This is important- Running Man Fan Survey 2014

SurveyLogoThe time has come for Running Man fans to pick their favorites! From the guest that you can’t help but love to the game that has you re-watching episodes, the Running Man Fan Survey 2014 is where it is at! So, what is this poorly worded sales pitch all about? Well, Joel (of Running Mondays fame) has partnered together with myself (Lore of Running Man episode guide / Running Man headlines maybe fame) to host the first Running Man fan survey! Party time!

rmgif1Many fan sites conduct annual surveys, and as avid Running Man watchers we  realized we have yet to see a survey for this amazing show. So we went ahead and created one. Our goal is simple – reach out to fans (like ourselves) and find out what they love about the show, then share the results with the fandom.

So how do I take the survey?

You can participate in the survey by clicking this link: Running Man Fan Survey 2014

How long will the survey be open?

The survey will run from September 12, 2014 thru October 3, 2014 (but note that even though it is still the 11th in some time zones the survey is now open)!

So what are we going to do with the survey results?

Your vote is anonymous. After the survey has closed we will summarize and post the results on this site as well as on Sarcasm Puh-leeze (AKA Joel’s blogging home). Our hope is that the results will be interesting to fellow Running Man fans. I know I can’t wait to see which cast couple is most popular or what game comes out on top.

So Run and take the survey, don’t walk! Cheers!

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