian Games.

Next week on Running Man…

The lead stars of the new SBS drama My Lovely Girl, Rain and Krystal, are set to guest star. Park Young gyu, Kim Ki bang, and Alex round out the guest list. I haven’t found a preview of the episode yet, so I am not sure what the concept is. But I am betting it will be entertaining since Rain and the cast have shown they have a great dynamic going.

On to the headlines. Cheers!

Kang Gary and Jung In can’t be stopped

Jung In Kang Gary 6

Seriously, there is just something about their voices together in a song that is just….well…in my opinion near perfect. On September 1st Gary and Jung In released the single Bicycle and the song quickly rose up the charts, topping Mnet, Soribada, Naver Music, Monkey3, Bugs, and Olle Music charts the day after release.

The song tells the story of a couple that enjoy riding bicycles while dating, set amidst the changing of the seasons. You can check out the video for Bicycle below:

Race Start: Season 2

Running Man fan meeting

The cast of Running Man may soon be coming to a country near you! It was announced earlier this month that Running Man members will be embarking on a multi-country fan meeting tour starting on September 27th in Thailand. The dates and locations:

Thailand: September 27th

Hong Kong: October 4th

Indonesia: October 25th

Malaysia: November 1st

Singapore: November 29th

During each stop the cast will hold individual performances, engage in game missions with audience participation and sit down for cast / individual interviews. So far Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Gary are the only two members that are unable to attend the first meeting in Thailand (due to scheduling conflicts).

Thailand Race Start Promo Film:

So, will the members be visiting your country? Will you be attending the fan meeting? Let me know so I can live vicariously through you!

Miss Mong discusses dramas, Running Man, and Gary

Song Ji Hyo1

Song Ji Hyo recently appeared on the Hong Kong show TVB J2 “Star Talk” where she answered questions about drama filming, her time on Running Man, and Gary’s cameo on Emergency Couple:

When asked how she can keep up with all her schedules. Song Ji Hyo explained, “It’s really hard, but even if it is, I’ve been filming ‘Running Man’ for four years now and I’ve learned to adapt to the situation.”

When asked if she doesn’t find ‘Running Man’ tiring, Song Ji Hyo said, “Though it is really tiring, I’ve done ‘Running Man’ for 4 years, so I’m used to it by now. Now I think I can enjoy it. Even if I’m sleepy, I end up enjoying it. I’m able to [act and appear on a variety show at the same time] by choosing to sleep and eat a little less.”

As for her ‘Running Man’ castmate Gary and his appearance on her past drama ‘Emergency Couple‘, Song Ji Hyo expressed how thankful she was. She said, “I was so thankful that he gave it his all despite the fact that it was a small role. Though he didn’t have any lines, he was the best at his ad-libs and being natural. I give him a 10 out of 10 for completely devoting himself to the character.”

Here is hoping sleeping and eating a little less is not too hard on Ji Hyo’s health (I have no idea how drama actors can balance variety programs and have a few hours to themselves every now and then). Take care of yourself!

Yoo Jae Suk pays tribute to Ladies Code

Yoo Jae Suk Radio Show

Yoo Jae Suk paid tribute to Ladies Code during a recent broadcast of Infinity Challenge. The September 11th episode of Infinity Challenge had the cast members taking over radio shows and playing host for a day. Yoo Jae Suk filled in for Tablo on Dreaming Radio with Tablo.

Yoo Jae Suk hosted the radio show smoothly with a guest and regular banter until the very end of the show. At the end of the program Jae Suk read:

“Children as beautiful as flowers, at the peak age of beauty like flowers, floated away like flower petals. If we let them go from our hands, they’ll be lost. If we forget them in our thoughts, they’ll be forgotten.”

The statement was soon followed by LADIES’ CODE’s I’m Fine Thank You, a song that fans and netizens played over and over again to fulfill the lifelong wish of EunB, who hoped to see their song being number one on the music charts.

EunB and RiSe of LADIES’ CODE recently passed away from a tragic car accident.

As expected from the nation’s MC. Several other cast members took to their SNS to offer their prayers, thoughts, and condolences over the accident. What a tragic event.

Song Ji Hyo Cast in Film 708090


That’s right, Song Ji Hyo is still awesome. So awesome she has a new movie in the works (her last film was the 2013 crime drama New World):

Her agency revealed on September 15th “Song Ji Hyo participated in the production conference of ’708090,’ held in Shenzhen on September 13th. The movie will go into filming stages in the middle of the month.” She will be acting alongside Taiwanese star Kenji Wu.

“708090″ focuses on the realistic lives of the Chinese youth living in the city of Shenzhen. With the main characters born between 1970s and 1990s, the movie aspires to give hope to anyone reaching for their dreams.

Song Ji Hyo will be playing Duan Yu Rong, a loyal and hardworking young lady. Although she faces hardships at times, her outstanding ability to solve problems enables her to overcome any obstacles.

Her agency continued, “While being widely covered by the media, she has received enthusiastic responses from the reporters at every event she has attended with a bright smile on her face.”

The actress revealed her thoughts, “I felt attracted to the story of China from a past and current perspective. I feel both nervous and extremely excited. I want to greet the Chinese fans after safely wrapping up the filming.”

Running Man Korea Cast spotted filming for Running Man China (or vice versa)

The cast of the Korean version of Running Man were spotted filming on Jeju Island on September 15th – alongside the cast of the soon to air Chinese version of the show. The Chinese version of Running Man is titled “Hurry Up, Brothers!” and is set to premiere October 10th on Zhejjang Satellite TV (SBS is co-producing). The first season has fifteen episodes ordered and will air every Friday at 9:10 p.m. CST.

Running Man China

The cast of the Chinese version include Angela Baby, Wang Bao Qiang, and Deng Chao. The Chinese cast have been spotted filming in areas around Seoul prior to the Jeju Island filming.

Early in September it was confirmed that Kim Jong Kook had flown to Wuzhen, Zhejjang Province on August 29th to film a cameo appearance on the show. The filming that took place on Jeju on the 15th is rumored to be for an episode of the Korean version of the show (episode 215 to be exact), but it could very well cross over into both programs.

The idea of a Chinese version of Running Man has become a contentious issue with fans of the Korean program, which I still don’t understand. Maybe because I don’t get it, I am happy to see the two casts filming together – it brings a sort of continuity to the programs in my opinion.

Pics from the filming in Korea:

Chinese Running Man Cast 6 Chinese Running Man Cast 5 Chinese Running Man Cast 4 Chinese Running Man Cast 3 Chinese Running Man Cast 2 Chinese Running Man Cast 1

Somebody let Lee Kwang Soo take a vacation

Running Man’s Giraffe recently wrapped filming for the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love (if you have not watched it I urge you to do so, right now it is at the top of my best drama of the year list). To celebrate the successful completion of the show the cast and crew (over 120 people in total) jetted off to Thailand. Which means Asia’s Prince jetted off to greet his people.

The trip will last five days. The happy vacationers arrived in Thailand on September 17th and are set to return to Korea on the 22nd. Here is hoping Lee Kwang Soo has a great holiday!

Pics at the airport (with Jo In Sung):

Kwang Soo In Sung 3 Kwang Soo In Sung 2 Kwang Soo In Sung 1

Bonus- end of filming pics:

End of filming IOTL 1

Miss Mong for Samsung featuring eye candy Kim Woo Bin

Song Ji Hyo flew to Vietnam for a 9/18/2014 photo shoot/CF filming for Samsung. Actor Kim Woo Bin (of The Heirs / amazing eyebrows fame) was also on hand to take part in the filming. Which means there are a bunch of pictures of these two flawless individuals. Enjoy!

Ji Hyo Woo Bin 13 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 12 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 11 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 10 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 9 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 8 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 7 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 6 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 5 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 4 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 3 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 2 Ji Hyo Woo Bin 1

Lee Kwang Soo for Code Name Cobra

Cute and funny CF for Code Name Cobra starring a tiny human and Lee Kwang Soo. You can check out the CF below (LKS is surprisingly good at calling airstrikes. Who would have thunk it):

Cha Tae Hyun is thirsty for Running Man

Running Man 1n2d

Actor Cha Tae Hyun has made a couple of Running Man centric statements as of late, proving his thirst towards the rival variety show (note- Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook are long time, close friends) . Tae Hyun is currently a fixed cast member on 1N2D (which airs as direct competition to Running Man on Sunday nights).

On September 17th’s One Night of TV Entertainment Cha Tae Hyun brought up the show:

During the interview, Cha Tae Hyun brought up, “I would like to make a suggestion to the director of Running Man.” Cha Tae Hyun said, “Can Jong Kook appear on 1 Night, 2 Days for a while so I can be on Running Man? I would like to participate in Running Man and I will be sad if I can’t.”

Because the man’s thirst for the awesomeness that is Running Man cannot be quenched he once again brought it up during another television appearance:

Cha Tae Hyun explained, “I want to try combining the members of ‘1N2D’ and ‘Running Man.’”

I doubt either will happen to be honest. The biggest hurdle  is that these programs compete against each other on Sunday nights. I think a collaboration would be interesting, but it ain’t gonna happen. And as far as KJK trading places…yeah, I doubt that too. Sorry Chae Tae Hyun, your thirst will probably not be quenched. What do you guys think of a crossover episode between the two (hypothetically speaking)?

Random SNS Updates

Who knew Kim Jong Kook rocked attitude tees? And the pic of Ji Suk Jin and his VJ…priceless. Time for some random SNS updates!

[2014.08.26] Kim Jong Kook Instagram update

Haha bdat

kjk76: #throwback Celebrating HaHa’s birthday right after RM shoot! Only us 3 left to do the ice bucket challenge! 🙂 #alreadymissthem #birthday #icebucketchallenge #runningman 지난주 런닝맨 끝나고 가볍게 하하생일 축하 ㅋ 아이스버킷땜에 우리 셋만 남았네~ 🙂 #하하 #광수 #하하생일 #아이스버킷 #런닝맨

note- Kim Jong Kook clarified with a comment on his post that the cigarettes in the picture he posted are not his, he doesn’t smoke.

[2014.08.31] Ji Suk Jin Weibo update

Ji Suk Jin Weibo

[2014.08.29] Kim Jong Kook instagram update

KJK Return from China

kjk76: Ma entourage! We r about to go back home!! First time here in Hang Zhou. Beautiful city! Thank u to all the fans here in China! #China #Hang Zhou #airport #entourage #planedelayed 이제 집에 갑니다! 중국 항저우 처음 왔는데 좋네요~^^ 중국 팬들 고맙습니다~! #항저우 #중국 #공항 #라운지 #연착

[2014.09.01] Ji Suk Jin Weibo update

Ji Suk Jin Weibo2

지석진 weibo(池錫辰-JeeSeokJin ) update :with my VJ yooseok~~ kk

[2014.09.01] Kim Jong Kook Instagram update

KJK Instagram3

kjk76: U guys feel like this??? Lol cheer up everyone!! #monday #4am #tired #RMshoot #cheerup 아… 월요일.. ㅋㅋ 힘냅시다! #월요병 #일하는날 #새벽촬영 #화이팅

[2014.09.05] Kim Jong Kook Instagram updated

kim jong kook instagram2

kjk76: Lol Today is ma manager Kap jin’s birthday!! He’s been with me for 7 years~ Wish him a happy birthday everyone ~ 🙂 #birthday #manager #weratwedding 오늘 7년을 함께한 우리 메니져 갑진이 생일입니다~ ㅋ축하해주셔요덜~~^^ #메니져 #생일 #축하 #결혼식장

[2014.09.12] Kang Gary Weibo update

Kang Gary Friday


[2014.09.15] Kim Jong Kook updated Weibo

KJK Weibo 1st post

金钟国_official: 따쟈하오!안녕하세요김종국입니다^^선선한가을에,웨이보를통해인사드리게되어기쁩니다!앞으로도좋은모습보여드리겠습니다많은성원부탁드릴께요감사합니다! 大家好!我是金钟国^^在秋高气爽的秋天,能通过微博与大家问好,我也觉得非常高兴! 今后,我也会给大家展现最好的一面! 希望大家多多支持!谢谢!

[Translation] 金钟国_official: Hello everyone! I’m Kim Jong Kook ^^ I feel very happy because I can say hello to everyone via Weibo! From now on, I’ll give show you my best side! Hope you guys will support! Thank you!

[2014.09.16] Ji Suk Jin updated Weibo

Ji Suk Jin Weibo3

지석진 weibo(池錫辰-JeeSeokJin ) update :good night ╮(╯3╰)╭

[2014.09.19] Kim Jong Kook updated Weibo

kim jong kook weibo2

金钟国_official: It’s a big different temperature between morning and evening recently! You guys have to take care and keep warm!! Don’t get cold~ Today I want to share you guys my latest photo, not bad, right? Have a nice weekend ^^

[2014.09.20] Kim Jong Kook instagram update

kim jong kook instagram

KJK76: Just chillin watching ma company’s sports event! Everyone from ma company’s here~:) #Urbanworks #Urbanworksent #company 우리 회사 체육대회!!ㅋ 응원중ㅋ회사분들 다 모였네요~:) #얼반웍스 #얼반웍스이엔티 #체육대회

[2014.09.20] Kim Jong Kook’s Official Weibo update

kim jong kook weibo

金钟国_official: 19/9 attended company sport’s event, cheering for everyone~ we are all together!

Parting Thoughts

September 1st marked 19 years since Kim Jong Kook debuted as a singer. Happy Anniversary Kookie! Time to show some Turbo love (Kim Jong Kook debuted as one part of the pop/dance group Turbo):

Debut single “My Childhood Dream”

Black Cat:

Twist King:

The Two of Us (featuring Will Smith. Yep, that Will Smith – he collaborated with Turbo in the late 90s):

A Jazz Bar:

Black Cat / Nero- Haha Style (from the variety show X-Man):


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  1. I think it’s great that the Korean cast are filming with the Chinese cast. I’m hoping the Chinese version gets subbed, i’d love to watch it and see if they change anything.

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